A Lecture Nut In A Bug Rut!

The cat declared he didn't like bugs the other day and of course a nut overheard me at our bay. The cat really should keep his voice down when out on the town.

I hate bugs.
They are thugs.
Rather be moving,
And of course grooving.

You'd don't like bugs?
They aren't thugs.
They are great.
They make your fate.

They keep the peace,
From here to Greece.
They keep things in line.
Don't be a daft feline.

Bugs will be here forever,
Long after our life's endeavor.
So respect the bugs,
Even those in rugs.

Pffft went the cat,
As away the nut did scat.
He never stayed around.
Off to go bug a hound?

Bug about bugs.
Those poor Pugs.
They get it all.
Might go buggy at their hall.

Pffft to anything that bites me,
Those bugs can go flee.
Including a flea,
And bed bugs are nasty.

But if you must know,
For the bug lovers high and low,
The cat wasn't saying word one,
As bugs were given their run.

Nope, not at all.
I said I hate bugs at my hall.
As in germs,
And yeah, worms.

Got buggy over germs.
I guess should have clarified terms.
Or let the nut get hot under the collar,
The cat found it funny with their holler.

Ever get bugged by a bug hater at your sea? Do you hate bugs like me? Or hate bug bugs at your sea? Maybe both are hated by thee. Watch out and don't bug the bug loving nuts. They will then go buggy in their bug ruts. Now I will go bug Cass and bugger off with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. One dozen #1's without a break
      It is quite a substantial take!


    2. 12 on the go
      Beating each foe

  2. A Lecture Nut In A Bug Rut!
    Bugs keep bugging, tough luck
    Bug haters
    One matters
    Not outdone not in the dark


  3. I swear to you that I'm still killing a few stink bugs per week, in the middle of winter. So yes, I hate bugs.

    1. lol damn that must be a pain
      Glad I don't have stink bugs near my lane

  4. Bugs and life can live in peace
    But I wish they would decease
    They drive me nuts, they creep and crawl
    In South they do it with a drawl
    I wish that they would take a hike
    Go ride to Neptune on their bike

    1. lol and there they can stay
      Having a buggy day

  5. Those little critters don't bug me too much!

  6. If bugs leave me alone
    I am not bothered by their presence
    But if they invade my house
    Then I have to get rid of them; just makes more sense


  7. I'm glad I'm not crazy about the fear of germs. I heard Howie Mandel takes it to extremes.

    1. He sure goes nuts in every way
      As does Larry David they say

  8. I don't like germy bugs. Keeps me some hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in my purse at all times because being out in public is gross.

    1. Yep, the public is as nasty as can be
      They sure have a germ spree

  9. I am not a fan of bugs, but there are things I despise more!
    Like so many political candidates we have at our shore.

  10. I don't like bugs-they're all icky and stuff
    Creepy and crawly...inch I have had enough.
    if they crawl on me
    Watch me jump, freak and flee.

    1. haha that would be a sight
      But wouldn't want a bite

  11. I think some bugs we are better off without
    such as computer bugs, stomach bugs and there
    is one little bug I wish I never made contact

    Hope you are well at your bay as you have been
    gone today!

    1. Yeah, such bugs like that
      Sure need to scat
      Fine and dandy here
      Have no fear

  12. Many bugs I really hate
    maybe they'd get lost in an earthquake.
    Flu bugs
    Stomach bugs
    anything that makes you sick...
    to all of those bugs, I say "Ick!"

    1. Ick they all deserve indeed
      When such bugs take seed

  13. Not a big fan of bugs over here either. And none of my boys are either. My daughter...she's the one that wanted to collect them, touch them, chase her mother with them (frogs too, grr). Ew. I'm glad she outgrew that (except the frogs, she'd still chase me w/a frog -_- ).

    1. haha chasing you with bugs
      Couldn't squash the little bug thugs?

  14. Don't mind bugs at all
    Here at my hall
    Except the ones that make you sick
    And to them I say a big, fat "Ick"


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