You All Made It Out Alive Of Season Five!

Well now 5 years of blogging has officially come due today at my rhyming zoo. That is a lot of rhymes at my sea. Still about six months to go for 5 years without missing a day and letting rhyming fly free. Got mouthy there but just so you are aware.

5 years have come and gone.
As have a few from my lawn.
Vanished into thin air.
Guess they got scared of cat hair?

Or maybe they got a life.
Could have got a husband or wife.
Hey, maybe just a spring fling,
That lead to this, that or the other thing.

The cat stuck it out.
Betsy is the longest with her shout.
Here from almost the start.
The Gawker and Grammar Nazi went poof at their blog cart.

Suza, Theresa and Mary have kept on,
Every day coming to my lawn.
Even missing a few,
But catching up at my zoo.

Hank is here steady.
#1 at the ready.
Adam as well.
The ninja wannabe rings mostly a daily bell.

He has to take a vacation though.
Those clones must also go.
Betty and Brian the cat,
Sure never fall flat.

Manzi is here,
Rhyming with a cheer,
Terry misses 10,
Then catches up at my den.

Rosey is about,
Only missing a few out.
The redneck and blabber came back,
For another whack.

Anne and Old One Eye come and go and come and go and come and go.
I give Anne great Viking fat chewing visuals though.
And through it all,
A rhyme does call.

5 years of fun,
And sure not done.
Here's to 5 more,
At my rhyming shore.

The cat remembers all in the five years at his hall. Many have come and gone across blogland. Many still are here and lend a hand. Blogland is sure a great place. One the cat likes to embrace. Plus being 9 months ahead I can stay here with ease and do what I please. Now all this nice stuff makes me want to go throw up a hairball in the grass. Thanks to all, except spammers and haters, for the 5 years of fun for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. One minute late
      Still #1 is your fate

    2. I was surprised as I had to keep refreshing my screen over and over. Must have pressed it close to 30 times. But still made it in for the win!

    3. Weird how it does that some times
      Google and it's loading crimes

    4. What... (throwing furniture) no mention of Boppity Blue
      At your kitty cat shoe!
      How could this be!
      (throwing Ted Baker suits)
      In the place to be?

      Breathe in...
      Breathe out...

      Hello Cat!
      Congrats on your mat!
      Five years... is that a fact?
      As 10,000,000 rhymes were stacked
      That, I recall at my hall,
      Were not considered poetry this Ma'am
      Like you could give a um.... bam
      Remember that day at your bay?
      Man, she had lots of interesting things to say!
      I think she was appalled and then some
      She sure was dumb
      Anyhoooo she can kiss your shoe
      As I raise you a Scooby Doo!
      Five years is quite a feat
      And you never skipped a beat

    5. haha remember them all
      That stopped by my hall
      Always fun to go after the haters
      Stick them in deep dark craters

  2. Yippee for Pat
    Five years at your mat
    Such a great feat
    You can't be beat

    I don't comment every day
    But I do on each post, is my way
    Sometimes a few in a row
    Or often one by one I go

    Most any topic goes
    With your rhyming paws and toes
    Fun to visit and have some chats
    With Pat and his stellar cats


  3. Five years goes by
    Like the blink of an eye
    Time can be cruel
    Brings grey hair and drool

    But cat is not old
    (Or so I am told)
    A hundred years yet of rhyming
    With the moves and the timing
    Congrats to cat on numer 5.
    And congrats to all the nimble
    Early risers that I meet every morning.

    1. Hi Manzanita
      Hope your day goes well
      My nimble body
      Is returning to bed for a while!

    2. 100 years more?
      Be older than dirt at my shore
      But could get it done
      As long as they body stays nimble and fun
      Not sure we hold out hope for that
      Be lucky to talk if we turn 130 where we are at

  4. Congratulations on five years.
    Bummer, Hank really missed the number one spot today.
    Yes, as part of the union, my clones do get paid vacations. And since I don't want to be stuck doing all of the work, I leave as well...

    1. Missed out on lurking
      Was out around moving


    2. Hank out and about
      Missed the #1 shout

      Clones aren't slave labor you say?
      Must have a union at your bay

  5. Out alive of season five
    Not necessary for a dive
    5 years on the dot
    Friends make the lot
    Being around with a jive


    1. Around many are
      Some lost like R
      5 years flew by
      Sure another 5 we'll spy

  6. Out alive of season five
    Not necessary for a dive
    5 years on the dot
    Friends make the lot
    Being around with a jive


  7. Good job hanging around for five years. That is on heck of a lot of rhyming. Keep up the good work.

  8. Fur flies when you're having fun Pat and we always have fun visiting you!

  9. Gosh, I'm not sure marking such anniversaries are a good idea. May make me turn and run - aging is not fun.
    Or is it just that all life is a pun!
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Aging can sure be a pain
      Especially if one ages in the fast lane

  10. Congratulations 5 years in view
    and that is quite the crew
    who decided to follow you....

  11. 5 years, woodaddy!
    I didn't even read or follow blogs 5 years ago. I am not even sure I knew what one was. Tempis fugit. Congrats.

    1. lol I just stumbled into it
      Then went with it at my blogpit

  12. Way to go! Blogging ain't for sissies, so 5 years is a nice little feat. Been a pleasure getting to know you for most of them. Yep, I do miss posts, mostly on weekends, but try my best to always come back and catch the ones I missed. You sure keep me on my toes with your daily posting ;)

    1. Yeah, you hit every one indeed
      Here at my feed

  13. Half a decade, I hear you say?/Surely for the cat it's just another day! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Congrats on the 5 years of blogging
    and soon to be 5 years daily as well
    Nine months ahead in writing
    How do you do it all, do tell?


    1. It just flows out at my sea
      Almost into December for me haha

  15. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. I think I may be coming up on the same anniversary- I have to double check. Blogging daily is very impressive- so kudos to you!

  16. Five years - wow - that is quite a record. You are right - many people who were around a few years ago have disappeared into thin air. Where are they??? Who knows where the wind blows! So true that I may miss a day or two, but when I return to your bay I go back a day to see what you had to say! I try to comment all, don't think I often fall! Happy Blogging!!

    1. Nope, haven't missed many at my sea
      And yeah, poof, goes many blogs that come to be

    2. Ya, I can name a number of them that have disappeared without a trace!

    3. Guess they got fed up
      Or life threw them a hiccup

  17. Congratulations, Pat & cats!

    Hairballs excite me
    Bay life - invite me!!

  18. Happy Anniversary(sing along to Fred Flintstone's song).
    I commend you for your imagination and flair
    always something to say and you dare
    say what's on your mind.
    This, to me, is a precious blog, I find. :)

    1. Precious sounds good to me
      And yep, nothing is off limits at our sea

  19. Happy Bloggerversary! I'm coming up on 8 years. Still got a few of my regulars, but many have come and gone.

    1. 8 years is a long time too
      Many sure know how to go shoo

  20. Five years of blogging is really great!
    You'll hit a decade or more at this rate!
    Congratulations to you!
    And to all my commenting, too! lol...

    1. lol you sure got many
      Barely missed any
      Just the few before you
      Here at my zoo

  21. Congratulations!!! That's amazing :)
    Here's to many many more years :D

  22. I miss more than 10. I am kind of sick of blogging... And now, I am on vacation in Florida. Rather travel than sit in front of the computer.

    1. Travel can be more fun
      If you have the dough to do such a run

  23. Congrats on 5 years of blogging
    it's been a feast of rhyming!

    1. And hopefully 5 more will come
      From my little rhyming bum


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