Offend Or Defend With Room To Amend!

No matter what you say you can stir the pot at your bay. But it seems some can say more than others. They can shout it until it smothers. Then others can say a thing or your a whatever at your wing.

Let's make fun.
Come on everyone.
It's as easy as can be.
But you can only do it to me.

You can't do it to her.
She sure won't purr.
And just watch him.
Even if he's dim.

You can't do it to them.
They may spit phlegm.
Whoops, their black.
Watch your back.

Oh, a religious nut,
They are fine at your hut.
Making fun of them is A okay.
Go ahead and have your say.

Whoops, watch those guys.
They are far too wise.
Don't diss the female.
She may come and wail.

And watch out for men.
They may show up at your den.
Those people could be on you.
That just wouldn't do.

Celebrities are okay.
Say what you want to say.
But normal people, nope.
Watch out for the Pope.

That country you can go ahead,
Nope, that one will cause you dread.
May even hack off your head.
So watch what is said.

And watch the defend.
Now that too can offend.
Defend someone like that.
And you may get pelted with scat.

And above all,
Read the writing on the wall.
You have to stay PC.
That is just the way to be.

Rather pathetic how some are okay and others you are supposed to watch what you say. As long as poking fun not in mean way, whoopdi friggin doo I say. Can make meme's on religious nuts up the ying yang, but do it on this or that or that or this and dang. Now you are just soo mean there at your scene. I'll stick to being an equal opportunity insulter with my sass. It seems to work for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    How's the kitty mat?
    How is your vacation?
    How's the balcony battle station?
    Yes, the blue wave is here
    Oh dear!
    Say it ain't so
    At your show
    But have no fear...
    Have a blue beer
    Making you cheer!
    Hey, it's Sunday
    As I'm working at my bay
    It's NOT a fun day
    Another resolution shot to hell
    Making me, you know, yell.

    Say, where is R?
    Still stuck in a jar?
    Not a box
    Like a fox?

    1. Working you say
      On a Sunday?
      Geez, broke that one
      With your work run
      May need a blue beer
      To add to your work gear
      Don't yell too loud
      May draw a crowd
      Or just R
      He could be in your car

    2. Where is R
      can't go far
      trapped in a jar

    3. Been working all friggin' day
      I'd rather play
      Or watch a reboot
      Or jump in a pool of soot

    4. Blah to that
      No work where we`re at

  2. The PC Brigade makes me sick
    Why don't they go and sit on a stick
    That would be a nice trick
    Maybe put it in a flick
    Reboot it twice
    Then put them on ice....
    What say you, Cat
    On the kitty cat mat?

    1. Works for me
      With the stick spree
      Light the sucker on fire
      And watch as the PC does expire

    2. Sounds like a plan
      Do it if you can

  3. Equal opportunity insulter
    Covers all the bases
    Your sass will be spread
    Evenly in all cases

    1. Evenly is the way to be
      At least here at my sea

  4. Offend Or Defend With Room To Amend!
    Hear what they say not what they meant
    If they ever want to insult
    Do it in a way that is smart
    Or they end up all exhausted and spent


    1. Yeah, watch the low blow
      Or may get exhausted from head to toe

  5. I totally agree. People's beliefs make them targets these days.

    1. Yep, easy targets they are
      Even if its just their kind of car

  6. I also agree! So unfair that some people are open targets while other it's been deemed un-PC to make say anything bad. Or even to simply state one doesn't believe in that group's principles.

    1. Yeah, just stating that is oh so bad
      Pffft to the PC crap that is had

  7. Squeak up, I say, are you man or mouse
    Do neighbors call your spouse a souse
    Who dares to say you are a wimp
    And you buy presents for your pimp
    Sticks and stones can break your bones
    A hot south sun melts ice cream cones
    Follor rules and if you fail
    PC police will threaten jail

    1. lol it would have to be a big stick
      As a twig may not break anything slick
      Can a hot sun melt the cone?
      Or just the ice cream leaving the cone alone?
      Ha, got you there
      PC Police can sit and stare

  8. Fun is fun, mean is mean
    there is sometimes the in between!
    we each judge our own scene.

    1. Judge and ignore the in between
      A better way at many a scene

  9. We so agree and why do people have to make someone a target. Everyone has their own way of thinking and they have a right to think how ever they want to.

    1. That they surely do
      Yet people go after them on cue

  10. Somewhere along the line most of the poor humans lots their sense of humor. Maybe the should put an add in lost and found.

    1. Do they even know how to do that anymore?
      Not sure it can be found at their shore

  11. Have to be really careful these days
    with what we say or do
    takes a lot of fun out of some things
    and for that I say boo-hoo


    1. Yep, the fun can get sucked away
      Thanks to the nuts at play

  12. This is way too complicated for me on a Sunday morning. I can't imagine a Canuck being impolite.

    1. haha there are quite a few
      May not go all black and blue
      But they`ll insult with ease
      Whenever they please

  13. We can make fun of the Pope, the last one was Darth Sidious himself.

  14. All this talk of being PC
    is just too much sometimes
    equal opportunity insulter
    now that is rather funny

  15. Equal opportunity insulter...I like it!

  16. I with you Pat! I'm an equal opportunity insulter for sure! Everyone deserves to be insulted in an even handed way!! MOL

    1. haha yep, that they surely do
      All even steven at each zoo

  17. people are always discussing equal opportunity...careful this might catch on and be trendy, lol

    1. lol the cat starting a trend
      Could drive many around the bend

  18. If you wrote this a year ago, I just have to say
    that the PC crap is even worse today!

    1. lol not quite up to a year
      But yeah, worse I fear

  19. Meh, this crap is annoying. PC BS.

  20. If you put yourself out there and act a fool, I say you better expect some ribbing. Others I let be, like children and elderly.

    1. Yeah, expect it indeed
      Some just have it take seed

  21. I hate PC people-maybe hate is too strong a term.....nope! It just makes me want to have fun, like a cat with a mouse:)


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