We Get Tragic With Stocks, Goals, And Magic!

The new year is here. 2016 is no longer near. So 2016 it is. 2016 has lots of biz. My, what a new year can do. So invigorating to each zoo. It goes up one whole number while most people slumber. Wow, that is so...wow. 6 should take a bow.

Time to do.
Release the glue.
It's no longer stuck to you.
Just do and do at your zoo.

Or maybe take stock.
That is a lock.
Sit back and stare,
Stare up in the air.

Yeah, that will help.
That won't make you yelp.
What a year it was.
I'll take stock just because.

Nope, no need for that.
Not where I'm at.
It's time for a goal.
Yep, that is a better stroll.

The stroll of the goal.
Could even impress a mole.
Let's set some goals.
That will fill some holes.

Or maybe we'll do all three.
Damn, that would be great to sea.
Live in the past,
It will be a blast.

But live in the future too.
My, how smart are you?
And don't forget the magic.
That is never tragic.

That just has to be done.
The year went up by a WHOLE one.
Doesn't that impress?
Come now, confess.

Wow, that was a lot of work.
Thinking and goal setting isn't a perk.
I have to go sit down.
It's like I ran across town.

The time to do is done.
I had my fun.
Time to reattach the glue.
Who needs anything new?

Pfffft once more says the cat. Just do it where you're at. A whole number change isn't going to help you out. You are the only one that can add such clout. But believe in magic if you must. In the Tooth Fairy you can also trust. The cat will now go pass more magic gas out my magical little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's No.#1 on New Year's Day
      Augurs well hope luck stays
      It's the 7th without a break
      There would be lots at stake


    2. On a roll
      As in a new year does stroll

    3. Hank,

      7 in a row, I think we've got a winner...

    4. But beware...
      The Blue guy might be there
      Hiding in the dark
      A big blue shark
      No, not an aardvark...

    5. Hiding in the dark?
      You Freddy or Jason or Michael gonna leave a mark?

    6. Mental you say
      Damn, quite the foray

    7. Thanks Truedessa
      Surprises are there


    8. Here and there
      And everywhere

  2. We Get Tragic With Stocks, Goals, And Magic!
    Depression looming it wouldn't be fantastic
    While the USA will be on a roll
    The Rest of the world in turmoil
    In bad times beware of the sly and the slick


    1. Watch out for the sly and slick
      As they can be quite the dick

  3. Replies
    1. Scooby Dooby Doo
      Where are you
      we've got a mystery to solve
      be ready for your act
      don't hold back..haha..

      now that song is in my head
      think I need to go back to bed

    2. You can keep that one
      Beats wheels on the bus though by a ton

    3. Let's reboot that song for the Cat
      He might want to dance on his mat

    4. Yeah, throw out a hip
      No dancing at our ship

  4. A celebration with fireworks
    Gee it has so many quirks
    They go louden-boomer in the sky
    I'd like to punch em in the eye
    The dog goes crazy, what a wuss
    The one who's brave is little Puss

    1. haha dogs do go nuts
      No time to sniff butts
      Cats just sit and look
      Like yeah, so what, at our nook

  5. Yup, must think of a goal. Let's do that next week. Happy and healthy New Year to all.

    1. haha then the week after that
      Works for the cat

  6. I got an idea. All my wishes come true.

    Of course, I am going to be mighty careful what I wish for, been there and done that, lol
    Happy New Year Pat. The fact we are around to celebrate is of good cheer and not a drab of magic to that!

    1. True, that fact that we are still alive
      Is a good reason to cheer as we survive
      Have to be careful how you phrase a wish indeed
      As something else may take seed

  7. Yeah, what a difference a day can make, right? Happy New Year!

  8. I'm okay with a new year, I just wish everyone would quit messing with the time a couple times a year! Happy New Year from all of us!

    1. Yeah, that would sure be nice
      Idiots go and switch it twice

  9. Now we all have to remember to write the new year
    takes a bit to get it together here
    but do like the chance this year to elect a new leader
    hope this one will be better than the current one at our feeder


    1. If it's Trump you'll have the worst ever
      Hopefully voters are far more clever

  10. Ha, you can't live in the past or future!
    All we can do is live in the present.
    Hope each day of the new year is a good one!
    Happy Day.

    1. Hopefully it will be so
      And yep, present is all we can give a go

  11. Hope you have a great 2016, Pat!

  12. Happy New Year to you with the magic gas MOL

  13. Some like Obama. Some like Trump.
    It's like comparing the Garden of Eden
    To a stinky dump.
    I hope people aren't as dumb as they seem
    So that we can have a sweet 2016.
    Keep your creative juices in flow
    Without you and the cat
    It'd be much less entertaining, you know.

    1. Entertain we shall try
      Ugg to that Trump guy
      If people are that dumb to actually vote for him
      The future is truly grim

  14. Do you have a printer for me to smash? That might be fun LOL I stared up at the ceiling a lot in yoga today. I love all of your rhymes. I wish I was so creative!

    1. haha yoga can make one stare up indeed
      I do it with a cat on me sometimes at my feed

  15. Ha. Now we can set the goal
    to post every day in New Year roll
    like Pat and his Cat
    so then something new we can get...
    Happy New Year to that!

    1. haha could be the way to be
      Although many may flee

  16. I haven't read your blog since last year

  17. You had me at WE.

    Happy New Year!
    Live with no fear!
    Makes your words clear!
    And you have my ear.

  18. Let's dust things off and start a new
    Hah! I hope I can lose a few
    pounds like millions of women
    often say but never do-it's a demon
    we often don't admit to
    but we all would like to shed a few.
    Ughh there I go like the rest
    I will just do my best.
    Happy new year to you

    1. haha well it can be done
      Just need to surpass the millions and be the one

  19. A new year doesn't inspire me to kick off new goals. See a problem that needs worked on, start today. A new year isn't going to get it done any better than today.

    1. Exactly the way to be
      Do it when it needs to be done at ones sea

  20. I tend to live day by day
    And I don't obsess over goals
    Best to celebrate the present
    With all its highs and lows

    1. The present is the way to be
      As the past sure does flee

  21. How many times will I make the mistake
    Put the wrong year each payment I make
    But one year closer to paying off the pad
    For that it's worth the forgetfulness I've had

    1. haha been there, done that
      I mortgage free pad is where it's at

  22. Happy New Year to you and the cats at your zoo :D

  23. I purposely stayed away from this post
    as I knew it was coming from you, the host!
    I wanted to relish my lists and goals
    without you making fun and it taking a toll.
    haha....I guess it's the thought of a new calendar and year
    that makes me want to cheer.
    Besides, I actually do my resolutions
    and I turn them into solutions
    for troubles and issues around my zoo.
    Although, it's not magic, and hard work, too!
    So, with that I say Happy New Year to you!
    to Pat, Orlin and Cassie, too!

    1. lol avoiding me
      As I make fun at my sea
      You knew it was coming
      Next year I'll need a new drumming
      Hope a happy new year is had
      To all at your pad


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