Stuck And Blind To Beat The Grind?

The other day the cat was arguing away. The cat likes to do that. But you know that where you are at. The cat sure did balk as one went into the territory of the stock.

You should buy and sell.
I bet you'd do swell.
Come and buy some stock.
It is a big lock.

Pffft says me.
No way at my sea.
I'd rather bet on a horse race,
Then some stock embrace.

But that is gambling.
Blah, blah, blah rambling.
Gambling isn't the way.
Stocks are better at the end of the day.

Right, no gambling in sight.
Stocks won't bite.
Your money is tight.
Won't lose it in a fright.

That is right.
Come and join the fight.
I bet you make a killing.
The stock market is so thrilling.

Pffft go away.
Take your stocks and play.
You could get a mansion on a hill,
Or end up, broke, on the street and ill.

That will never happen to me.
I will invest with glee.
You really should too.
Time to get rich at your zoo.

Cheaper to buy a lottery ticket.
Maybe even go bet on cricket.
But that would bore.
So bother me no more.

It is not a gamble.
Listen to my ramble.
All is A okay.
You'll make some pay.

Can make it on roulette too.
Now go bug another zoo.
Bite me is all I have left to say.
Don't have a nice day.

The investing nut sure sounded like he was in a rut. Not gambling at all? Believe that at your hall? Unless you have inside scoop, but I hear that is illegal for any troop, it is still a gamble any old day. Maybe not as bad as lottery odds on display. I just say screw it all. Not gonna be joining any last call. Enjoy the stock market at your sea? Think it's a good money tree? I'll stick to my sass and not be a super duper broke little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    How's the kitty mat?
    So, Pat Hatt is a drummer at your sea
    Is he any good in the place to be?
    Hey, it's Thursday...
    Such a fun day!

  2. How did you know
    My favourite thing
    Is to bet on crickets
    In a boxing ring

  3. Stocks a game of profit and loss
    as your money it does toss
    One day your are up the other down
    then your smile turns to a frown
    you thought you made some ground
    you wanted new riches to be found
    oops the stock market took a plunge
    soaked up your money like a sponge
    hurry now buy, buy, sell, sell
    Poor Martha found herself in a cell
    stock is a gamble that is so true
    but, cat that you already knew
    Now, off I go as it is a workday
    and I have no more time to stay
    Enjoy, your day at your sea
    as you write away with glee

    it's winter align that printer...

    1. The grind is the way
      To get some pay
      And yeah the cat knew
      But a post had to come due
      Haven't written much in a while
      Will get back to the writing mile

  4. Someone all but begging you to buy stocks is not a vote of confidence in those stocks.
    We have money invested in IRA's and retirement funds, but none of it is in the riskier investments. It's the stuff that gains a little bit every year.

    1. Yep, a good reason to run
      I had some in things but yanked it as nothing good or bad was done

  5. Like Alex said, you have to pick and choose and be ready for the long haul. Making a lot of money fast rarely happens.

    1. The long haul it must be
      But screw that, could be dead tomorrow at my sea

  6. Stuck And Blind To Beat The Grind?
    Stocks is bad word they'll sadly find
    It is gambling
    Can be thrilling
    End of the day you'll only have a dime


    1. A dime if you're lucky
      Some may find that just ducky

  7. There's no interest at the bank
    Look, stocks are in the tank
    Your sailing ship just sank
    Life's just one cruel prank

    1. Prank it is
      With such a biz
      Down they keep going
      With their showing

  8. Someone very close to me lost a lot of money in the stock market! It most certainly is a gamble. Although I do know a lot more who have made money doing it. You really need to know what you're doing and have the funds to spend.

    1. Yeah, you need that cushion to make anything big
      And know what you are doing so you can win and dance a jig

  9. I don't know enough about stocks
    to make them grow lots and lots.
    Some do very well
    and I think that is swell.
    But it's something done over many a year
    and not a get-rich-quick cheer.

    1. Noe, no get rich quick
      We need to find that treasure with many a gold brick

  10. One thing to remember about the stock market, don't put any money in that you aren't willing to lose. You can make money. You can lose money. So the gambling part is partially right. However, good research does reduce the risk. I've never bought stock. More because investments I have made were small and I could not afford to lose my money.

    1. Yeah, wise way to be
      You can lower the risk if research is done by thee
      But still probably the same odds as some of those casino games
      Either way, could go down in flames

  11. Seen people lose it all
    when they invest in the stock
    I rather keep my money
    secure and under lock :)


    1. A much better way to be
      then a lose it all spree

  12. I studied to be an investment broker, so I really get angry when people make all these statements about how certain investing in shares is. (It's not.)

    1. Yeah, it takes a lot of work
      Nothing is certain or a perk

  13. You won't find me investing in the stock market, not that I have the money to do that anyway. So no problems here with investing.

    1. haha none here at my sea
      So that problem isn't for me

  14. I'll go buy a lion
    I am not lyin'
    ....oh boy I should stop

  15. Hey, our litter boxes are filled with inside scoop!

  16. I would like to think
    I could bet and not sink
    If only for a day.

    But that's not true
    Here at my zoo
    So I always run away

    No stock
    I'm not hot!

  17. Lottery tickets are the poor man's stocks:)

    1. That they are
      But never know at your sand bar

  18. And yes we buy them at our house:)

    1. Can't win if you don't buy
      Even if winning is a self told lie

  19. My husband had a 401K at his last job, but never contributed anything. There was enough when he quit to cash it out and pay off some bills. Stocks are a gamble. I know a lot of people that have lost a lot of value. Though my former BIL assures me that you can never lose money in the stock market. Well, I would rather not find out for sure.

    1. haha yeah right to him indeed
      You can lose a ton at your feed

  20. Should I buy?
    Some say sell.
    I don't know why.

    1. Screw you may be
      Best to clean loos at your sea

  21. Should I buy?
    Some say sell.
    I don't know why.

  22. It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for the stock market. Best not to gamble on that!

  23. I wish I understood stocks more,
    I'd probably shill out some dough at my shore,
    For now my husband's stocks will do,
    Who knows if we'll make money or have to sue~

    1. Hopefully no suing one bit
      That can be some pain in the arse shit

  24. Stocks are definitely a gamble
    right now they're taking a ramble
    where they will go tomorrow who knows
    some people may lose a lot of 'doughs.'

    1. That they sure will
      Won't have any dough hill

  25. I live in Las Vegas and don't gamble. Crazy right? lol But I don't invest in the stock market either.

  26. Luck with stocks I've had it's true,
    we have none now and I'm so blue. :)

    1. Glad you got it on your side
      Maybe you need a new stock ride

  27. orlin N cassie....onlee stock we iz concerned with iz de pantree stock....come ta think oh it; we best due a chex on canned goodz & kibble sackz....hay, thanx for de ree minder !! ♥♥♥

    1. Need to make sure it is stocked up
      Have to fill your food cup

  28. Congress tried passing a law to put "part" of the money of Social Security on the stock market.

    What could go wrong?

    1. lmao yeah, that would screw all
      Not very much on the ball

  29. Money,
    Tain't funny.
    Keeps life from being sunny.

  30. My retirement is invested
    I hope it will be bless-ed
    No choice at my sea
    As nervous as can be

  31. I have had clients who thought they knew what they were doing and invested in stocks and watched their money go bye bye. I have read where someone won a big lottery in the states and thought they could double it! They lost it all. Unless you understand it well, never go that way

    1. lmao they thought they could double it?
      Damn, that was a dumb way to take a hit

  32. We don't buy stocks here. I lose enough money in our 401K monthly, I don't need to see more of it getting sucked away. I was pretty pissed about the $2 I lost on my Powerball ticket last week. Gambling isn't for me.

    1. lmao pissed over $2 at your sea
      Sure makes gambling not for thee

  33. Some think gambling in the stock market great fun
    But for me from that sort of thing I usually run
    Whether in Vegas or Wall Street the story is the same
    The House always wins when you enter this game

    1. Yep, you will always lose in the end
      No matter the so called trend


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