The Best Ever With My Vacation Endeavor!

The cat just had the best vacation ever. Did you even know I had pulled the lever? Did you think I was here the whole time? Damn, I fooled you with my daily rhyme.

The cat was bored,
And done with the hoard.
Hoard as in the cats at the other sea,
They are such a pain in the butt of me.

So I struck out.
I packed some trout.
I got things ready.
I began to trot steady.

Cassie came too,
After using the loo.
You never know how far it will be,
Until we find another litterbox in which to pee.

We left Pat snoring.
He is really boring.
Maybe he was just dreaming.
Who cares with his TV streaming.

There we were,
No ruffled fur,
Each trotting away.
It was a great day.

There was no snow.
The sun did show.
I even saw grass.
The sure impressed Cass.

We jumped a bit,
But missed it.
So we tried again,
Like we do at our den.

We made it with ease.
That was a breeze.
Cass had to try a time or three,
A little heavy is she.

Must be all the grass.
Hey, at least she doesn't have gas.
That is just me.
And now we were free.

We stretched out in the sun,
Just watching everyone.
The balcony was grand.
All need one in their land.

What? You thought we went far at our hut? Do I look rich? Pat just had a glitch. He threw a bug out the balcony door and both Cass and I decided to explore. Yeah, we darted out to see what was what. Pat grabbed us each by the butt. He said we might jump over the rail. Like I'd do such a fail. We were almost free. Actually he was watching us at our sea. We'll pretend he didn't let us stroll though. It was really my idea you know. Such a vacation for me and Cass. The ten seconds out there impressed my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. For two in a row
      That's a #1 bidding
      And it does follow
      With bits of lurking!


    2. Got a streak
      No Blue Wave to peek

    3. Blue was on the road
      Like a blue toad
      No alarm set today
      At the blue guy bay
      No wave
      Not even a shave
      But, hey, I'll be back
      As I cut me some slack :)

    4. On the road
      With a heavy load?

    5. Ha you bet and I had to work too
      On a frigging Saturday at my shoe
      Exams and stuff
      Driving me nuts, sure enough

    6. That stinks a ton
      But exams must be done

  2. Oh gee, gee, golly we
    To be free and on a spree
    Cats like to dash if you open the door
    From that point on, they never soar
    Feels like escape, that primal blast
    But does it ever really last?
    The grass feels strange to a cat
    Not just like the inside mat
    Pussy footing in the strange
    It's really not a mountain range

    1. Yep, they realize quick
      It's all a trick
      Easier inside
      No need for a ride
      They have it grand
      Who needs the outside land

  3. The Best Ever With My Vacation Endeavor!
    10 seconds of freedom so much to explore
    Just give a break
    So much at stake
    One can go all out once through the door


  4. So you left Pat snoring?
    Now, how can snoring be boring?
    Lots of questions from the Goo
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo
    Hey, it's Saturday...
    Such a fun day!

  5. Sounds like all of you almost had a great adventure. We are glad you didn't get out though. You all have a great day.

    1. Yeah, we got caught
      Getting out wouldn't have been too hot

  6. You cats need to heed the tale of the Late, Great, LillyBelle. She lived in the woods for years having litter after litter. Sara Goza rescued her and gave her to me. Living in a house was spooky. The hot water heater would kick on with a horrible noise. But once we got use to central heat and air, we refused to step a paw out the door much less on grass again. It's great to be a house cat.

    1. haha a wise choice it sure is
      Who needs that cold and grass biz

  7. Wouldn't want furry butts falling and splatting below. Might put a damper on your rhyming ass.

    1. Yeah, could screw things for good
      Here in my rhyming hood

  8. Getting outside is a vacation when you dont' usually get to. :)

    1. I suppose that is true
      As we got a good view

  9. WOW! An almost out n' about was almost fun!

  10. A 10 second spree
    Done with glee
    Can't beat free
    That's the key.

    (I did it!)

  11. Daisy's old cat Furball's favorite thing to do once he got outside was go in the storm drain...

    1. That must have been a pain
      To get him out of the drain

  12. The cat is bored ??? come on, you never are bored Pat!!
    Hope yoe you take a vacation and have a nic etime !!

    1. Pat doesn't get bored at all
      The cat may at our hall

  13. Freedom beckoned
    Felt good they reckoned
    But no chance to explore
    Retrieved through the door

    Vacation can be fun
    Even 10 seconds of sun
    But better inside the 'hood
    With toys and kitty food

    1. Yep, much better way
      Then going out to play
      Much out there
      Safer in ones lair

  14. Good thing Pat was there to get you by the *ss
    wouldn't want to see you go splat
    but it did seem like a great adventure if just for a brief second
    now you'll have to be content with inside and that is just that


    1. haha yep, stuck we'll have to stay
      Here at our bay

  15. A short vacation is better than none
    as long as it brings everyone fun!

  16. A balcony for two..or maybe three
    that seems better than a tree:)

  17. LOL, very well done, Orlin and Cassie. Sounds like you had a fun adventure that'll hopefully keep you from being bored for a while ;)

    1. Hopefully that is so
      Pat wouldn't like us to go to and fro

  18. A little freedom is fun, at times.

    1. That it can be
      Even if short lived at our sea

  19. The taste of freedom the smell of the air
    Bet they were excited down to every last hair!

    1. haha Cassie thought it a thrill
      Orlin was iffy at our hill

  20. Man, a little taste of freedom and Pat had to ruin it! What a jerk!


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