All You Can Eat Just Down The Street!

The cat doesn't mind snacking on this and that. I'll even eat rubber where we are at. I then spit that back up though. But hey, probably still more safe than the places you humans go.

All you can eat,
Sure sounds like a treat.
The "all" is correct.
You'll suffer no neglect.

It's an open buffet today.
Come join the fray.
Again, "open" is key.
Are you following me?

Go to the bar.
Free nuts aren't far.
"Free" is the word.
None flip you the bird.

All, open and free.
What do they mean you ask me?
They mean what they mean.
Have you turned green?

No? I'll help you.
Now you've got a clue.
At least I hope so.
As you may glow.

All for you.
Germs up the wazoo.
Spit, fingers, breath, boogers, unwashed hands and more,
Have touched it all at your shore.

Open is the name of the game.
For open is a fine claim.
The food is open to germs galore.
Need I really say more?

Free is sure wise.
Free tells no lies.
Those nuts come with free bacteria and such.
So reach in and touch.

Enjoy yourself each day.
Grab a bite to eat at some nearby bay.
All, open and free,
Are right there waiting for thee.

Are you ready for a snack?
None of them sure lack.
That buffet is now so enticing.
I hope they have cheap pricing.

Ready to go out to eat now? No need to have a cow. You can go eat one there though. Damn, I'm good at my show. Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn. Go let all, open and free be born. I will go back to my rubber singing bass, chewing away with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    How's the kitty mat?
    It's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day
    When your car doesn't break down
    Making you feel like a clown
    (Not a fox
    In a box)

    1. Finally, Hank beat me to it
      Thanks to Blogger's "verify this sh..."
      Well, you know what I mean...

      Howdy, Hank!

    2. So finally, howdy Blue!
      Sharing mornings with you


    3. Hank in before you
      Now that is new
      Have to love the verify shit
      So not a hit

    4. Howdy True Blue
      How are you?

      Verification makes me sick
      Find water or grass with a stick
      Stupid Blogger wasting our time
      Won't happen again when I stop by to rhyme

      Yes, Hank, verification caused a delay
      At the blue guy bay
      I know know what water looks like
      Next time I'll identify a bike

    5. May have to pick a bus
      Or some waffles to kick up a fuss
      Some gifts too
      Or a street sign in view

    6. Yeah wafles too
      Like who cares at their shoe
      Traffic signs and cakes and spit
      They can go sit on it

    7. That they can indeed
      Hopefully getting stuck at their feed

  2. All You Can Eat Just Down The Street!
    Open season on getting what you need
    Open if you may
    Joining the fray
    Open and with fun things at your feet


  3. I am dying laughing at this post. My husband is really cheap and he never worries about germs. If there's a free buffet, happy hour, whatever, he's on that like flies on shit!

    1. lol saving dough wins the day
      Germs be damned at your bay

  4. Rubber chewing must be fun
    Chew in the dark when there's no sun
    Pick a car with shiny wheels
    The tires will make some tasty meals

    1. Then barf it up
      Like a pup
      All mushy and grand
      Rubber to sand

  5. Well, there went my appetite.
    I can't even remember the last time I went to a place that was all I could eat. I just don't eat that much.

    1. Yeah, avoid those at my sea
      Don't think one was ever gone to by me

  6. You couldn't pay me to eat at one of those chain buffets.

  7. Ugh -reminds me of when I took my mom to a casino. She wanted to eat at the buffet for seafood. The thought of everyone touching the same utensils is just gross.. blah...anyway, she insisted so we go in to eat. I didn't have much and that was too much. I was sick driving home with a churning stomach. The strange thing was she did not get sick just me and I knew it when I went in that it wasn't a good idea.

    Did you ever see how much food people consume at those all you can eat?

    1. Maybe you brought it on
      As you thought about the nasty food con haha
      But yeah, blah in every way
      Oh, I've seen some on display

  8. I totally and completely SKEEVE buffets. Bleh gag barf! Yea you can eat til you pop, bit how long has that food been there and who sneezed in it? Yuck! Finally, we agree, cat. Lol

    1. haha so nasty I knew you'd agree
      Blah to any buffet spree

  9. This post makes me hungry :)) It's lunch time here, outside is cold and windy, I am off, my fridge is almost empty and I am too lazy to go and get some food :)) ohhh I am a mama tot be and have to cook something.

    1. lol have to keep food around
      The kiddo will want food found

  10. I'm totally gagging,
    Just the thought leaves me sagging,
    But I look spiffy in green...
    Urp! There went my spleen!

  11. We certainly eat different at buffets than regular restaurants

  12. Try to stay away from the buffets
    The prices may be right
    But the thought of all those people around the food
    Causes me a lot of fright!


  13. Sometimes kids at a buffet
    Think it's a place to play.
    They pick up the food
    Then toss it back, which is just plain rude.
    Eeww! Great post.

  14. Buffets are not my favorite.If I go out to eat, I want just exactly what I want, not the next best thing.

  15. I never eat a lot at all-you-can-eat places...

  16. I never eat a lot at all-you-can-eat places...

  17. Buffets aren't my thing and I do think about germs even in regular restaurants. Now, thanks to you, I'll think about them even more.

    1. haha no problem at all
      Good to know all the germs at each food stall

  18. I wish I had an all you can eat place here at our house!

  19. I'm on this new fasting diet, and it's a darn good thing today wasn't one of the fasting days or I would have been glaring daggers at your blog. :)

    1. The HH and I do a fasting diet. I wonder if its the same. Fasting 2 days a week?

    2. lol the cat is fine with a glare
      2 days with no food to spare?

  20. I'll never look at a buffet quite the same again.

  21. Regurgitated rubber is nasty it's true
    Better I suppose than a thrown up shoe

  22. orlin N cassie

    de food servizz gurl said her wood eat cat lit tare bee for eatin sum oh de foodz ya see at thoz buffayz ~~~♥♥

    1. haha cat litter may be far less bitter
      Each would make us sputter and spitter

  23. Nothing better than a booger to eat
    they pick their butt-that's no easy feat!
    they go in an chow down,
    heaps of food on their plate-they go to town!
    Oh well, I have eaten there
    and am still alive and still have my hair:)

    1. lol maybe it takes a while to digest the platter
      So in ten years your hair may splatter

  24. And though our stomachs get sour and sore, we keep going back for more. :)

    1. That many seem to do
      When the food is in view

  25. I'm always amazed at how much people can eat.
    But of course, they can't see their feet.

    1. lol that much is true
      Many can't see umm other things too

  26. haha, the cat doesn't mind though
    all he can eat and going back for more at your shore, but humans should stay away from those buffets full of germs galore :)

    1. Germs every which way
      No where near them will we stay

  27. Rubber to eat
    Sounds grim to me
    Churning around
    Up it comes with glee

    1. Yeah nasty in every way
      But makes the cat's day

  28. Buffets are gross. I avoid them at all costs. I don't even like eating at a restaurant often. I prefer my own cooking.

  29. I haven't been to a buffet in quite awhile, but it was handy with little kids sometimes. I don't enjoy other people's germs. Blech.

    1. Yeah, it can be handy
      Or just fill em with candy

  30. I think you nailed some of the thoughts I have sometimes when I eat at certain buffets. I've also learned not to get to excited when I arrive at a buffet for the first time until I try the food. Sometimes all I can eat should translate to all I can safely eat!

    1. haha safety is the key
      Don't want a foo poisoning spree

  31. All you can eat
    draws the obese
    with large stomach and seat!

    If I go to an all you can eat
    chances are the food lacks heat
    I like food hot not only luke warm
    where all the germs do swarm!

    I'd rather have a well chosen meal
    and eat a reasonable amount
    than to eat an all you can eat
    where no calories seem to count!

    1. haha got you on a roll
      With my germy food stroll
      Yeah, none of it is hot
      Luke warm is the plot

  32. I love eating food way too much,
    to handle a buffet with grace and such,
    I try to eat first with my eyes alone,
    but that does little to stop me from being so full I moan.

    1. lol can't stop til you drop
      Things may start to flop

  33. I am with Theresa. I don't eat out much and a buffet just sucks!


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