Make A Wish For A Dish!

The cat was lounging about while he heard a kid shout. They will get wishes and have tons of dancing dishes. I rhymed the last part. You know I had to at my cart.

Bring on the wish,
With a splash and a splish.
Worked for Aladdin, right?
So why not let it take sight.

A genie shall arise,
He or she may where a disguise.
Could be good or bad.
A fun time may be had.

Might get mad though.
That Jinn were not given a go.
Mixing up the names,
May get you burnt in flames.

Have to word your wish well,
Or could raise hell.
That could be bad.
Way more than a tad.

But first you have to rub,
Go all rub a dub dub.
Nope, not in the tub.
Unless you want to join the genie love club.

Could be a thing.
A genie fling.
Magically for you.
Maybe the genie too.

Anyway, mind from the gutter.
Rub that lamp and don't stutter.
Poof, they will pop out.
Obeying your every shout.

Wouldn't that be grand?
A genie in one hand.
Who can resist believing that?
Then I'd be a rich cat.

So go dig a hole.
Have to get the three wish goal.
Dig and dig and dig.
Stop to dance a jig.

Then a genie will show.
Three wishes will flow.
Oh, and the man in the moon will point the way.
Trust me, I never lie at my bay.

There was my genie rant. Maybe I should chant? Then a genie or jinn or whatever could appear. Think they could hear? Pfffft as dumb as wishing on a star. Not gonna help any at your sand bar. Have to do. Of course it's fine for kids to believe and not have a clue. But adults believe such things as well. Maybe they scooped out some brains and proceeded to sell? Or they listened to a singing bass. It sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A genie would be nice
    Could wish on a bubble
    But often wishes lead
    To a lot more trouble

  2. Make A Wish For A Dish!
    Rub it well for the wish
    Perhaps Jinn or Genie
    To appear in a jiffy
    Not a simple plate of fish


  3. Pat, you may wish to visit:

    Hank trying to revive prose writing in a separate blog!


  4. Not real sure I wish for a Genie. We just wish for some sunshine. Have a great day Pat.

  5. Major Nelson was an idiot. Having just a young Barbara Eden was good enough, magic powers was just a plus.

    1. Idiot he was in the end
      Power sent him around the bend

  6. Oh, I want a genie in a bottle
    Like the chickens have a wattle
    Grant me every wish and whim
    Maybe we could take a swim

    Somewhere way up in the stars
    We could even visit Mars
    Genie would say, just name your wish
    I'd never say I want a fish

    Like beauty queens, I couldn't resist
    I'd say "world peace " I do insist
    In harmony the world would live
    Like the sands fall through a sieve

    1. haha until the words got twisted
      Then the world got listed
      Peace comes because aliens wipe us out
      Have to word correctly each wish you shout

  7. The thing is, as said by the great Mr Bowie
    Will the Jinn genie get rid of the snowy? ;)

    1. Doubtful with that
      Stuck with it where we are at

  8. Pass on the genie love club.
    Adults do still think they can rub the lamp and get wishes. It's called a lottery ticket.

    1. lol do they rub those though?
      That I don't know

  9. To heck with a genie, just let me win a big lottery payout.

    What! Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes what you have is good enough.

    1. Yep, have to watch what you want
      Although a lottery win is fine at my haunt

  10. Dang, we have Litter Genies here and they always seem to be pretty honest!

  11. hmm - A Genie can be a trickster
    sometimes wishes manifest in strange ways
    leaving your head in a bit of a daze....
    and soon you find yourself in a twister

    1. Yep, have to watch what you say
      Or much crap may play

  12. I always figured if I found that three wish genie, I'd screw up my wishes:)

  13. It would be hard just to come up with 3 wishes
    if I was ever near a genie
    better to just wish in my head
    and not mess up things and be a wienie


    1. Yeah, better to not screw up
      That could tip many a cup

  14. I have a couple of wishes for sure. A genie. WHY didn't I think of that?? Please send me a genie (and that's not to be counted as one of my wishes). ;)

    1. lol may not get there
      We could use it up at our lair

  15. Man, I don't even want to try with a genie. I'd inevitably word it wrong and end up as a goat or something.

    1. haha have to watch every single word
      Or you would get something absurd

  16. Shhhh, Cat!! Don't mention genies or Luci will make me play Aladdin on repeat for 3 days straight. She LOVES that genie. lol Although, there are a few things I'd wish for right now. Just sayin!

    1. lol Aladdin is a good one
      But 3 days in a row can ruin its fun

  17. I'm not rubbing any more bottles, never had a genie pop out of one yet.

  18. I dream of Genie
    Never a meanie
    I make wish one
    Have some fun
    I make wish two
    A cat rolling in poo
    I make wish three
    Oops, time for a wee..

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary...

    1. Might be a waste
      To waste wishes in such taste

  19. I don't know what I would wish for
    I'd rather just go to the store!

  20. What, 'where' a disguise you say?
    No Blue Spelling Bee at your bay haha :p
    How PC of me
    In the place to be!
    Um... I may want to make a wish too
    Restore my heath, Scooby Doo!
    How's that for a wish, all selfish and stuff?
    Do I get another one or is one enough?
    This genie I loved (I bet Larry did too)
    I'd wish for her on my couch, Scooby Doooo!

    1. haha she may be a tad old now
      To grant any wishes and wow
      Health would be #1
      To surely be done

  21. No wishing from Genie's here. They are little tricksters and instead of a million bucks as in dollars, I'd get me a million buck animals. No thank you.

  22. The first wish should always be
    that the wishes will be granted endlessly.

    1. But what is there is a rule
      That makes that not cool

  23. A genie would be nice
    but I may wish for a pet and he would give me lice.
    Better to have wishes and many can come true
    as long as they make you smile at your zoo


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