What Not To See Under The Tree!

The cat will save you some time with today's rhyme. Unless your mind has already be tainted by some. Then I guess you can just agree with my rhyming bum.

If the fat guy is green,
When upon your scene,
Turn the channel away.
You'll have a better day.

If the fat guy needs Greyskull,
It will turn out dull.
Worse than that.
Be pretty much scat.

Speaking of scat.
Avoid this where you are at.
A bad sequel rip off thing.
 No praises for it you will sing.

Pac-man stopped eating.
I guess he skipped trick or treating.
Or maybe it grew fleeting.
Either way, well worth deleting.

Sonic is fast.
So make this a thing of the past.
Run away from it.
 Sure not a hit.

TMNT's singing a tune.
Splinter even does like a loon.
Sooo just not right.
 Your head may get a holey night.

Want to be hairy?
Otherwise this is scary.
Star Wars it is not.
Barely has a plot.

If you gotta catch them all,
Might want to rethink that call.
Santa and Pikachu.
Who knew?

Yoshi the stuff eating reindeer.
When he comes near,
He'll gulp you down,
And poop you out as an egg over town.

And do I need a reason?
This is just treason.
Run the other way.
 Don't join the scary fray.

And now I have saved you time. No need to watch any old crime. Can keep the holiday spirit as these would make you fear it. Maybe if you have little time to waste and pretty poor taste, give them a go and see if you agree with my show. Otherwise avoid each and every pass. Trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. What do you know!
      It's bingo!


    2. Bingo you say
      Do you win a jackpot at play?

    3. Is Hank a bingo kinda guy?
      Reading that almost made me cry
      Ha ha what... bingo... for real?
      Mongo is so fat he looks like a seal
      Not a fox
      On the rocks
      Just a cat
      That's big and fat

      Hey... it's Tuesday!
      Such a fun day!

    4. lol need to run him around
      So no fat is found
      Bingo can bring some bucks
      Or maybe win some trucks

    5. In that case, count me in
      Could use some dough at my bin

    6. Many could indeed
      But won't come to seed

  2. Pikachu makes a holiday appearance, woot! That's my son's new fave. His older brother liked him waaaaaaaaaaaay back when. He ages well. ;)

    1. Yeah they are up to 900 episodes or so now
      Pikachu still can wow

  3. What Not To See Under The Tree!
    Green Fat Guy that One may see
    Rhyming is great
    As has been said
    Reindeer is working like a taxi!


  4. Yup, I think I will stick with Year Without A Santa Claus. I love that Heat Miser!

  5. Ghosts of Christman past
    Some go and some last
    Live in the Christmas now today
    Have a party then go our way

    1. Unless you get drunk
      Then you make be in a funk
      And rather stuck
      Coyote Ugly with no luck

  6. Yoshi as a reindeer
    was a cute sight to see
    However, not sure I would want him and Santa
    coming down my chimney


    1. He may eat everything
      Then poop it out with a cheery ring

  7. Some of us like a little light quality entertainment. It is easy to follow when your mind is going everywhere. Besides I love the song "You're a mean one, Mr Grinch".

    1. That is a much better one
      Then what the cat gave a run

  8. ho ho ho ~ so many Christmas movies to see, some are bad, some we watch with glee ~ Happy Holidays to the cats and thee! :)

    1. Watching the ones that are good
      Sure is fine in any hood
      Hope you have great holidays too
      There at your zoo

  9. I guess the man in red can be green if he wants!

  10. Home Alone 3
    In the place to be
    Such a great one to see
    When you're drunk at your sea
    Or love my knee
    Maybe my first
    That one got me pissed
    Will there be a reboot
    Santa and soot
    A reboot my foot
    There, I'm all upset
    I guess that's what you get
    When Home Alone 3 gets you ummmm
    Ha ha!
    Ho ho!
    At the Kitty Cat Show

    1. lol well Home Alone 3 sure got you going
      But this was Home Alone 4 with my showing
      Didn't you know they made a four?
      Number 5 also came out and had a tour
      They were much worse than three
      So they are best to be avoided by you and your knee lol

    2. A little bird told me, "Maybe there are four"
      But I refused to believe it at my door
      There can only be two
      At my shoe
      Left and right
      And Scooby Doo
      And good morning to you

    3. lol well there are five now
      So you can ignore and have a cow

  11. That last one with Pee Wee Herman made me shudder!

  12. 'If the fat guy is green...'
    I'd think he is ...a tree,
    if it's Yoshi the stuff eating reindeer
    I'd give him to eat
    much of stuff at my feed,
    he'd clean all clutter remainder...

  13. I quite like green! A Shrek Santa has a lot to offer I think!

  14. Thanks for saving me some time, I could use any time savings possible in this busy season.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Glad the time was saved
      And such a path to these aren't paved

  15. Bowser looks nothing like that

  16. Ah, you have shown stupidity of every plot
    do I want to see any of these movies? NOT!

    1. Not is a great way to be
      Avoid each at your sea

  17. It's sad I know, but I don't like any Christmas movies.

    1. Not even Elf
      Or It's a Wonderful life on the shelf?

  18. For Christmas I’ll stick with Charlie Brown and his tiny tree.
    He always gets thumbs up at my sea.

    VR Barkowski

  19. I do like the original Home Alone movies, but I didn't know about this one. Fascinating to see all of these- some I remember, and some I don't!

    1. Yeah, they made 5 home alones now
      None of the others wow

  20. I'd rather watch The Holiday, or The Christmas Carol with George C Scott and Jingle All the Way is rather funny.

    1. Jingle all the way is fun
      Few days ago gave that a run

  21. You need to add The Smurfs Christmas to this list. I remember it being so cool many moons ago. Bought it to enjoy with my kids, then felt like chucking it into the trash only 5 minutes in. It's really, really sucky!

    1. lmao that seems the way it goes
      Sucky and causes woes

  22. Things like this really make me
    So glad I don't have a TV!

    1. Yeah, they would make one glad
      As they sure aren't rad

  23. Santa with Pee Wee
    Santa better turn around and flee

  24. Glad you warned me
    Of impending crap
    Have to avoid these
    Won't need a map

  25. Didn't watch Home Alone yet this year!
    We usually watch them all with cheer!
    Maybe this week before it's too late
    otherwise it's absence may be our fate!

    1. I watched 2 this year
      3,4 and 5 can bring fear

  26. I haven't caught a Christmas movie yet.
    I'll count myself lucky if I catch Star Wars before the end of the year.
    I've got enough to do
    without catching up with Pikachu!


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