How Do You Know They Saved Dough?

So the cat has lived in a dump, a dump that most any place can trump, then we moved away from there and go a better lair. But we can easily tell they saved dough when it was built. Why? Stupid things up the hilt.

Welcome home,
After you roam.
It is night time.
That's no crime.

Whoops, it's dark.
You missed the mark.
Nearest light switch is 5 feet away and behind a wall.
Don't trip going down the hall.

Cook on the stove,
Maybe some grove.
All I use is the burner,
I'm just a knob turner.

But whoopsy to that.
The bedroom breaker chews the fat.
As in use the stove and it flips off.
Enough to make anyone scoff.

Turn the water to cold,
Where things may not remain bold,
And whoopsy it is hot.
Hot and cold is a guessing game a lot.

Comes with one light bulb out of three.
They may not want you to see.
Then you may learn,
They cut corners at every turn.

The hallways are big enough for a cat.
Otherwise, better hope you aren't fat.
As you aren't getting through.
Can't go two by two.

And then after they save,
No path to riches they pave.
They won't even show,
Not high or oh so low.

Nope, won't be there to take rent.
Then if you don't pay they get bent.
When they are the ones that aren't around,
Even at times when they say they will be found.

But it isn't a dump.
So okay with a bump.
Until the next time at least,
Pat moves us and I act like a scary beast.

It's the little things, right? Pffft day and night. But one can still get by, even with cold when hot to the eye. One just has to know how it will flow. Our 17th move may come soon, or not, to a new sand dune. We shall see what comes to pass for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Is that Santa card still um... shitty?
    Are those butts still on display?
    Will I be blind just one more day?
    Say, who's number one at your show?
    Was I a bit too slow?
    Lots of questions from The Goo
    And his blue suede shoe
    Hey, it's Tuesday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. It's a damn shame
      Hot and cold is a guessing game
      How's your roof, mine is a joke
      That's what you get when you're nearly broke

    2. Nope, not late
      A #1 fate
      Nothing to hurt eyes
      I tell no lies
      At least today
      At my bay

      Yep, guessing game
      Ever so lame
      The roof sucks too
      As it has leaked on through

    3. Two on the go
      Leaking to and fro

  2. Moving's no fun
    But 17 times?
    That would make me sit in a closet
    And suck on some limes

    1. lol only 16 so far
      But sure 17 will come soon as I fill the car

    2. Well if it's only 16
      Then what the heck
      Buy some chickens
      And watch them hunt and peck

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Buy some chickens you say?
      The cat may eat them like hay

    5. Double post
      Or mistake at my coast

    6. Double post
      Shadow phone ghost

  3. Replies
    1. That would be grand
      But sure as hell aren't cheap in my land

  4. Moving here and there
    always finding a new lair
    some places might even scare
    so renters/buyers beware

    17 times now that is a lot
    the cat is all hot to trot
    always rhyming with a new plot
    all you need do is sign at the dot...

  5. Dump, I understand too well
    Mine's such a dump, it would never sell
    I moved from a house with taste
    But neighbors were an utter waste
    With the dump,neighbors are grand
    So dump is where I make my stand

  6. How Do You Know They Saved Dough?
    May be down but perhaps not so low
    Moving house blues
    May not come on cue
    Landlords unjustly acts like a foe


  7. Hello the Cat
    And hello the Pat!
    Trying to get around again;
    Haven't stopped by since I can't remember when!

  8. Rental blues. One reason I bought a home is quality. However it doesn't always improve.

    1. Yeah, not always the best
      But then there are no other tenant pests

  9. If I am ever a landlord
    I hope to be a fair one
    because there are some weird ones out there
    who takes away all the fun


    1. That there surely are
      Scammers and weirdos by far

  10. I hate it when cold is hot and hot is cold
    and you don't know what your hand will hold
    sometimes it will freeze and sometimes burn
    it always takes a while to learn!

    1. Yep, have to check each time
      Such a hot and cold crime

  11. Lol to the light switch!!! My land lords front light is a motion sensor that goes off when you are already at the end of the driveway. I have to use my phone as a flashlight. Smh!

    1. That would be a pain in the butt
      But soon you'll have your own hut

  12. So glad we haven't had to deal with landlords. I have always lived on the land where I worked. Don't blame you for moving. Hope you find something good.

    1. We'll see what we find
      Have to get a job first for my rhyming behind

  13. sweet kitty, soft kitty little ball of furr,
    love you dear kitty, purr purr purr

    (Taken from the big bang theory!)

  14. I'd be a bad slum landlord with my OCD!

  15. Your 17th move? Oh poor Cat!
    But Pat deserves better than where he's at!

    The little things are like water torture,
    and taking a shower could be a scorcher!

    But just remember this, Cat,
    you're well taken care of by Mr. Hatt.

    Cat houses glorious in which to play,
    and hidey-holes for napping in which to stay.

    And you don't even have to pack!
    You can curl up and just give flack!

    Oh lucky you!
    Have a good day at your zoo.

    1. Flack the cat shall give
      But he'll let Pat live
      Need a job before we go though
      So we may be here a while yet, you know

  16. Little things like that get to me on so many levels. I know it's silly, but I find it infuriating that the only light switch for our staircase is on the bottom of it when I live on the second floor.

    1. Yeah, that is as stupid as can be
      You'd think they would think of such things when building at each sea

  17. I once lived in a cabin with pull-string lights
    The cats had a blast jumping, catching and pulling
    With all their collective mights
    Light on, lights off, lights on, light off
    Something like disco brights

  18. Some places just need some fixing.

  19. Oh boy your place sounds like it needs some fixing and the Landlord and Tenant Act doesn't seem to help. 17 moves?! I could not do that but I wish you the best in the move and in a better place for sure

    1. Could not do that at your sea?
      Bah, not so hard as I can be packed fast after so many a spree

  20. orlin N cassie

    we heer ya...round heer ya can put a nail thru de wall with a butter knife inn sted oh usin a hammer.....then ya can hang up sum thin...long as it doez knot weigh mor N like 5 ounces ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. Well at least you won't hammer your finger
      Although the hole may still linger

  21. Don't want to move anymore ~ Hope your new place isn't so bad ~

  22. 17 moves is a lot
    Hope each one is a bit better than not.
    Eventually, it will be great
    and the little things will not get hate.

    1. lol eventually may take a while
      As I add to the moving pile

  23. They took short cuts on our place too, Pat. And we've also got the backwards hot and cold going.

    1. Weird how dumb that is
      Think they'd fix that with their plumbing biz

  24. Whoever built our house half-assed a lot of it. We have had to redo a lot of electrical and plumbing. It was such a mess! Good luck on your new move. Or not.

    1. Or not it is so far
      Hate half assed builders at our sand bar

  25. Whew, I see it here too. The light switch thing drives me mad. So does the breaker box location. My old one was so easy. This one, nuh uh.

    1. Yeah, just slap them up as easy as can be
      Who cares if stumbling through the dark as to be done by thee

  26. How are you old enough to have moved 16 times? That's crazy! My worst apt. had zero insulation so I wore a hat and mittens to bed and still paid $300 a month for the gas bill. It was insane!

    1. Haha 16 times in 30 years is a tad
      Damn, that sounds like one awful pad

  27. I work in the paint industry, I'm not surprised at all what people will do to "fix up" an apartment.

    1. Yep, not surprising in the least
      Nature of the beast


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