How Do You..Pass I Do!

Well it may be the season for Christmas cheer, nuts are still far and near. I had to login on my phone one day and a nut watched me typing away.

How do you remember that?
It is sure a long one.
Is it an easy stat?
Something familiar you spun?

Like I'd tell you.
Now go far away.
Stop lurking in my view,
Or I'll bury you in the litter tray.

But that was long,
I saw you typing.
Your memory must be strong,
Unless you were Skyping.

I remember easy as can be,
Now shoo the hell away from me.
I'll give you a flea on your knee,
Or leave you stuck in a tree.

Do you use the same for all?
Different ones can be rough.
Helpdesk I'd have to call,
Unless I use the same for all my stuff.

Yeah, use the same,
Get hacked with ease.
That's a fine game.
Now go away, please.

You don't use the same?
Are they all that long?
They must all be tame.
They can't be very strong.

If they are as hard as your head,
I'll be fine and dandy.
You sure cause dread,
Worse than a kid hopped up on candy.

I just have to know,
Is there some trick?
Do you use numbers in a row?
You remember some slick.

Wish I could forget you.
Look, my time is up.
I'll go and let you stew,
Like an antsy, trapped pup.

Yep, as I was sitting there logging in, some nut thought my password was quite the spin. They didn't see, but they saw me type with glee. Not sure if they were really that dumb or just trying to talk out their bum. Maybe try and get me to reveal one? Pffft like that would ever be done. She was one annoying lass. Almost as bad as Flappy to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Been lurking around
      Look what was found!


    2. Hank is #1
      Such fun!
      Guess who was on the road
      Stuck like a toad...

    3. Stuck you were
      As the lines blur

  2. Maybe she thought you were cute. Of course a grown cat wants to be more than cute. They think of themselves as handsome. Anyway, guessing someone's PIM is not the best come on line unless you are an identity thief with a big mouth. Chou.

    1. lol she was way to old
      So no hitting on, hopefully, was sold

    2. What, a cat don't like a cougar?

    3. lol nope
      But they can keep hope

    4. Oh man, I'm crushed - Not.

      Be careful with your pin kid.

    5. No one shall see
      They can bite me

  3. Nosy people are annoying,
    seeking passwords they are enjoying.
    Covering you screen will do no good,
    they've got your sign-in...or wish they could.

  4. How Do You..Pass I Do!
    They'll be lurking behind you
    A personal thing
    Not to be seen
    Or it'll be hell haunting through


  5. That's like the idiots who hover too close at the store while you're typing in your card's pin number. Back off, man. I will go all Ninja on you.

    1. Yep, get the hell away
      Or the elbow should come into play

    2. YES! So rude! I've heard that some will use their phones to secretly take a picture of your credit card number to use online. I now keep my hand covering my numbers at all times.

    3. Never knew about the phone pic one
      Criminals can be rather smart with what is done

  6. People are rude if get too close
    Especially when fat and verbose
    What if she thought Cat a spiffy dude
    And looking to have some candlelight food
    She could be sleuthing as a spy
    See if she gives the old stink eye
    Maybe she escaped from the asylum
    A bloddy kill after first she beguile em

    1. lol just what I'd need
      A looney bin escapee at my feed

  7. Next time if someone is too close
    Reach out and step on their shoe
    Or give them an elbow to their tummy
    But be careful so they don't sue


    1. haha yeah, they'd more than likely sue
      But can't get much from my zoo

  8. Some people are just plain rude trying to get your pin number or password. Luckily that doesn't happen too often with me.

    1. First time a nut did it to me
      Guess first time for everything at my sea

  9. Dude! Maybe she was flirting with you! You know, she was attracted to your smile, intelligence, and, of course, that well-endowed password. I'm sure that was it...

  10. If someone is watching trying to get my password I always type OICU812!

    1. lol I'll remember that
      Would work fine where we are at

  11. Nuts that lurk
    need to work
    instead they shirk
    act like a jerk!

  12. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss gurls bozz saw her log in one day on de werk pea cee... N hee waz like...whoa...thatz one long pass werd...

    N her SAID......yes, for sea cure a tee reezonz...

    but her THINKED....yea...two keep ewe off de computer ~~~~ ☺

    heerz two a cownose ray kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha yep, a long arse one works for that
      We had one at our former work mat

  13. Sounds to me like she was flirting. :)

  14. I don't change mine as often as I should but I do have a lot of different ones. I have to look them up on my super secret password cheat sheet.

    1. haha I got them all in my head
      And have many different ones put to bed

  15. I wish I had an awesome password that could always be used- instead I am constantly forgetting my passwords for sites I don't use often!

    1. I just use a dumb one for sites that have no meaning
      The rest have a high screening

  16. Once while obtaining service from IT
    They scoffed when they asked me
    For my password to begin the work
    The complexity made them shirk
    Why such a difficult choice, they say
    My gosh, that's what you told us to do at our bay!

    1. lol idiots they are
      Near and far
      Do it and then not
      Like some stupid plot

  17. I have a bunch of passwords for different sites.
    I keep them in a spiral, for forget them I might.

    1. Sure you'll remember most
      There at your coast

  18. I'm looking over your shoulder
    I'm getting bolder
    Aha, that's your password
    Says the lady turd

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary...

  19. WTF is with people trying to get all nosy over the shoulder? They deserve a punch in that nosy nose of theirs!

    1. Then they may sue
      But yeah, a punch should come due

  20. A lurker like that would drive me bonkers, Pat! I got a kick out of your drive run yesterday, especially since you didn't resort to driving the porcelain bus! I wasn't sure what you were driving at today, but then I am just learning to use my first smart phone and haven't had much experience with lurkers. As for trying to catch someone else's password, I have enough time trying to sort out my own. Passwords are driving me to drink.

    1. lol passwords make you drive to drink
      Hopefully you don't end up sick and head in the loo or sink

  21. Maybe they - jealous,
    means adore you to pin
    here is no loss, only - a win! :)

  22. password into most things in an insanely long thing with capitals, lowercase, numbers and backwards spelled words. haha. But it's easy to remember and impossible to hack.

    1. Yep, mine is pretty much that too
      A key logger is the only way they'd get me and you

  23. When someone hovers too close they get my evil eye....No I don't moon them, I just show my Bitch face, get lost look

    1. haha does it make them go away
      Or does their hovering stay?

    2. Nope makes them go away usually saying "Bitch" as they go on their way

    3. haha oh well
      Let them think not so swell

  24. Those idiots are so annoying. Like you would give your password

  25. I have many passwords
    Some long, some not
    If someone were lurking
    I'd stare 'til they rot

    1. lol then they may smell
      That wouldn't be swell


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