A Sci Fi Lack At Every Shack!

After the ninja wannabe brought it up a while ago the cat got thinking at his show. Sci Fi shows really suck these days. They are trapped in some endless, brooding, world ending maze.

Can't have fun.
That can't be done.
Nope, not a lick.
To dark and dreary we stick.

Battlestar Galactica got great reviews.
Copy that and you can't lose.
Just look at Stargate Universe,
That was a hit and not a curse.

Pffft to that.
Worse than my scat.
A rip off indeed.
But more shall take seed.

Doom and gloom.
Things went boom.
Now stuck with nothing at all.
Heed the alien call.

Forget adding much.
Just reach out and touch.
Touch the nearest hit.
Then rip off it.

Not in a good way.
Let the rip offs play.
Becoming worse with each one.
Sucking away any and all fun.

Everything is essentially a rip off.
Yes, I know, no need to scoff.
But blatant cookie cutter crap,
Is all that is across the sci fi map.

Nothing pushes the limits much any more.
Maybe we've run out of ideas at our shore?
Some science fiction is no longer fiction,
So could be we lost the fiction depiction.

More likely lazy as can be.
Copy the nearest concept at your sea.
That is how it goes.
Same old crap blows.

So do away with difference and fun.
Go all dark and gloomy with your run.
Then milk it for all it's worth,
As you spread it across the Earth.

I know many genre of show is sinking more and more low, but sci fi shows seem to be all gone. At least any good ones that aren't a con. Any you like that are on? Watch such a sci fi con? Enjoy the all dark and dreary crap? Ugg to that cliched crap. The cat is done with his sass and off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Have never been wowed
    With most sci-fi stuff
    But dark and dreary
    Is pretty bleak stuff

    1. Dark and dreary gets a pfft from me
      Just as dull and annoying as can be

    2. Rip offs make me sick
      Why don't they go eat a stick?

    3. Might choke
      Fine by this bloke

  2. I think the time is here
    Transmutation's really near
    Explore planets in the far
    Don't settle on one star
    It all seems dark and leery
    To those who find it weary
    But if it is your cup of tea
    Explore the universe with glee

    1. Might take some dough
      To get that far on the go
      But stuff you could find
      That's one of a kind

  3. Right now, the best ones are superhero stories. (And the X-Files again!)
    Hated Stargate Universe. Lost all of the fun and went for the same brooding drama as Galactica. Plus they added a few elements I didn't care for, making it even more of a downer. What happened to fun, people?

    1. Yep, the x-files is good indeed
      Despised stupid Universe at my feed

  4. A Sci Fi Lack At Every Shack!
    Just a rip-off that's the snag
    Super heroes
    One must know
    Seen one and what follows drag


  5. The might all be the same, but they all look good in their clothes. ;=)

    1. Some without too
      If it's more than pg to view

  6. Not much of a sci fi fan here I am
    but hubby likes to watch a bit of it here and there
    so I end up watching it too
    and some of it really isn't too bad fare


    1. Some of it is good
      Unless stuck with the dark and dreary in one's hood

  7. I think the X-Files is rather good, I will continue to tune in...

  8. You are right
    sci fi seems to be a dying breed
    people's tastes do change
    in what they see or read!

    Can't say I was ever much
    of a sci fi fan myself---
    with few exceptions!

    1. Yeah, dying off it seems to be
      Not much there to see

  9. Kids want to see the X-files aren't bad and for them are something new lol

    1. New indeed when it shows
      Beats past seasons lows

  10. Haven't seen anything new in the sci-fi genre lately, but I'm always behind. Some day I'll catch up, just not important at the moment, but I did read a review of the X-files and I'm not sure I like the premise but I guess I won't know until I watch it.

    1. It didn't turn out bad
      Although the so called mythology is screwed up a tad

  11. Was never a fan of sci-fi, except for the original Star Trek, but that was more for the campiness and low quality sets we could laugh at!

    1. lol campiness sure abounded there
      Had it to spare

  12. Frack, I miss Battlestar Galactica!

    1. That one is long gone
      After the stupid prequel con

  13. I'm not big into Sci-Fi,
    With so many strange plot lines it's not hard to see why,
    I did like the movie "Gattaca" for its inventive plot,
    and "Battlestar Gallactica" reminds me of 'The Office' a lot,
    My husband is really into sci-fi much to my dismay
    but with one shared TV, I often can veto that say.

    1. lmao another reason I'm glad
      I'm not married at my pad
      No vetoing for me
      Here at my sea

  14. I let out one intergalactic sigh.
    I agree -it's all dark and gloomy...with a little thigh.
    Sex sells even if it's a zombie,
    Violence too and can never be free
    can never show something fun.
    It's tired and old
    I'm done with these shows, they leave me cold

    1. Yep, sex and violence sells
      No merry santa bells

  15. I don't know, lol! I am trying to think of any I have seen recently. I'm way behind, so def. no good at answering this question. :)

  16. Listen cat, my question is simple and not hard/what have they done to Star Wars? For just one minute you let down your guard/and they turn it into a money-making machine/with a lot of sci-fi effects and not much else in between! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha a money making machine it is
      With its repeat the old biz

  17. orlin & cassie

    lost in space; 65-68
    star trek; 66-69
    twilight zone; 59-64

    THATZ when tee vee waz good

    & thanx bee ta cod ta de inventor oh: DVD'S


    1. DVD's are a good thing to have indeed
      As not much new good takes seed

  18. Hubby likes Matrix and Jupiter Ascending now and then
    We both like Wars and Trek with star zen
    Don't know much more than that
    So have no idea if sci fi is flat

    1. Flat it surely is now
      Not much of it will wow

  19. Speaking of Sci-fis, X-files is coming back. :D

  20. I love a good sci-fi show. Great to see Lux's comment about the X-Flies.

  21. I love sci-fi shows but I also like supernatural and horror type shows too.

    1. Supernatural is great
      They'll do everything on that show that come to the plate

  22. Yup, not too much out there right now in the way of sci fi, other than the X Files.

    1. That just came back
      Wasn't on when I wrote this at my shack

  23. I suppose you're right, I can't think of a good recent one

    1. Hard to come up with one
      As most on now suck a ton

  24. I don't usually watch sci-fi, but isn't that X-files coming back soon? I think that used to be a huge hit.

  25. Rip offs and reboots make me sick
    Unless they are great at your pit
    But they never are
    Like, Bob, my car
    So they can kiss a star
    The sun, I mean
    This being a kitty cat scene :p
    Alien ans Aliens and that is it
    Rebooted sequels are full of um spit

    1. Kiss the sun and burn
      That will make sure they never return

    2. Alien 5 is on its way
      Will you watch it at your bay?

    3. Been delayed though
      Into oblivion it may fade and never show

  26. I'm watching the dark and dreary Expanse,
    and giving other sci-fi shows a glance,
    It's true many of these series have the same chatter,
    Like Killjoys and Dark Matter,
    But I find myself sucked in,
    When I should be writting my own sci-fi grim.

    1. Suck in some can indeed
      But the same old chatter does less sucking in at my feed lol

  27. The only one I ever liked
    was Heroes even with their hype.
    And then poof it was all gone
    and I sang a really sad song.
    (in my wood spoon...
    yes, I really did croon.)

    1. haha well it came back
      A 5th season just added to the pack
      Wrapped last week
      At the tv creek

  28. I don't like that crap. I am a reality ho!


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