You Should At Your Hood!

The cat has actually gotten a few "You Should" emails at his sea. I figured I could use them with a rhyming spree. So let's see what helpful people have to say. Some must have waaaaay too much time on their hands at their bay.

You should only blog one day a week.
Yep, got that advice at my creek.
Hmmm, lazy people anyone?
Maybe they don't like my 365 day run.

Make the poor sap look bad?
Poor, poor them at their pad.
All blog how they do.
So to that I give a big screw you.

You should do more in depth poetry.
Pffft and I'm a dog at my sea.
I'm about as much a poet as a frog.
Just a rhyming nut or a bump on a log.

You can take your pick.
But deep, yeah, and I'm a wood tick.
No blood sucker here.
So that idea can kiss my rear.

You should show yourself more.
What? You want a "vet balls" encore?
I'm here every day.
See that little pic on display?

I'm not an attention whore.
So no need at my shore.
Just have to settle for the cat.
So you can stuff that.

You shouldn't rhyme all the time.
Damn, now there is a crime.
What a load.
You a toad?

Maybe a cow?
You have one, wow!
That is my schtick though.
So shove your advice, you know.

Can you make a rhyme about me?
Asks someone who never came to my sea.
hahaha yeah, in a heartbeat.
But will I give you such a treat?

Okay, I guess I will.
I hope you get your fill.
Bite me you lazy SOB.
That's all you get out of me.

The last wasn't really advice, I know. But I had to give it a go. Get any advice at your sea? Maybe they just care about me? Yeah, nah, they are full of it. And by it, I mean shit. Their "advice" came in the run of a year, so it wasn't all at once for my rhyming rear. I may not have been able to handle it that way. It was such great things they had to say. Pfffft, I'd rather take advice from a singing bass. He is much more impressive to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It had finally come
      The very elusive #1


    2. Hank is here
      Oh dear!
      Number one...
      Such fun
      As I was on the road
      Like a toad

    3. Stuck on the road
      Beats stuck in the commode

  2. You Should At Your Hood!
    Not bothered of their moods
    It's your show
    That they must know
    Dismissed as bunch of 'crudes'


    1. Dismissed they should be
      As crap they let fly free

  3. You know what they say about opinions right? Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Advice is nuthin' more than someone's opinion. What matters is your opinion of what you do. When you stop believing in you that's when things turn to shit. Keep on doing what you do best!

    1. Geez, going all deep today at my bay
      And I didn't even have to pay lol

    2. You are right. That was WAY too deep. But hey, I passed along a little free therapy for ya.

    3. lol hey, works for me
      And true words indeed from thee

  4. You shhhoouuullddd come back to NY and knock on every publishers door!!! And you should totally bring me Cold Stone while you're there. Lol happy friday, cat, although it probably doesn't matter much to you right

    1. lmao like that would work
      Want me to rob some corner store clerk?
      Only way I'd get there
      Yep, doesn't matter to me at my lair

    2. Lol! You Should!!!!! Hahaha then you can't go back to canada. :)

    3. lol US has extradition though
      So I'd get sent back to death row

  5. You should not tempt an old broad with the possibility of giving advice.
    You should not worry about all the unsolicited tips unless you want to.
    You should know I follow a blog that posts at least twice a day and has done so for the past six years.
    You should have a good day.

    1. I know a few that post more than once a day
      I will try and have a good day at my bay

  6. Poets or rhymers
    Or just ole social climbers
    If you're a poetry man
    Go sing in a can
    Or show yourself more
    Unzip your fur to the floor
    When shouldas are king
    Their own bell they can ring
    Until then take a hike
    Just go pedal your bike

    1. Can they pedal?
      May want a medal
      And stripping they might
      Could be an awful sight
      Or spandex on display
      Scary either way

  7. I'll just say hello
    You don't need any advice from me! :)

  8. You shouldn't rhyme all the time? Ha, I can only shake my head to that one. Not gonna happen. Advice, advice....pfft.

  9. You should get rid of the comment above me
    A bit of spam at your sea


  10. No thanks, I do not want to see vet balls. His or the cat's.
    I post once a week for my sanity. And because I'm lazy.

    1. Go with sanity at your sea
      It will also keep vet balls away from thee

  11. If you didn't rhyme
    which would be a crime
    a new blog name would be in need
    if their advise you did heed!

    1. Yeah, starting all over
      Become a fact finding rover?

  12. You should...
    Wear a snood
    Under a hood.
    Now that would be good!

    Nah, blow me off too, at your lair
    I just want a smile when I come over there. =)

    1. lol a smile works
      Has it's perks
      A hood the cat would eat
      Leaving it in defeat

  13. HA! You should...always delete spam!

  14. Love Brian's comment. That is so true, so requests like that are for sure spam. If they don't like what is going on here, just don't read it. Your answers were purrfect.

    1. Yep, don't like go far away
      And send them to the spam bay

  15. I tried to blog by some rules and it took all the fun away. I say, it's your blog- do whatever you want!

    1. That is the way to be
      Whatever you want with your blog spree

  16. Whoever told you to blog one day a week is clearly new to your space, ha! That's funny people send you so many "ideas". I don't have that issue but I'd be scared if they did. Lol.

    1. lol fun to ignore and use as a post
      Rip them up at my coast

  17. Blog one day a week? Bah! That's too few. And I think that'd be impossible for the Cat to do.

    1. haha yeah, have a decade worth of posts done
      If that were given a run

  18. Blog one day a week?
    Pfft! That cannot be!
    They must be a freak.
    Don't fret, wasn't me.

  19. Not rhyme?
    The name is It's Rhyme Time.

  20. Replies
    1. Beats me
      No name just weird emails came to be

  21. I could never imagine one day a week. Snail's pace at its peak

  22. Phooey on unsolicited advise. I don't even give it to our kids, and believe me, it is sometimes verrrrry hard to keep my mouth shut. If they wanta know my opinion, they'll ask for it. And if you want someone to tell you what you "should" do with your blog, you'll ask.

    1. Yep, and if you don't ask
      Let them go suck on a flask lol

  23. Everyone always wants to put their two cents in and tell you what to do.

    How could anyone possibly tell you not to rhyme? That certainly is a crime!

    1. Yep, one big crime
      Can stick their two cents as I'll rhyme

  24. orlin N cassie....

    we haz been told ta speek & spell rite....hell, we thinked we all reddy WUZ !!!

    heerz two an antenna icefish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha that spelling works
      Though burds may find it has no perks

  25. unsolicited advice
    at your sea
    trying to help thee
    to blog less
    show yourself more
    don't rhyyme all the time?
    They don't get the cat
    or what your blog is about
    it's the cat's voice
    hear it roar :)

    1. Roar or meow
      It will come some how
      Whether many like it or not
      They can go play connect a dot

  26. What!? They don't want the rhyming cat to rhyme? What kind of stupidity is this? People can take their suggestions and shove them where the sun don't shine. If you've been around the blog world for a few years, people should realize we have our own system and we'll blog however the hell we want. Don't like it? Find one of the other billion blogs to visit.

    1. Yep, they should realize it indeed
      And I'm all for them shoving it at their feed

  27. Blog once a week?
    You'd probably go insane
    Rhyme for a stranger?
    Nah, such a pain

    1. I'd go truly nuts
      Once a week would leave me in ruts

  28. Only blog once a week? No fun at all.

  29. A person doesn't have to adopt anyone else's 'shoulds.'
    Blog every day....and forget about what they say!

  30. I love your sass!
    Give them Hell with your rhyming little ass:)


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