Cheery As Can Be Are We?

The cat hears this thing about Christmas cheer. Pffft where is it for my rhyming rear? I must get the short end of the cheer stick. My end is just rather ick. Don't believe me? Look at this spree.

I know what's to come.
So I hide my rhyming bum.
Can you guess too?
Cassie surely knew.

This was it.
I hate this shit.
Can't you see I'm not impressed?
That doesn't even need to be confessed.

Then we get at the other sea,
And a mutt starts to taunt me.
 Pffft like I'd fall for that.
Not getting this cat.

Then we have another one.
This one is more fun.
I can chew on him.
 What is that he's eating on a whim?

Why it's a hairball.
 Isn't that yummy to all?
Pffft a nasty mutt indeed.
His tail though is tasty feed.

Hmm, what is this?
 Could give bliss.
It can move about.
I'll have to try it out.

Works for me.
Whoops, time to flee.
 Pat is back to packing.
I get no more attacking.

Ugg once more.
Stuffed in for the encore.
I'm still good and pissed.
It still can't be missed.

Now I'm home.
365 days or so until I roam.
I have to get my energy back.
 So not cheery at my shack.

Of course she's as happy as can be.
Posing there at our sea.
 Cassie is just a kiss ass.
Although she did hiss at the mutts in mass.

Now do you see why the cat has no time for cheer? I get lugged around by my rhyming rear. Swatting ten cats, avoiding one big mutt and chewing on two more small mutts sure is a lot of work. I have no time to give a cheery smirk. Plus that cage fills me with rage. Cassie just sits there and hogs space in mass. But I hog back with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Just a temporary setback
      Lucky me good to be back
      The Blue wave
      Caused a daze
      But a nice streak in fact



    2. Number 1 was for you to keep
      Hello Hank
      The one and only Poetry Tank!

    3. What the Blue wave subsided
      Hank is now number #1
      Good Morning Hank
      How is life under you sun?

    4. Blue wave went out
      Guess he's dealing with trout

    5. The Blue wave is always tops
      Difficult to have him stopped
      And when he says, 'gangway!'
      All had better to give way
      #1 he says is his coveted slot


    6. Good morning Truedessa Ma'am
      Life is always fun and games
      Never to complain
      Neither to explain
      Helps to keep oneself sane


    7. Hello Blue
      We're all in a daze
      As if on cue
      To expect the ubiquitous Blue Wave!


    8. The Blue wave can sneak in
      With his copy and paste win

    9. No copy and paste...
      Just typing with haste
      Ubiquitous the wave can be
      Together with Scooby Doowee

  2. Cheery As Can Be Are We?
    Happy certainly with glee
    Holding out
    Feeling proud
    Next 365 days free for Cassie


  3. Number Two!
    At the Kitty Cat shoe
    I might want to set my alarm
    Though a snore ain't done no harm ;)
    Still enjoying my X-mas break
    Added a couple of weeks like a snake
    Make it long and good
    As long as I could
    In my neighborhood
    Heu, it's Monday
    Such a fun day!

    1. That is a good plan
      Of long breaks we're a fan
      As long as you have a job
      Otherwise a bank you may need to rob

  4. No cheer...
    Oh dear
    No Bora beer?
    No cheerful year?
    We need to change a thing or two
    To get you all cheered up at your shoe
    And that dog sure ain't Scooby Doo

  5. Those cats sure do have the life! Don't you want to know what they are thinking when you take their pic? They probably secretly want to flip you the bird.

    1. More than likely they do
      Eyeballing me and giving a big screw you

  6. Ew he was EATING a hair ball?? Bleh gag barf!!! Well, you proved that you're the epidamy of Christmas cheer, cat!!

    1. lol yep, the pup was eating a hairball
      Good to prove things at my hall

  7. Darn Pat for having family he has to visit at Christmas! Hey guys, he could dump you off at the vet instead.

    1. True, much better than the vet
      That would surely make us fret

  8. Orlin and Cassie in a cage
    they'd rather take center stage
    meowing this is an outrage

    1. They didn't meow much
      Growled and eyeballed me and such

  9. Nope that cat is not impressed! LOL

  10. The kitty cats have no cheer
    because a furry dog is near
    but a dog should make them purr
    not want them pull out all their fur
    a dog just wants to run and play
    the cats are just confused at your bay
    let the doggy give them lots of licks
    I'm sure the cats won't think that's sick
    if that doesn't work at your sea
    then send the dog over to me

    1. lol that one will never make them purr
      As it runs around in a blur
      But if you want it at your sea
      I'm sure they'd ship her for a little fee

  11. Like Toto and Dorothy on a Kansas farm
    It's good to be HOME where there's no harm
    Safe again for another year
    No interlopers for us to fear

    1. No interlopers to come due
      Like dogs without a clue

  12. Ah yes, I can imagine that that would be aggravating. Have a peaceful New Year! ;-)

  13. I can see why they wouldn't like the cage
    since at home they are allowed to roam free
    good thing you don't travel at a regular rate
    I'm sure this would cause them much hate


    1. I used to travel at such a rate
      And yeah, they got hate

  14. So glad my dog doesn't eat hairballs, but then again, I wouldn't have to pick them up--or I would after he barfed up the barf. Dang!

    1. lol barfing the barf
      After a good hairball scarf

  15. We know you kitty kats are glad to be home and free again. At least it all makes you appreciate home all the better. Good to see all the cat pictures.

    1. Yeah, gives appreciation to be free
      With no dog here to see

  16. Our cat never liked traveling at all. Staying inside all the time was a ball. Only trip we made was to the vet for a shot, and that made the cat's temper pretty hot.

  17. Oh I wouldn't be happy about that either since I really have a dislike for that car ride thingy!

    1. That thingy is no fun at all
      as we go to the other hall

  18. My cats hate cages and carriers. It's a nightmare to get them inside.

  19. My cats hate cages and carriers. It's a nightmare to get them inside.

  20. Eating a hairball?
    Not the worst, is it?
    My dog, I recall,
    has sometimes eaten sh...poop.

    1. lol yeah, they eat that too
      Right out of the litterbox loo

  21. All roaming free, and without a care in the world it seems.

  22. I think I'll write a story called Traveling With Cats and base it on your experience. You gave me a plot and everything! Happy 2016.

    1. lol there you go
      Glad I could help at my show

      They've been called the traveling cats at my sea
      By a few as they always come with me

  23. I was hoping to see
    The slinky jump
    And be free
    But still it did stay
    Afraid to be eaten at your bay.

    1. It got lose a bit
      But never got a shot of it

  24. Poor kitties
    rule the world
    they do
    just bow and kowtow
    that's obviously
    your place. :)

  25. Haha! Poor Orlin! He had my sympathy even though I love to travel! That cage reminds me of some airplane seats, but I try to take a Cassie approach. Wishing you good things in the coming year!

    1. lol she just gives up and lies there
      Airplane seats can suck at every lair

  26. The new cat is so easygoing and willing to travel anywhere. The bigger cat, though, who's 16 lbs of pure rage, won't even let me hold her for longer than 30 seconds without turning my flesh to Swiss cheese. I can't imagine trying to stuff her into a cage. I've come to accept that she will just never leave this house. Vets do house calls, right...?

    1. lol yeah, bengals will go to and fro
      There are vets that do house calls here at our show

  27. Haha! Cats have such different personalities. By the time I get Patches in the carrier, my arms are bleeding like I've been in a fight. Well, I guess I have, and Patches won. Tiger's just the opposite. He never fights me, just meows pathetically. And at the vets, he's eager to get back in the carrier, after they've given him shots and whatever. Don't even think about hairballs. Ugh.

    1. lol yep, they can be quite opposite indeed
      One hates the vet and the other just rolls over so she can get back to our feed

  28. oh my, well Cassie - you may be in a bad mood but seeing you and all these other puppies and kitties makes me really, really happy! So, so darling!!!!

    1. Lots and lots and lots there
      So plenty of animals to see at that lair

  29. Hope you all had fun, going here and there and everywhere.

  30. Ugh, I hate travelling too. Well, maybe just packing. I always forget something, and miss my home when I'm gone.

    My cats haven't been to the vet in a while. They love prowling around inside the car when the doors are open, by sure run away when the engine starts. The fight like hell to get away from the cat carrier.

    1. haha yeah, they run as fast as can be
      When the cat carrier they see

  31. orlin N yeer ya can come stay in trout towne.... !!! ♥♥♥ course dont ask uz wear it iz... coz frank lee we dunno R selves...but thiz way we haza headz up findin out !!!

    1. lol got a whole year to find it
      No mutts there to give a fit?

  32. The best photo was the big mutt sticking out his tongue!
    He must hate Pat and that camera a ton!
    Cassie is such a beauty
    and Orlin you are just plain snooty!
    Had some fun with that slinky?
    Hope it wasn't any kind of kinky!

    1. lol no kinky came due
      Did leave a kink or two
      The big mutt loves Pat for some reason
      We think that is treason

  33. I still think The Cat needs
    A batting tree for dirty deeds
    Give The Cat fun things to do
    And he'll never embarras you

  34. By the time I've scrolled down
    The words of this clown
    Have forgotten what the cat said
    This feels me with dread
    So instead
    I whiz to the top
    Then I stop
    Have another read
    Yes indeed
    Then I scroll back down
    Just like a crazy clown
    The cat's in control
    As I drawl
    From my up and down scroll
    Have fun with a hairball
    That is all....

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary.

    1. Scrolling took a while
      As they come single file
      But hairballs aplenty abound
      Then scooped up by the hound

  35. Wow I bet they were glad to be home.

  36. Cassie looks very pleased
    because the dogs got teased.
    Those black labs puppies are cute.
    but they cost a lot of loot!

  37. Ooh they did not look happy about their little sojourn.

  38. I'm not cheerful when I get stuck with people I don't like at the holidays either. You won't hear me judging your grumpiness!

    1. lol good not to judge
      As we no longer want to budge

  39. Travel's good for ya, two legs or four. Once I get back, I always want more. :)

    1. haha not the four legs here
      We run away in fear

  40. Ha, I would take that pup any day
    I would have room at my bay!

    1. Might stomp your three
      As she as as rowdy as can be

  41. Have to laugh and grin
    As I see the carrier they're in
    Cassie lies down to relax
    Orlin looks like he ate tacks!

    1. haha he was not impressed
      That didn't need to be confessed


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