I Have No Time With This Chime!

When the cat needs time he makes time. So that is not this chime. This chime is for things I have no time for. Does that make sense at my shore? It soon will. No need to pop a pill.

Commercials at my sea.
Sorry, skipped by me.
Animal haters one and all,
Can kiss my ass at my hall.

Poor pitiful me types.
I don't give a crap about your gripes.
Whiners from sea to sea.
On you I'd take a pee.

24/7 one topic wonders,
Can stuff their blunders.
My kids, the weather, my food.
Shut up for a second about your one topic or get attitude.

The haters at the gate.
Pfft stuff your hate.
Or go pound sand,
From any old land.

The brain dead.
Stupid is all that is said.
Yeah, you love your pot,
But you still suffer from brain rot.

The idiots who are blind,
I mean of the stuck kind.
Those unable to see another way,
Can go shove their face in my litter tray.

The big bad bums.
They want to become chums,
Just to be a leech.
Sorry, go bury yourself at the beach.

Idiots who ask the same question,
Especially those where it is more of a suggestion.
If I want to hear something over and over,
I'll go play with a butt sniffing rover.

The sympathy seekers.
They love being brain leakers.
Won't do anything to help themselves one bit.
They'd rather you fawn over their fit.

The look at mes, ads, public bathrooms, idiot co-workers, crybabies and fleas.
Damn, this was a breeze.
I could go on all day.
Oh yeah, nosey idiots too at my bay.

What are things you have no time for? Did I hit any at my shore? I could go on forever. Damn, I guess I have time for a good endeavor. Some of them can be hard to avoid though. But best to keep interaction with any low. I always have time for the singing bass, I can swat him with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Have a nice fall
      It's a nice call
      No.#1 again
      A little gain
      Satisfying overall


    2. Back on top
      Made Blue stop
      As he was on the road
      While you're in #1 mode

    3. So True
      But good for you
      You're the original #1 anyway
      So today's your day
      At the Kitty Cat Bay
      I hope I didn't whine too much
      As politicians steal my midas touch
      Wanting to make my ship go down
      Making me feel like a clown
      But guess what: I've got no time for soulless fools
      I'd rather do something cool
      Or grab a bite with Scooby Doo
      The name is Blue

    4. Soulless fools
      Worse than a dog who drools
      Pitch them all in the sea
      A much better way to be

    5. soulless fools
      hmm I know a few
      to them I say
      stay away....

    6. Took me a week to shoo them away
      At the blue guy bay

    7. Shoo took that long
      You need Donkey kong

  2. Annoying traits,
    Mosquito baits
    Make some fudge
    Don't be a drudge
    Knit a scarf
    Don't go all barf
    Skip a stone
    Don't throw your phone
    Don't believe the news
    Better off to take a snooze

    1. The news isn't even new
      So would it just be S to view?
      Hmmm there could be a post there
      Hopefully no one barfs at my lair

  3. We should all take lessons from the cat. Such as when a cat needs time, he or she makes time such as time for a nap.

    1. The cats sure do
      Taking the time they need at each zoo

  4. I Have No Time With This Chime!
    Giving way in dismay not a crime
    Not one bit
    Not a big hit
    Just so to save from wasting time


  5. I have no time for robocalls
    Or random folks knocking on my door!

    1. lol yeah, neither do I
      Poke the random folks in the eye

  6. It does seem like the crybabies are multiplying!

  7. Make the time
    Write a rhyme
    Too many peeps think they're all that
    They can't compare to Pat Hatt's cat.

    1. They sure think they are all of that
      But we bury them like scat

  8. Got no time for people who think
    it is all about them and what they do
    that they don't even bother asking what is up with me
    wouldn't even wish them to have the flu


    1. Yeah, wouldn't wish them to have the flu
      As then they may come around and give it to you lol

  9. I have no time for cry
    Even you are nearby
    I have too much to do
    And will try to finish too

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  11. The goggle box is literally full of pox!

  12. Can you time your rhyme to prime or are you a cat that's named Pat padding stats?

    1. A cat with a prime number
      While Pat goes to slumber

  13. You picked a bunch of rant-worthy targets. Me? I'm terribly intolerant of... intolerance. Don't like narrow-mindedness, either, but also don't want to risk having such an open mind that my brain's in danger of falling out. Empty heads are even worse than narrow minds.

    1. lol nothing up there at all
      Can sure cause one to have a great fall

  14. The big bad bums? LOL!! That made me laugh. I thought for sure you would have brought up the mimes! I was all ready to give my heart felt defense to those poor, helpless creatures. Jax-bringing the voice to the mimes everywhere!

    1. lol well you just called them poor helpless creatures
      So I think that may be worse than one of my features

  15. I try not to let little things bother me too much.
    Life's too short to worry about trivia and such.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. The best way to be
      I can ignore away at my sea

  16. orlin N cassie

    de animal haterz can kiss R azzez two; spesh a lee rite afturr we haz used it... N haz knot groomed R azzez kleen !!

    heerz two a wolf herring kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

    1. lol that is the best time
      Right after it is used and in its prime


  17. I have no time for those who brag
    I have no time for the lazy
    So much to drive me crazy
    So many make me gag!

    1. lol just don't hurl
      Although many can give that a whirl

  18. time is precious, should not be wasted. Sounds like there is enough waste there for the whole world.

    1. Yep, enough waste to go around
      Better things are to be found

  19. I have no time for
    The knockers of door to door
    The bloggers who compete
    I no longer greet
    Those who state the obvious
    Like I give a toss
    Thanks for this
    The dog sends a kiss.

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary...

    1. The obvious ones
      Give us the runs
      All over their place
      As we do an about face

  20. I do not like watching commercials, but since I don't have any regular tv channels- just Netflix it isn't so much of a problem anymore.

    1. Yeah, I don't have that issue anymore
      So nice at our shore

  21. I don't have time for half-asses. I don't care if they can't find their glasses. And pushy types are at the top of my gripes. Just let me chill, you'll get your fill. Those pet stealing losers, too. I have no time for them--it's true. I always think of Al Pacino's line in HEAT. When he says "don't waste my m-fing time" it's pretty neat.

    1. haha a grand movie indeed
      Pet stealing losers can go die in a ditch at their feed

  22. Too many things for which I have no time
    But they keep trying to steal my prime
    One day out in the wilderness I'll be
    Where no scammers or crammers will ever find me

    1. lol a mountain woman at your sea
      Living off the land and in a tree

  23. Commercials, for sure! I am a Netflix and Tivo junkie. I just love not having to mess with commercials when I just want to watch my shows!

    1. Yep, such a better way
      Avoiding those crappy things on display

  24. You said a lot in your rant and I agree with all especially when they do not wish to change but stay in their rut and have others feed it

    1. Yep, the rut is where they stay
      Feeding is their way

  25. Animal haters
    I'd like to strangle
    Or put in a corral
    And proceed to wrangle

    1. Yeah, leave them there to rot
      The whole friggin lot

  26. I've had no time to visit here
    but I'm catching up, so never fear.
    Maybe it was a crime, too,
    so I'm making it up to you!

    1. No time to visit me
      Geez, such a crime for thee lol


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