An App For Any Old Chap!

There are so many apps out there that you don't have time to see them all at your lair. Never fear though. the cat will help you out with today's show. You'll want all of these and beg on your knees.

Cuddlr is first.
You may just burst.
Lets you find people around,
So cuddling can be found.

Places I've Pooped.
Have you looped?
As an around and around?
Blah to public loos that surround.

Run Pee!
Is just for thee.
Don't miss anything big.
Shows perfect times in movies to let loose your jig.

Pimple Popper is here.
The redneck will give it a cheer.
With it she can pop pimples all day.
Sure she already has it at her bay.

And there's Paper Racing.
No need for pacing.
See who runs out of tp first.
Whoever does is the worst.

Fake Conversation is ready.
It will call you steady.
A fake phone call for you.
Hey, could get you home to your zoo.

Then you have Hold On.
It's not a con.
You hold onto the button as long as can be.
High score is for hours from thee.

Punch a Hipster is here.
Hipsters may run in fear.
Punch a cartoon Hipster in the face.
You'll get a warm and tingly embrace.

The Death App is easy.
No, it's not cheesy.
It tells you when you will die,
And what of to make relatives cry.

And you can't go wrong,
With iVooDoo coming along.
Can stick pins in the thing.
Maybe up some real voodoo will spring?

And now you can run out and download them all. Don't you want each one at your hall? I bet you'll waste away hours with each one. Damn, aren't apps fun? Maybe I'll make an app come to pass. All it will be is you staring at my wiggling little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. haha - may not be 7:03 but, I am still number #3
      the power of three came to what it will bring I will wait and see...

      too many app's but, I like music app's and the weather app. they are the places for me...

    2. Apps for everything under the sun
      Power the power of 3 will be fun

    3. Hank, Blue and True
      One two three
      In the place to be
      Scooby Dooweeee!
      Hey, it's Tuesday....
      Such a fun day!

    4. 3 in a row
      Hank doesn't rhyme with you 2 though

  2. I'll make a pass at all those apps.
    But they are all unique.

  3. Ahhhhh apps!!!! I'm a little behind the times with such things although I did download snapchat a few days ago and a handy leveler app.

    1. I see many at my sea
      But barely any are ever used by me

  4. Here's a saying I learned in New Delhi
    Remember to always take care of your belly
    Take care of yourself is what they say
    An app a day keeps the doctor away

    1. Can't let the belly sprout
      Will ruin the view of things that stick out lol

  5. There really is an app for everything. My friend has the Light Saber app. You wave your phone and it makes Light Saber noises. Yeah, totally useless.

    1. lol useless seems to be the name of the game
      With most of the apps many claim

  6. An App For Any Old Chap!
    On offer to give a jab
    Lots of choices
    From many sources
    To inflict as much flak


  7. I won't be downloading those too soon
    Probably not even on a blue moon
    This post has been up for just a bit
    But in my reader it just hit
    Funny, too, 0 seconds ago,
    Oh, Cat, how do you make it so?!?
    (Got a screenshot just in case you want to see
    What I found so amazingly funny)

    1. lol blogger does that quite a bit
      Stupid thing is full of it
      Does it to a few I follow too
      Just likes to screw with many a zoo

  8. oohhh-You had me at pimple popping! Reminds me of a song from the Moody Blues...."Useless energy spent."

  9. Wait? What? There is seriously a Pimple Popper App? You know I'm technology illiterate and now I'm going nuts waiting for my son to get home from school so he can show me.

    1. haha yep, there is one indeed
      Knew you'd like that at your feed

  10. Lots of Apps out there indeed
    Saw one for setting your crock pot when not at home
    That seems like it could be a good road
    Gives you more freedom to roam.


    1. That could be useful for the pot
      If you trust a robot

  11. I'll bet that pimple popper makes a mess on the screen!

  12. Those apps are hysterical.Don't think I will be messing with any of those. Who knew.

    1. Something for everyone and thing
      Apps abound for a ding a ling

  13. Ewwww, some of these are downright nasty.
    I'd download them completely lastly.
    Though I do like the punch a hipster one,
    In all honesty, that sounds kinda fun.

    1. haha punch them each day
      Stress reliever at your bay

  14. The Pimple Popping App could come in handy for teens.

  15. I don't like all the apps they have for this and that!! Although, sometimes you can't do much on your cell phone unless you have an app for that.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it it needed
      As the apps are seeded

  16. I'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't download apps unless I absolutely have to.

    1. I don't much at all
      One or two maybe at my hall

  17. Ha there is not one
    I would like to have
    I have become more
    selective with time!
    Today I cannot think
    of a way to rhyme!

    1. lol they may have an app for that
      Then you can rhyme away where you're at

  18. I don't do apps. Looking at your list, I'm convinced I'm doing the right thing!

  19. orlin N cassie

    de cell ewe lar we haz; haz keyz like thiz big ()

    noe joke

    & de bankz all ways want ya ta download ther app....

    pay yur bills online with yur mobile they claim....

    oh kay, letz see.... letz send 55.00 two de waterz company....N de next thing ya jezuz

    small keyz = regular size fingerz = 550.00 just wented two de waterz company ~~~~~~

    noe thanx ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. Yep, that is why we avoid that crap
      No paying things with the phone and falling into such a trap

  20. Not in an app, but I've seen numerous sites and posts on places like reddit, reviewing best places to poop. I suppose if you have to be out and about all day, it's helpful! LOL

    1. lol when you gotta go
      I guess it's good to be in the know

  21. How do you find these things? haha.

    1. haha they just find me
      Or I find one and then search out more for a rhyme spree

  22. Well, those are some interesting apps! I find that most of the apps I download (none as exciting as these) usually get deleted right away. Most are pure crap.

  23. Don't do apps. Don't want to do apps. The craziness that is!

  24. I leave my son to figure out what aps I need.

  25. holding the buttons would sure be fun
    unless there's app to make the buttons run
    then holding on would be rather hard
    people would laugh and say, 'What a card!'

    1. Running buttons would be a sight
      Sure may end up a fright

  26. I may need a cell phone for that.

  27. Poop, pee, pop
    When will it ever stop
    Intrigued by the voodoo one
    Poking pins to make them run

    1. Not sure it will ever stop
      Pins could make one be a flop


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