Want A Funny Look Follow My Nook!

The cat can get plenty of funny looks at our sea. It is as easy as can be. I mean I could lie to get a few. But it is more fun when the truth comes due.

There is the look,
Like wtf at my nook.
Did he say that?
What a dingbat.

Head tilts to the side.
Their confusion they try and hide.
They mull it over a bit.
Then usually just dismiss it.

I'm a rhyming cat.
Comes up to bat.
That gets a good showing,
A wtf look will start glowing.

I'll blog about that.
Doesn't chew any fat.
A blog is so foreign to most.
Is that a journal at your coast?

I'm retired I've used.
That leaves me amused.
They sit and stare,
Thinking I'm some bum or millionaire.

I write a lot.
Like things without a plot?
I write that too.
Much accounting notes come due.

Nope, write books.
Bring on the looks.
But I never heard of you?
Aren't all authors rich at their zoo?

I don't like food.
This one gets looks and attitude.
How can you not eat that?
Don't you want to be like me...fat!

Pffft to any stupid shot
But oh no, you can't stop the flu plot.
Go get it now.
My finger makes their look have a cow.

Bring on the look.
Go all wtf at my nook.
It only amuses me.
Then I'll use it at my sea.

Have ways to get a funny look? Make any give you a wtf look at your nook? It is so easy to do for me. A rhyming cat I let fly free. Think I'm nuts as can be. Works for my sea. Then maybe I'll go roll in the grass with my bare little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. CAT!
    How's the mat?
    The blue wave is here
    Oh dear!

    1. Blue here is a morning wave
      as number one you do crave
      trying to beat Hank is brave

    2. Blessed be
      The Blue Wave spree
      Thumbed others with glee


    3. His thumbing now?
      Could that be naughty some how?

    4. What did he say
      At his thumbed thumbed bay? :p

  2. When I turn green
    At my scene
    Hey a funny look
    In my nook!
    When I say I talk to a cat
    On the Kitty Cat mat
    Hey a funny look
    In my nook!
    When I say Bora is the place to be
    And then raise a Scooby Dooweee
    Hey a funny look
    In my nook!

    1. haha all work
      A funny look perk
      Talking to a cat
      Sure works at that

  3. Oh yea I get the wtf look
    All the time at my nook.
    Tell 'em I like disco.
    Yep, that's a real no-no.
    I like to pop a big zit.
    Now that's a bunch of shit.
    It's kinda fun to get the wtf stare.
    'cause I go on without a care.

    1. lol yep, fun as can be
      As they stare at thee
      Walking away to your own tune
      As disco blares at your sand dune

  4. haha - I've had that look
    yes, even at my nook
    I've been called a fool
    and swim in a dream pool
    cat you could just sing
    do it with some zing
    "buy my book" "buy my book"

    haha - had to as the song came in my head
    oh the joy you can spread....

    1. haha get that stuck in ones head
      And put some sales to bed

  5. The flu shot is a waste of time.
    I get that look whenever I talk geek stuff like computer games and movies around non-geek friends.

    1. Yep, complete waste indeed
      I'll get that too at my feed

  6. I know that look from dog and Puss
    They seem to think that I'm a wuss
    It's the I-want-food look, I want it now
    Put it down or I'll have a cow
    Weirdo foodies at my place
    Would eat forever, could win a race

    1. Well they need to eat
      Have a tasty treat
      Stop moving those rocks
      Open the food and remove the locks

  7. I've tilted my head a few tmes reading your posts, cat!! It's a good thing though because it's what keeps us coming back for me. I mean, who doesn't want someone to rhyme to them??? Lol

    1. lol the cat gets a head tilt you say
      That sure works for my rhyming bay

    2. I scratched my head reading your stuff
      Twice was not enough

    3. Won't itch
      Just maybe twitch

  8. I'm stealing the 'retired' line.
    I want to see the wtf look, so sublime!

    1. haha oh you shall get one
      As they try to figure out whether you're rich or a bum when giving it a run

  9. Want A Funny Look Follow My Nook!
    To put them in their place by hook
    Show wild stare
    Will they dare
    Careful not to end up being cooked


    1. Not being cooked is a good thing
      That hasn't got a good ring

  10. Funny looks are funny and vary with incident. Even Millie has them and the outdoor kitty Kiki. When I want her to leave her warm bed in the garage, she's like no way and gives me a look.

    1. haha not going to move from the warm
      Could be a snow storm

  11. It never ceases to amaze me
    what the cat will write about here
    I've learned to expect anything and everything
    sometimes reading it with a bit of fear


    1. Zombie feet will do that
      Glad I can amaze, if not always in a good way, at my mat

  12. I'm usually the one giving the look, still can't believe what I see or hear from the brood at my shore! :)

    1. lol fun to let it fly
      And get the look on each try

  13. I do enjoy being weird. I wish I could grow a little beard. My cat gives me the wtf look. Like when I talk about how chubby he is while I cook.

  14. Maybe we all need a nice roll in the grass to start the New Year out right!

    1. All long as there is no snow
      As then the grass won't grow

  15. I definitely get wtf? looks from Terry pretty much daily! I have talked with a lot of children's authors over the years, and most have not become rich or famous; their advice was to keep the day job! Most of my friends have no clue about blogging and are quite dismissive of it. Their loss; I'm glad you blog, Cat; I like a fresh voice that pushes my mind in directions I;d never go on my own. Have a good one!

    1. Nope, no rich or fame
      Only thing one can do is light the flame
      If you produce say 5-10K kids books though
      You could live off that at your show
      As the volume would be enough
      Otherwise pretty much tough
      My mind goes every which way
      Bringing all along at my bay

  16. New Year nook?
    I'm on the hook.

  17. My family always gives me the WTF look. I've come to enjoy it!

  18. Who doesn't like food??
    What a foolish dude!

  19. Well I think a sideways, confused, pet head tilt,
    Is the best thing ever, the cutest thing God built
    I guess it could be a bit of a change to get used to your rhymes,
    In a world of blogs primarily made up of product reviews and how to save dimes,
    But after someone gives the reading a go,
    they'll never look back, most talented, committed blogger I know!

    1. Yeah, it is cute when they do it
      They probably think we are full of umm spit
      Never looking back works for me
      Committed for better or worse at my sea

  20. Oh yes, I especially like the 'all authors rich'.
    Personally I think rich and author (for most of us) is an oxymoron.

    1. Yep, that is sure the way
      No gonna get much pay

  21. orlin N cassie

    frank lee we give de WTF look ta de food serivss gurl leest 98 times a day....well, oh kay, may onlee 87 coz we DUE sleep ♥♥♥ ~~~

    1. lol need to get that nap in
      Can't always give it to her for her sin

  22. My entire family thinks I'm nuts.

    1. A fun way to be
      At any old sea

    2. Well, we don't, Mary... so what does that say about the whole bunch of us?

    3. All nuts
      But don't sniff butts

  23. Just go about your own business and ignore the rest ~ Happy New Year Pat and the cats ~

  24. Why do folks think all writers are rich?
    I know they believe it, but the idea makes me twitch.

    VR Barkowski

  25. I once grabbed a line from Casablanca
    which many don't know, is in Africa.
    when asked "what do you do for a living?"
    "I'm a bum" and the lines keep giving
    great stares and dumbfounded looks.
    Makes me smile, those dumb schmooks.

  26. I don't like food.

    I remember this with the Namekians in the Dragon Ball Z. LOL wut?

    1. lol forgot about that
      Planet blew up and all went splat

    2. Cat, did Adam say he doesn't like... food?
      Politicians... I get that.
      Poo in your shoe... I get that too.
      But food?
      Who doesn't like food? :p

    3. Making fun of me
      As I don't at my sea

  27. Oh yeah, all writers are rich, and all politicians are honest. Uh-huh. Hey, if nobody ever gives you one of those looks, it means you're leading a boring life. It's much more fun to keep 'em guessing.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Much better to be fun indeed
      Let the looks take seed

  28. Pft, you do you and screw the sideways wtf looks! Some people just can't accept that not everyone is exactly like them.

    1. Yep, some sure can't
      Need to be a following worker ant

  29. I'll lay low as long as I can
    To keep from getting the weird eye scan
    Don't need that kind of attention at my bay
    So I'll just be quiet the rest of the day

  30. You know what they say, dumb looks are free. I guess this could be one of the reasons.

  31. There are many times
    I think WTF
    As people they try
    To pass the buck


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