Lying About With This Shout!

Pat thinks he can get us to do this and that. Pffft says the cat. He wants us to lay and look. That isn't happening at our nook. Does it look like we are appeasing mutts? Pat is just nuts.

I'm staying still.
That flash is no thrill.
I won't open my eyes.
 No matter your cries.

I'll turn a bit.
But that is it.
All you shall get out of me.
Go and bother Cassie.

Well she is looking at you.
You just can see her in view.
There is a little white. 
Should have used the flashy light.

Not looking up.
I'm not a pup.
I see a bug.
I'll go get that thug.

Cassie snubbed you too.
That is fun to do.
At least you got one eye. 
That is worth a try.

Damn, I looked up.
Consider that a hiccup. 
But you didn't get all of me.
I still win at our sea.

 I'm doing both for you.
What? Not a good view?
Hey, tough for you.
You need a clue.

Almost there.
Sticking it through a square.
That was wise.
Do you expect a prize?

I guess not.
Still stuck on the spot.
Squares galore,
As I hang on the door.

Fine, I'll look.
Now leave me be at our nook.
You still didn't get all of me.
My toe is out for none to see.

I guess if I make Pat take 1000 pics at our mat, I can be a nice cat. I can still give him a dirty look though. My leg is ready to kick at our show. He gets too close and my rabbit feet will go wham. He can suck on my toe jam. I guess that would be crass. Yeah, I'm not a nice little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Early morning run
      Sure is lot of fun!
      Being # 1
      They get stung
      They know you've won


    2. Suza beat the wave
      And Hank for the save

    3. Nobody can beat the wave
      Unless he's snoring in his grave
      Or maybe on his couch
      Like a blue grouch

      Suza is number one...
      Such fun!

    4. Even on Sunday
      At my bay
      But come tomorrow
      I'll be posed to play

    5. Ugg to Sunday work
      That isn't a perk

  2. Love all the poses
    Especially way up high
    Leg flung so far
    Orlin's a stretchy guy

  3. Every morning, I look into my bathroom and on the counter are my two cats staring me down. No apathy from them, they are seventeen years old each and want their food all day long. I don't think they remember they have eaten. However, I have a stepstool for them. They no longer can get on the counter without a little help.

    1. A little help is nice indeed
      And hey, nothing wrong with all day feed

  4. Who's the most contrary critter?
    Who likes to scratch in the litter?
    Who gives a hiss and a spitter?
    Who could match Babe as a hitter?

    Why it's Orlin and little Cassie
    Often bold and a little sassy
    Put Pat in his place being brassy
    But it's done with a style that is classy

    1. Orlin may not be so classy
      He is a smart umm ass-y
      But Pat can take it
      If only they had the money of Babe at out blog pit

  5. Lying About With This Shout!
    Resting in a leisurely mode
    See my pose
    Playing host
    Sure beats those lazy dopes


  6. What relaxed and lazy poses indeed, the type that comes from confident souls -who always want something and expect to get it.

    1. They sure expect to get all
      And usually do at my hall

  7. Bad as animals at the zoo. The moment you get the camera ready, they give you their best side - their butts.

    1. lol or monkeys may throw what comes from butts
      Only impressing mutts

  8. They just want to give the paparazzi 'the hand.'

  9. Your cats are adorable. Cats do have an attitude. They really are fun, but can be rude. The other day Tiger and I were playing ball. I roll it to him; he rolls it back. I set the camera on the floor to get a moving picture. He stopped playing and just stared at the camera. What was he thinking? Have a great weekend.

    1. haha not going to perform tricks for anyone's viewing pleasure
      That or he thought he may have found a new treasure

  10. Avoiding the camera is an art form in itself!

  11. I always enjoy these photos of the cat
    in photo 2 and 7 where is the cat at
    I can't make it out, help me out Pat
    I like the first and last at your mat
    the cats are beautiful and that is that

    1. haha he's in the cat condo on the door
      Not much light there at night at our shore

    2. that is neat little place to hide
      I am sure it is cozy there inside

    3. As he climbs the door
      And makes lots of noise forevermore

    4. Hello, True
      Don't step on my blue suede shoe

  12. I love seeing pics of Cassie and Orlin.

  13. Such fun seeing the pictures of the cats and they actually let you take some. Cats will avoid pictures like the plague. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Yeah, they always stop and run
      When you want a pic to be done

  14. Beautiful cats
    even though they are CATS!

  15. Your cat's too smug/From me it would get no hug! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. They look so adorable. Glad you revealed the truth about their inner thoughts before I got taken in.

    1. haha don't get sucked in
      Might make your head spin

  17. Orlin, what can I say?
    You rule at your bay.
    Giving Pat a bit of what he might want,
    while you your independence flaunt!

  18. You looked up.... you did too!
    At your Kitty Cat shoe
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

    Great post
    From coast to coast!

  19. Koda never liked his picture taken
    So I guess the cats would be the same
    but you did get some great pictures of them
    it could cause them some fame


  20. Our cats do the same thing
    keep their eyes closed saying, "What a ding-a-ling."
    They then turn around and show
    what they think of me at their shore.

    1. haha they sure like to do that
      The life of a cat

  21. hi
    cute one & i love cats
    nice written

    good luck!

  22. I think my dogs are the opposite. They like to ham it up for the camera. Probably because they always get a treat afterwards lol.

    1. lol that is a good reason
      A treat no matter the season

  23. It's always fun to see pics of the cats
    I wonder what they would look like in hats.
    Probably would freak out worse than the cage
    and bring on all kinds of rage.

    1. lol they'd eat the hats in no time flat
      At least that would be the way with the cat


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