The Title Scheme By The Stream!

The titles are here for all to see. There are so many they may confuse thee. Hmmm, that is the point at each and every joint. A cash grab as they try and pick up the tab.

A book does well.
The author was swell.
Or just won out.
Either way, time to shout.

Shout, not in that way.
I'm sure the author likes their pay,
But now their title is grand.
It will get used across the land.

In come the sharks,
Looking to make their marks.
Time to rip off a ton.
Let's have some title fun.

Put a "the" in the title.
Now your book won't be idle.
Put a "A" in one.
Damn, you'll sell a ton.

Spell a word another way.
That will sure get you some pay.
Maybe even use the same one.
That just has to be done.

Then they will see,
How great you are with your spree.
You can rip off a title with ease.
I'm sure your writing will please.

Then they will buy more.
No need for a rip off encore.
You will be the next big thing.
Doesn't that have a nice ring?

All because you ripped off another,
Their words you didn't smother.
They got big and now it's your turn.
You deserve a great return.

Whoopsy, yours still pales.
Yep, you hit the third rails.
No jolts for you though.
You just ate crow.

Did it taste grand?
Was it fun in rip off land?
I bet you had the title first, right?
Damn that author for first taking flight.

Notice how the rip offs come when a book does good? Same for movies in ones hood. The titles get ripped off a ton, and usually, they are crappily done. Trying to trick the reader/viewer is all it is. Some make a good living off of such a biz. Like those direct to video guys. They trick many with their lies. Ever go rip off at your sea? Sure not the way to be. Better off going and eating some grass. It works for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. CAT!
    How's the mat?
    The blue wave is here
    Boppity Blue
    And his blue suede shoe
    Oh dear
    No fear
    Just cheer
    Have some beer
    Hey, it's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!

    1. It's a work day
      so no cheer at my bay

    2. Yeah, same day
      Can't play
      Clean a litter tray
      Fun you say?

    3. Yes, I said fun
      Just trying to cheer up my bun!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello True
      How are you?
      Shouldn't you be taking a nap
      Does no.2 make you snap? ;)

    2. Blue you are some slick
      with the mouse click
      you are so quick
      Here is a blue wave
      from my dreaming cave
      off to work, do behave

    3. number 2 is a good number for me
      so I will smile at thee with glee

    4. No mouse click... just the force
      Quicker than a horse
      You're the number one too
      This may be too mushy for Kitty Blue
      Might make him eat bakwards at his shoe
      But it's still true
      Behave, you say?
      At my blue guy bay?
      Maybe today...

    5. Right, force of a fart
      You can take that to heart
      How's that for mushy crap?
      Hmmm that may be a word trap

    6. True called me slick
      Still no cut and paste trick
      A word trap that is
      Doing the kitty cat bizz
      The Cat needs a bit of mushy time
      Might spark off some romantic rhyme :p

    7. haha - Well it could be the art of a sparkly fart
      maybe, even shaped like a heart...
      romance a la carte....enjoy each part...

      ok, ok I'm leaving...

    8. lol mushy time you say
      That would be a scary display

      Maybe not a fart
      Sparkling like a heart lol

  3. Boppity Blue Awakens... didn't you know?
    But then JJ ripped off my awakening show
    Reboots and rip-off everywhere
    It's quite a scare
    Who you gonna call?
    Spring or fall
    Winter too
    As they rip-off your shoe

    1. it's all a numbers game
      make the titles the same
      word associated brings a win
      ripping off they do with a grin...

    2. They rip off and never stop
      Boppity Blue.... Boppity Bop!

    3. The rip off keeps a coming
      Increasing numbers is all they are humming

    4. We should put them in a box
      And no socks!

    5. Let them stink
      Drive one to drink

  4. Yeah, the Asylum makes a fortune doing rip off movies, and the SyFy Channel is their biggest client.

    1. Yep, SyFy has so much rip off crap
      Wish it would be blown off the map

  5. No originality anymore. Rip offs are lazy attempts to ride on the coat tails of another's success.

    1. Yep, and there are quite a few
      More rip offs than new

  6. Trick with the lies
    Give away pies
    A pie in the face
    Oops it ruined your lace
    Rip off another
    Your creativity smother
    Shine on your own
    No need for a loan

    1. Who wants a loan
      At any old tone
      Cause then you have to deal with a banker
      And they are quite the dirty old wanker

  7. I know I'm sick of seeing Fifty Shades Of everything.

    1. Except for... Fifty Shades of Blue, right? Right?

      Oh hello, Cat!

    2. Yep, so pathetic how they used it everywhere
      But it's done without a care

    3. How about 51 shades of blue?

    4. That could be scary
      It is true and hairy?

    5. Aquamarine and sapphire are quite lovely, so I guess 50 shades of blue is not something to complain about.

    6. 51 hahaha! Good um.... one!
      Why, thank you, Bijoux. Cat, did you hear that?

    7. lol kissing Blue's arse
      50 sure isn't sparse

  8. The Title Scheme By The Stream!
    Rip-off of titles that's a fling
    They made it easy
    Put in lots of money
    Paying the new look what a scream


    1. New look that is fake
      When in which the rip off you partake

  9. Trying to get a little attention
    with their similar title mention!

    1. They many do
      Attention whores through and through

  10. There's nothing new under the sun
    So people have to twist around something previous to get it all done


  11. Rip offs can be disheartening. Originality is scarce, but when it does appear it freaking awesome.

    1. Yeah, makes you appreciate it when it shows
      Too bad most are rip offs of new lows

  12. Years ago my oldest son and I read a book that was SO MUCH like Harry Potter. I don't know who did the story first, but they were so so so similar. And then yesterday we checked out a book that was such a rip off of an old Grover fave. Disheartening for sure, and even if the rip off wasn't intentional, I can't enjoy the book.

    1. Yep, one big rip off can make the book no fun
      Pixar ripped off many things by a ton

  13. You hear about it frequently. Do you know anyone personally its happened to?

  14. Those rip-off artists send out spam in their spare time too!

  15. Interesting how books whose titles begin with "A" are the head of the pack!!
    Definitely a trick to know if you want your books to fly off the rack!

    1. Yeah, they get there thanks to A
      Could be a good trick to display

  16. I guess when people search for the original title, the rip off pops up and they buy it. It's all about the search engines these days. lol Said the girl that bows down to Google...

    1. lol that it surely is
      And that is how they work the rip off biz

  17. I've had a bunch of my rodent related articles ripped off. I even found one of my rat care articles on a pest control website, which I found really strange. I asked them to take it down and they did.

    1. On a pest control website? How did that happen, right?

    2. Oh yeah, that is as stupid as can be
      Idiots and their rip offs spree

  18. Yup titles are important and should not be stolen. That is interesting about starting with an A. I will have to try that on my blog posts.

    1. The A seems to be a trick
      Guess with A many click

  19. All I need to do is add an A?

    I'll be back in a few....

  20. Rip off books and movies are usually the worst. Just stick to the originals!

    1. Yep, best way to be
      Originals it is at my sea

  21. orlin N cassie

    if it came ta gettin paid for spellin stuffz diffrunt...we wood be bazillionaires....♥♥♥

  22. some idiots will always try to capitalize on someones work that isn't their own.

    1. Yep, and idiots they are
      That is why they never got very far

  23. Sometimes rip-off titles can be very funny
    Politically themed ones particularly
    But with you I do agree
    Too often it's as criminal as can be

    1. Yeah, the political ones can be fun
      But mostly to cash in it is done

  24. I hate derivatives, ripoffs. That type of writer is a hack! I think I finally have a title for my memoir ~ so happy it starts with "A." I had no idea that would be helpful! LOL My working title has been "Human Refuse," but that's way too dark! Have a good one, Pat!

    1. lol yeah, that may go the wrong way
      But could work even if dark on display

  25. Unfortunately it takes all kinds....sad but true.

  26. Money talks so a lot of them just copy and follow along ~

    Enjoy your week Pat ~


  27. Sadly, bloggers do it too. See a post or recipe that is doing well? Why not rip it off and try to capitalize on it too? I've had it happen a time or two at my zoo.

    1. Yeah, they do it a ton
      Trying to impress everyone

  28. Rats!

    Just when I
    Was about to start a blog
    And call it "Rime Thyme"
    I've hit a cog


  29. If they can make a buck
    they will try even if it will suck.
    Thought I might use a different word
    I was tempted ...I shall just write turd:)


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