Two Days To Go And There Is Quite The Show!

So last year this time I decided to write this chime, after watching nuts in a store. I just wanted to watch at my shore. I figured it would be good blog fodder for me and I had some time to kill before going to the other sea.

Two women fought over a turkey.
It looked as small as jerky.
I guess they needed more,
Or waited late at their shore.

There were more cars there,
Then a car lot has to spare.
If you wanted to park,
You'd have to find a place with no mark.

Carts were filled to the brim.
Are these people dim?
I can see forgetting a thing or two,
But enough to feed a whole zoo?

Shelves were good and bare.
I did spot some hair.
That made me think, yummy.
Want some hair with your gummy?

One guy elbowed a little old lady,
Yeah he was quite shady,
To grab a can of some crap.
He took off as she began to flap.

Another lady took the last cart.
A whiner had to go make a dart.
He found one in the corral.
He was quite the foul mouthed pal.

One took his whole arm,
And caused a shelf harm.
Yep, the guy took his arm and plopped all in his cart.
All that canned crap can't be good for the heart.

People were as grumpy as can be, 
Not very Christmas like at their sea.
Carts were rammed here and there,
You'd swear we were at an American lair.

Some whined they still had to wrap.
Another whined he needed a map.
Yep, he was lost in the store.
Or maybe he just needed to shop more.

And that was my walk.
I didn't even talk.
I just strolled on in and out.
My, what angry shoppers can shout.

Why wait until the last day? Are they that nuts at their bay? Think they are going to get some big deal? Like those things are ever really real. I guess the cheer doesn't count in the store. Nuts going in and out each door. Glad I needed nothing at all. But fun to watch at my hall. Not that I want to do it again. Rather go play with a hen. You shoppers sure aren't a merry mass. You scare my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Still watching Home Alone 4
    At your kitty cat door?
    Say it ain't so
    #5 has got to go
    Stick it in some snow
    Feed it to a crow
    Did you notice Darth Adam cloned my review
    Leaving out a detail or two
    Lots of spoilers but no lightsaber Scooby Doo
    Ha ha a review reboot
    And Home Alone 5... eat soot!
    Hey, it's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day!
    Hey, this sure is a grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    As R
    Is stuck in a jar
    Not a box
    With a fox

    1. People were as grumpy as can be?
      Ditch them in the sea!

    2. Grumpy as can be
      Not blue like thee
      Home alone 4 and 5
      You can survive
      Maybe not R
      Unless there is holes in that jar

    3. Pat

    4. True Blue!
      Grumpy Goo!
      Scooby Doo!
      Cat in a shoe!
      Not in a boot!
      Reboot the hoot!

    5. Reboot the hoot
      With a reboot newt
      Newt the reboot
      Nuke the mute

    6. Nuke them twice
      Pu them on ice
      Wouldn't that be nice
      Add some lice

  2. People are sure silly to go shopping on Christmas Eve. Silly beings waiting that long. Nothing left, that is for sure. Merry Christmas to you Pat.

    1. Yep, silly in many a way
      Same to you and all the kitties at your bay

  3. Two Days To Go And There Is Quite The Show!
    Running, clashing happy to spend their dough
    Wait till Christmas Eve
    Lots up their sleeves
    The frenzy builds up nothing that's being slow


  4. And so the spirit of Christmas lives on evermore on grocery market shelves. As long as you can push that greedy SOB out of the way so you can get the last can,
    that is.

    1. A good workout I suppose
      Even if it causes woes

  5. Whatever happened to R?
    Is he really stuck in a jar?
    Or did he steal a car
    And drive off to a-far
    Oh perish the thought
    A car he should have bought
    It isn't nice to steal
    Another person's wheel
    It's just plain impolite
    Like poking a hole in another's kite
    Maybe R was late-night shopping
    In the store where Cat was stopping
    I'll betcha he's home in a frenzy, wrapping
    Gifts for the Rhymers with fingers tapping

    1. haha - Did R steal a car
      he may not get very far

    2. lol R may be locked up
      In the pound like a pup
      Maybe he met S and they made T
      Then a U came to be
      But if he were to steal a car
      He may piss off the drunk at a bar

    3. r behind bars
      for stealing cars
      should've been a spaceship
      then he could've gone to mars
      and wrote his memoirs
      turn it into a movie scrip

    4. Maybe he went under the sea
      It's the place to be

    5. pick up the tab
      call a cab...


    6. No tab for me
      I'd rather flee

  6. I'm convinced those people LIKE the last minute shopping.

  7. They flit and they dart
    Dashing through the mart
    She loses a hat, he lost his rug
    While I merely snort, "Bah Humbug!"

    A Merry Christmas to you Pat
    And Meow Holidays to your Cat

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. haha a good snort
      To give a retort
      Let the baldo
      Play where's waldo

  8. What to buy what to buy
    what will catch their eye

    what about a chattering magpie
    what about some rock & rye
    What about a kite to fly
    what about a star in the sky
    what about a x-mas bow-tie
    what about a fish to fry
    what about a book about a spy
    what about a bonsai
    what about a butterfly

    now, it is time for me to say good-bye
    leaving you tips of things you could buy

    it's winter become a sprinter ...haha

    1. Damn, that is quite the buy
      Buy buy buy buy, oh my
      Pffft buy a winning lottery ticket
      Or maybe go bet on cricket

    2. a winning lottery ticket you say
      well, you never know maybe one day
      I am all done shopping at my sea
      so no malls are needed by thee

    3. Malls aren't near here
      So safe in the one horse town from such fear

    4. step on my blue suede shoes...

      haha - bottoms up...cheers

    5. Well, it's one for the money
      Two for the show
      Three to get ready
      Now go, Kitty, go!
      But don't you
      Step on my blue suede shoe
      Well, you can do anything
      But don't poo in my blue suede shoe!

    6. The cat may leave #1
      In that shoe for some fun

  9. Its not like Christmas should take them by surprise
    It seems to happen every year
    So they should start working on it earlier
    And be of better cheer


    1. Yeah, it is going to come no matter what
      They must like their rut

  10. One Christmas Eve I went to the store to pick up the turkey and side dishes for our dinner.The food was cooked and ready to go, but the carts were all taken.
    A kind man who worked at the store took pity on this little old grannie. He found me a cart, whisked the turkey and trimmings to my car, and I swore I'd never go to the store on Christmas Eve again. I'm going today instead.

    1. Wow, I never heard of carts getting run out before
      That would make it a pain in the ass in many a store

  11. Hey, I think I know those two ladies!

  12. Last minute rush for shoppers, read in the news about a 6 hour traffic jam due to shoppers leaving a mall. And don't get me started on the discount sales and fights that break out.

    1. lmao 6 hours in a traffic jam?
      Damn, hope they got their turkey or ham

  13. Elbowing a little old lady is a great way to get coal for Christmas. How awful! Yes, lots of people like to wait for the last minute. I've been enjoying the last week or so totally not having the worry much about the holidays. hahaha

    1. You just have to move at your sea
      Damn the holiday sale spree

  14. Just funny and yes yesterday was crazy!!! Only I wanted was arrive top home.
    Today Im baking the turkey lol

  15. Just funny and yes yesterday was crazy!!! Only I wanted was arrive top home.
    Today Im baking the turkey lol

  16. Merry Christmas to you and your zoo!

    We have not encountered any fights in the store, but trying to find a parking spot can be nasty.

  17. My 13yo son had a bunch of friends over and part way through the day I offered to go pick one up as it was raining heavily. The place I picked her up was at a big shopping mall as the mall also serves as a public transit terminus. Wow, the rudeness you describe on your walk was the same thing in the parking lot - all sorts of honking and rude driving behaviour with many potential accidents just barely averted.

    I think next year I'm going to test on-line shopping for all of my Christmas shopping, but I'll start much earlier.

    1. Yeah, online is way easier when used
      Funny how so many are abused
      Need that thing now
      So they all have a cow

  18. What Christmas cheer...
    They should all be kicked in the rear!

  19. I took your advice.
    Smashed my printer, twice.
    Now I'm really happy.
    One more drink - I won't feel crappy!

    Merry Holiday-i-mus Cat & crew.

    1. haha smashing away
      Always leads to a brighter day

  20. I sometimes venture forth
    To have a look at those who fret
    Some are surely insane
    And should be caught with a net

  21. We stopped at a store yesterday forgetting for half a second that it was Christmas Eve-Eve. No parking spaces was a quick reminder of the day. ;)

    1. haha will let you know fast
      With the crazy cast

  22. There are definitely a lot of last minute shoppers out there. Glad my shopping is done. :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Yep, that there are
      Merry Christmas to all at your sand bar

  23. Just read hackers go on a spree
    Looking for last-minute shoppers-to-be
    Who go online
    To make up for lost time
    Wonder today what their success rate will be

    1. Ugg to the hackers
      They are a bunch of pain in the ass attackers

  24. One thing I noticed this year is that there were not as many people filling the stores....I think that online shopping is lessening the crowds!

    1. That is a good thing
      Maybe not for Walmarts wing

  25. My daughter had to work today. At the grocery store all the way until they close at 6. I just hope people remember their holiday cheer and not act like assholes because they couldn't get their crap together before the last minute.

    1. Yeah, they hardly remember it
      That would suck to take that work hit

  26. lol...there is nothing worse that shopping for food
    right before Christmas! Everyone is so rude!
    Crowded and crazy with kids everywhere!
    All I do is stand there and stare! haha.

    1. lol staring away
      May seem like a stalker at your bay

  27. I definitely get things done ahead,
    because busy shopping malls I dread.
    Thank God for Amazon and Prime,
    it saves me so much stress and time.
    I'd rather spend my pre-Christmas Eve relaxing
    with my family, nothing taxing.

    1. That is a much better way
      Than going to any mall bay


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