It's All Routine At My Scene!

The cat likes his routine each day. Sleep, play, eat and use the litter box at our bay. It's as easy as can be. Getting it messed up does not impress me. But you humans also don't seem to like it at your sea. At least to many it doesn't give glee.

Routine is down.
Can't be a clown.
That won't work.
So not a perk.

Time to write.
Morning or night.
Then comes a call.
It screws up it all.

Time to cook.
Hook or by crook.
Is that saying right?
Bah, something takes flight.

Something breaks.
You get the shakes,
Meaning a nasty cold.
Maybe you find gold.

It screws things up.
Could be a pup.
It comes to your door,
Enters, and decides to explore.

So many things it can be.
Could get eaten by the sea.
Now that would be a bad day.
A tidal wave on display.

But the routine is shot.
We hate it a lot.
Pat can adapt a bit.
But still can hate it.

Being ahead keeps us at ease,
Still, it doesn't please.
The cat likes to leave his scat,
When I want to at our mat.

That rarely gets screwed.
But still needs attitude.
Oh the ruining of my routine.
Plus, some are just so unclean.

Good to get out of the box?
Good to get great locks?
A routine can easily be busted.
But can save you from getting rusted.

Like your routine at your sea? Do you have one like me? Do you care if it is stopped? Maybe not if a feely is umm copped. Now I am back to my routine. That is so serene. It is even agreed on by Cass. So I have to be a right little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    How's the kitty mat?
    Where's Suza?
    I raised her a Scooby Doozaaa
    Hey, it's Sunday...
    Such a fun day!
    A great day to snore
    At my shore

    1. Hi Blue
      Suza was sleeping
      No time for peeping :-)

    2. Sleeping deep
      Not making a peep

    3. Cat, did you hear here snore?
      Did you feel that trembling floor?

    4. Could sense it
      Every little bit

  2. It's routine at my shore too:
    Pay a bill, pay one more, Scooby Doo!
    They can eat my shoe

    1. Morning
      You mean the shoe you have left? Or is
      it the right? Right or left.... what shoe
      do you still have? It's sooo confusing.

    2. You're right about the shoe I have left. I think. HERE'S a clue.

    3. Shoe got thrown away
      All routine with shoes at your bay

    4. I guess either way you still have blue feet. One wearing a blue suede shoe and the other barefoot. Why not take the shoe off and just run barefoot in the rain...washing the soles can be so freeing...splish splash...can you feel the rain...

    5. And get dirty feet too
      Imagine if you stepped in dog doo doo

    6. haha - step in another puddle and wash it off ...see now no more dog doo doo...

      Now, cat only you would think of that...but, yeah yuck to that stuck on your foot...

    7. lol nasty as can be
      Need a good scrubbing after that spree

    8. Agreeing with a cat
      How about that

    9. Run barefoot in the rain
      Beats getting hit by a train
      Ah you're talking about poo
      The way you always do
      Scooby Doo!

  3. Routine yes, it gets some sass
    I seem to live in frazzle dass
    Organized chaos in my abode
    Sometimes I think that I'm a toad

  4. I'm all about routine and a creature of habit. Even if something disrupts me, I slide right back into my groove.

    1. Creature of habit is a fine way to be
      As long as it is grand by thee

  5. It's All Routine At My Scene!
    No saying what's there coming
    There are no brakes
    On whatever it takes
    The same old thing with a fling


  6. Routine helps set the world in order/Although it might take away the wonder/of walking aimlessly around/until you hit a cat and fall to the ground! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Tripping over one's own feet or a cat
      May make you go splat

  7. I have a daily routine though it can change at what times of day depending on my work hours

    1. Work can screw with things indeed
      As the hours pile up at ones feed

  8. This routine indeed pristine
    But I prefer to keep within
    about 2-3 opennings for new
    to screen...

  9. A wonderful thing it is to maintain a routine, an order of things, but once in a while it helps to break from the script.

    1. Yeah, the open script can help out
      But a routine keep things about

  10. We are all creatures of habit whether we want to admit it or not. Being disorganized is a habit which is not so great but not as bad as smoking, eh. I speak Canadian, eh, eh, eh, that is what is aboot.

    1. No eh's around here
      So only western Canadian you speak I fear
      Disorganized is better than much of the crap
      That some do across the map

  11. I do think it is good to have a routine....if one lived totally without a routine life would be too confusing because things would have to be decided anew every single day, which would be a waste of time. If one has some things set in life, it is a good thing! But then again there has to be room for flexibility.

    1. That is a happy medium indeed
      Routine with flexibility taking seed

  12. We don't like it when anyone messes with our routine!

    1. The cat is more happy too
      Not getting messed with it at our zoo

  13. I hate change and surprises. Eventually I can adapt after I freak out and lose it first!!

  14. Like my routine
    I'm set in my ways
    But it gets all done
    and then I have time to play :)


    1. Good to get it done
      To have some time for fun

  15. I need a routine to get me through the workday but, on the weekend I do what comes my way. You need a bit of spontaneous adventures in life. I do admit when the workday gets messed up it usually means a bad day is to be had and that does not make me glad.

    1. The work day can screw with us no matter what
      Need to be independently wealthy at our hut

    2. That would be grand here in my land
      saying goodbye to the work day rut
      sipping exotic drinks made of coconut
      dreaming of castles in the sand...

    3. Castles in the sand
      May not be grand
      Used as a litter box
      By more than a fox

    4. Exotic drinks....
      I could use some of those, methinks
      A Bora drink or two
      Who needs a blue shoe?

    5. Be nice for sun and sand
      Lying there would be grand

  16. No routine for me
    I live a life quite free
    Things change most every day
    Can't remember when it wasn't that way

  17. I have a routine that I feel I have to stick with or I get really angry. My husband avoids scheduling things during the day because he knows I'll turn into raging bitcherella if he messes up my routine.

  18. I'm ok with routines but sometimes it's good to shake things up,

  19. Routine is the name of the game. I do like routine most of the time. And the cats sure do know when it is time to eat.

    1. haha they have that time down
      Except when time zones come to town

  20. I used to live by routine. That's not true anymore. To be honest, I'll be glad when we get back to something entirely predictable. We do have a new family member though. A cat! A one-eyed cat at that, oy, poor guy. He loves his new home and we love and spoil him. :)

    1. No pics on the blog yet?
      Always grand to add a pet.

    2. He's on my instagram. He'll make it to the blog, I'm sure. :)

    3. The cat doesn't have that one
      Under his sun

  21. We follow a routine here
    and that gives everyone cheer.
    But when I'm home alone I let my mood say
    exactly what I'll do at my bay.

    1. lol so if you are a moody goose
      No spoon dancing and shaking your caboose

  22. Awesome rhyme. I'm not that good at rhyming words I'm afraid.

  23. I do follow a routine but this week it's been highly interrupted because my daughter and 3 year old grandson moved in with us for a while.

  24. I think it's keen
    to have a routine.
    Stick to it every day
    boring as F$^#! others may say.

    1. Some may not like it
      But fine by me every bit


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