The Cheer Of The Volunteer!

You hear it all the time, you should volunteer your time. Hmm, a cheat rhyme? Bah, not so much a crime. You should do it here and there. You should do it everywhere. It is as easy as can be. Volunteer with me.

Here comes another sap.
I'll reel this one in.
We have much on tap,
That they can take for a spin.

Come and join our cause.
Volunteer your time.
You're sure to get an applause,
And you won't make a dime.

But that is what volunteer means,
So join in with us.
You'll be more famous than those on screen,
Maybe even get to drive a bus.

Doesn't that just ignite you passion?
And here is the best thing,
We don't care about fashion,
Just cover up your ding a ling.

So what do you say?
Ready to join this great group?
It will be just like play.
You will be one of the troop.

Then comes the perk.
The thing you will love.
You'll do lots of work.
Like it was destined from above.

You'll put in hours,
You'll clean up the shit.
Not even able to hit the showers,
Because we demand it.

Your time is ours now.
You can even quit your job.
You can stay and bow.
Don't you want to help Bob?

Don't worry about a thing.
We'll take care of it all.
Until you lose all your cha-ching.
Then you'll get a call.

We found another sap,
So you can take a break.
But come back to our trap,
When more money you make.

Now not all are like this, some are hit or miss, but many want you to work to death. They want you to do so until you are out of breath. Then guilt trip you some more. Pffft to them at my shore. Ever get a bad one? Maybe I'm umm pessimistic with my run? Bah, it provided sass. So it works for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. got it well
    good luck

  2. Volunteering can be very worthwhile, but you can definitely get caught up in that nonprofit world and before you know it, you are putting in more hours for free than you are for pay. It's a fine line.

    1. Yep, a fine line it can be
      As they suck tons of time from thee

  3. The Cheer Of The Volunteer!
    Expending valuable time no fear
    A sacrifice no doubt
    Of sincere efforts
    But may not get what they desire


    1. May not indeed
      Have to keep an eye out at ones feed

  4. I agree with you that some charities are scams, but some are great! In high school we had to volunteer 20 hours of our time a year (with proof) as a graduation requirement.

    1. Well 20 hours isn't so bad
      Yeah, many are scams to be had

  5. That's why the only place I volunteer is my church. There are plenty of opportunities, most only require a couple hours, and I can pick and choose without the guilt.

    1. That is a good way to be
      No guilt or time suck spree

  6. Volunteering is great when it's for the right cause. It's a shame that some charities ruin it for the good ones.

    1. Yeah, some sure ruin it in many way
      But that can be said for most anything at play

  7. Don't call me, I'll call you
    If I work at your zoo
    Do the guilt trip if you dare
    Guilt left-over, you can spare

    One job only fits the bill
    I'll shovel sand bags to the fill
    The river's rising, holy smokes
    We'll get help from city folks

    1. City folks will come and play
      Float in the water all day
      While you get flooded and sit and swear
      They'll just float by without a care

  8. My experience is that there are always too many volunteers and not enough work. I got tired of wasting my time.

    1. True, there can be a lot
      Not much management makes things go to pot

  9. I think that people that do volunteer work are just the best. It should be very rewarding for those that do the volunteering since they are really helping the people and causes.

    1. Yeah, the ones that truly help and are good
      Are fine in any old hood

  10. I do like to volunteer now and then
    But when one does so they need to be able to say no
    because sometimes there is too much work and not enough workers
    and then one can get a little bit tired if I say so


    1. Yep, the tiring can come
      If you say yes to every chum

  11. Charity begins at home. I do think there is a lot you can do to help out without volunteering for an organized charity.
    I was going to work for one outfit by doing taxes for low income and elderly people, volunteer of course. The tone of the person speaking to me on the phone was uncomfortable. I backed off quickly. I wasn't going to have a demanding boss for a volunteer position. I can see them being particular. But being snooty did not help them seine the good from the bad.

    1. Yep, a snooty boss, especially when doing it for free
      Can sure easily make one flee

    2. 100% you say
      No 99.9999% at play

  12. To be a volunteer
    Can be a pain in the rear...
    Yet I never did repent
    The time thus spent. =)

    1. A good time was had
      Nothing wrong with that at ones pad

  13. It's such a shame that there are so many that aren't trustworthy since this world could use some charity.

    1. Yep, so many out for a buck
      Making it worse for those who give a umm fluck

  14. Not only are some causes a scam
    But some volunteers should really scram
    Complain too much, don't show up on time
    Being rude to recipients is such a crime
    All they want is to finish their public service debt
    No warm fuzzies do they ever get

    1. Yep, they make it worse
      As they stand and curse
      No fuzzies from none
      Don't do it for fun

  15. I volunteer at soup kitchen
    I 'receive' more than I give
    some people need help
    to survive or to live.

  16. Hey, I volunteer to not volunteer! Seriously, our peeps volunteer a lot, but they try to keep a balance.

    1. Balance is key
      And not letting people run over thee

  17. I don't know much about volunteering. I donate things and help out friends. That's it.

  18. I do believe in volunteer work and feel I should be doing more, but you are exactly right. If you are in a small group or even not so small, suddenly you've went from doing the one thing you signed up for to doing everything and being owned by it. There needs to be a happy medium.

    1. Yeah, with no balance it can suck life away
      And make one cranky at their bay

  19. The last few busy years which have been busy as heck,
    Has resulted in my do-gooding being sending a quarterly check,
    But I'm actually quite happy to report,
    that I'm looking for a place to volunteer here like a good sport,
    I think it's so much fun to give back,
    Makes me feel better than sitting around like a sack.

    1. lol can't be a sack
      Could result in a heart attack

  20. Um... my grammar above. Please ignore. I typed this while on a call. Yikes.

    1. lol doing two things at the same time
      And you even, bad grammar and all, made it rhyme

  21. Volunteer with love
    And with no glove

    Ahhh just trying to volunteer my time :))

  22. I've always thought of not volunteering, blame it on my laziness or weirdness or maybe both.
    I've believed in helping the world in hidden ways, without letting anyone else know. I know, another weird thought. I guess it works for me.

    1. Hey, the hidden ways can work too
      No credit just helping because it came due

  23. I don't have time to volunteer

  24. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss gurl all wayz sayz her iz gonna volunteer at de local shelter when her ree tirez....

    frank lee... we will bee leeve it.... when we see it....

    her will either come home cryin like a wee babe bee... coz oh what happened two de animal brought in....

    ore her will bee in jail for tryin ta find ,then kickin de **** outta.... de peepulz who caused de abandoned animalz ....ta bee in brought in.....

    either way... we due knot see thiz goin well ~~~


    1. lol beating the people with a big stick
      Or hitting them in a head with a brick
      Two things that may land her in jail
      But it sure isn't a fail

  25. Must praise those who volunteer. They change and enrich lives.

  26. Volunteer works if it add some valuable experience to you and you enjoy it ~ If not, its just unpaid labor specially if they are taking advantage of your time and not appreciating it ~

    1. Yep,the later many try and do
      At least what I've seen at my zoo

  27. Many organizations do need volunteers. If you have the time and a cause that means something special to you
    then that could be a good use of some free time. I have helped at a local food pantry during the holidays sorting can goods and you know cat I don't have much free time.

    1. Good for you indeed
      The good ones are fine to help at each feed

  28. Volunteering, as they say
    Can bring so much to your day
    But you need to do investigating
    To discover the most liberating

  29. I am not thrilled with the animal shelter that my daughter volunteers at, simply because they want her every single Saturday. I have done a lot of volunteer work with Salvation Army over the past year and have enjoyed every experience I've had with them so far, so I'll continue to stick with them.

    1. Every single Saturday sounds like a job to me
      But still, helping out is fine as long as she likes it at her sea

  30. I can volunteer
    I brings me cheer
    but if they bring on the guilt
    and play it to the hilt,
    I will not help them out
    'cos that's not what it's about.

    1. Yep, screw the guilt trip
      When that let that crap rip

  31. Auction people wanted me to work for less.
    I what I thought, I showed them, I guess. haha.

    1. lol went out the door
      Screw that at any shore
      Just win the power ball
      Then buy a ginormous hall


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