The 28th Day With Much At Play!

Wow, so much to do at every zoo. Just type in a number and you won't have time to slumber. Google is a nice friend. It will be with you to the end. Warning, it may spy or lead you somewhere where you may die.

It's the 28th today,
But that I bet you knew.
If you lost your way,
I don't forgive you.

What? I'm not a forgiving cat.
So friggin what?
Deal with that.
Am I in a what rut?

It's 28% day.
A 28th annual rib fest.
The other 72% sail into the bay?
Isn't ribbing the best?

It's the 28th pregnancy week.
Damn, I didn't even know.
Were you playing hide and seek,
Down there below?

28th in words.
I just don't have the skill.
28th in words of birds?
Mountain out of a mole hill.

That would be some mountain.
Or would it be some mole?
What if it drowned in a fountain?
Would it still leave a big hole?

On the 28th I went off track.
It was a bad thing to do.
A mole had a heart attack,
And I bankrupted the mole zoo.

Go to 28th ave. for a rest.
I hear the hotels are great.
Which 28th ave. has the best?
Sorry, you asked too late.

The 28th metro cruise.
That is big news.
How can you lose,
By going on a cruise?

And if that isn't enough,
The 28th has much more.
Get ready for some science stuff,
The 28th Fungal Genetics Conference is something of lore.

The cat just wanted to see what Google would give me. So I type 28th in and up popped this stuff for the win. Any fun things on the 28th at your sea? Do you want to go to the fungal conference with me? Maybe the 29th will be more fun. Okay, for the 28th I'm done. Until the next 28th comes to pass. Then I'll 28th away my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Cat
      Good Morning Blue

    2. It is 3rd time in a row
      It leaves a certain glow
      Being #1
      Kinda fun
      Not fast but others slow


    3. In on time
      With your chime
      Fast enough
      To get the #1 stuff

    4. Number 1 wannabee!

      Hello True
      Hello Cat
      Hello Hank
      Hello 28th

    5. Hello's abound
      As #1 ain't found

    6. It wasn't found but I'll be back
      As I'm back in my old shack

    7. Old shack
      With a rotten roof rack?

    8. Yep, rotten as hell
      Making me yell
      At least once a year
      Oh dear

    9. Once a year
      Isn't that bad to fear

  2. Dentist appointment today. I know, I'm so intriguing!

    1. Blah to that
      We'd run from that where we're at

  3. 28th back to work for me
    that doesn't bring much glee

  4. What about the twenty-ninth? That extra day in February doesn't get any love...

    1. It will get a post all its own
      Making me do an extra post this year at the tone

  5. The 28th week of pregnancy, I was interested. I mean, no one is a little bit pregnant. It sure couldn't be the cat but someone the cat owned. It sure couldn't be Pat but someone the Pat was around. This is how rumors start. One conclusion after another. What's the fact, Pat's cat?

    1. haha not the cat or Pat or Cassie too
      Two snip snipped and the other wraps away on cue lol

    2. lol bah, no such thing here
      We share it all with no fear

  6. Back to work the neighbors go
    On a Monday no grass to mow
    It's so quiet, that is nice
    Not a squeak, not even mice

  7. The 28th Day With Much At Play!
    29th follows nearer to the day
    To the new year
    As it gets nearer
    And much expected in every way


  8. Going back to work today
    after being off for three days
    don't really mind it too much
    have to pay holiday bills :)


  9. 28th shouldn't be confused with twenty ate!

  10. That Google has the answer to everything. 28 is a good number, I guess. But great answers.

  11. I bet December 28th never got so much love before!
    It's just a normal day over here at my shore.
    I'm working away,
    all for the pay,
    Dreaming of when I can next get out and play.

    1. No work today
      At our Canada bay
      Works for me
      With a 28th spree

  12. The 28th genetic fungal convention sounds like something not to be missed.

    1. Yeah, how can you miss that
      Sounds like it is where it is at

  13. orlin N cassie....we missed bee in commint number 28 bye one.....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......hay, hope de dood in red waz good ta ya both.... N speekin oh leep much for 28 dayz ta febraury thiz yeer comin up .... ♥♥

    1. Yeah, that screws up the feb leap
      As in another day does creep

  14. And it's 5:28 here
    so let out a little cheer!

  15. Great news for 28th
    Google thought you'd ate
    since you here mention it too
    now the search gives: Pat and his crew!

  16. Hey cat
    How about that
    aint that great
    must type fast
    28 wont last
    My time zone say
    Almost another day
    It will be 29
    And I'm doing fine for a 69, um, 29...

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary...

    1. 28 to 29
      Things may align
      Or de-line
      Moves like a spine

    2. Gary, never scary or hairy, always flairy...

    3. Maybe hairy
      Like a scary troll fairy

  17. Back to the grind for me
    Back to the real world after a 3-day fantasy
    Oh well, better than no paycheck, says she

  18. The 28th I awoke to snow and ice on the ground.
    I stayed inside to keep from slipping around.
    Son came over and shoveled the snow.
    So the door would open if I had somewhere to go.
    I'm not crazy about snow.
    And hope by tomorrow it's all gone, you know.

    1. haha with that we agree
      No more snow we want to see

  19. I thought your number was 24. Why would you google 28th? Now I feel the need to do this... hahaha

  20. Today was a nice day
    I played and bought books, half price-Hooray!
    I saw my best friend whom I love and adore
    but my trip home this eve was a chore.
    It snowed at first but then came freezing rain.
    As I type, it is coming down...I wish I was in Spain:)

    1. Ugg hate the snow and freezing rain
      Driving in it is a real pain
      Florida would do
      No snow comes through

  21. Well, today we got hammered with nasty sleet and snow, so for me, the 28th sucks.

  22. New new year can't come soon enough.

  23. Fungal genetics
    Now that's a real winner
    "Focus on filamentous fungi"
    Okay... But what's for dinner?


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