Does The Fine Really Align?

You hear it every day, mostly when a chicken at your bay, but other times as well. You'll be fine chimes in saying all will be swell. Do you trust that? Not this cat.

Eat it, you'll be fine.
Right, on you I'd rather dine.
Probably safer too.
But no cannibals at our zoo.

You'll be fine if you jump in.
So drowning isn't a sin?
What if rocks are on the bottom?
Could be bacteria from last autumn.

You'll be fine driving in the snow.
Yep, into a ditch you go.
That is fine too.
A tow truck can help you.

You'll be fine with the operation.
It isn't some 3rd world nation.
Not like they'll leave their cellphone in you.
Hey, you can flush it out in the loo.

You'll be fine if you rob that bank.
Yeah, just go and steal a tank.
Shot the place up.
You'll be as happy as a pup.

You'll be fine walking home.
Even if to a dark alley you roam.
There is nothing in there.
Just take a stun gun and beware.

You'll be fine living there.
Who cares about mold in your hair.
What of the thin walls?
Rats? Bah, they are just in the halls.

You'll be fine going to space.
It is such a nice place.
Might explode or get alien probed,
But you'll be fine once de-robed.

You'll be fine at the job,
Just sit back and work for Bob.
He'll work you to death,
But you'll be fine until your last breath.

You'll be fine reading this post,
I am such a nice host.
Trust the feline.
You will be fine.

Pfffft says the cat, no one really knows that. Chances are you'll be fine, but not always does fine align. Yeah, a cellphone was left inside a woman too. I learned that at the redneck's zoo. You'll be fine now passing gas, just trust in my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Back on in
      A short paste spin

    2. No cut and paste...
      Just typing with haste
      I may have been asleep
      So many snore to keep

      I always work for Bob... my car, you know
      Always stuck like a toad at my show
      But I'll be fine they say
      Like, when, today?

      Hey, it's Sunday...
      Such a fun day!

    3. sometimes we walk the line
      trying to feel fine....

    4. Hi True
      How are you
      At your True Blue shoe?
      Are you walking the line
      Like the feline?

    5. Stuck with Bob
      Bob will rob
      Snoring or not
      Bob wants a lot

    6. why does this come to mind

    7. Bob was too busy busting ghosts
      Out near the east coasts

  2. People always say "you'll be fine" and I really believed them until I got robbed in the middle of the street, and no one helped me. I'm being more careful now!

    1. Ugg that sucks a ton
      Yep, they can say it but doesn't make it true for anyone

  3. Climb that mountain, you'll do fine
    On you a grizzly bear may dine
    Fine you'll be if you carry mace
    Just squirt the bear in the face. LOL

    1. lol then piss it off more
      And become bear scat on the forest floor

  4. Does The Fine Really Align?
    Not when one is left behind
    It is being nice
    Answering likewise
    Mindful not being undefined


  5. Ewww, having a cell phone left inside you. That doesn't sound so fine. Pat, you have a fine day.

    1. Without a cellphone inside
      I'll have a fine ride

  6. I wonder how many things have been left inside a person after an operation? Hopefully a cell phone wasn't one of them.

  7. If the cellphone was left inside of you then you could make a call by pressing on your belly button and you would be fine MOL!

    1. lol call 911 with ease
      Although that may not please

  8. I'd be fine with mold
    If I weren't so stinkin' old.
    As for the left-behind phone
    It would look great in their head made of bone.

  9. Yeah You'll be fine
    just drink a little wine
    it just takes time
    just ask the mime
    time doesn't really heal
    it's all about how your feel

    1. All in ones head
      Only fine when dead

    2. You'll be fine. So what if you hear SHHHHHHHHHHH! all day long, can't walk up the stairs to save your life or the world is a-trembling? You'll be fine.

    3. Yep, you'll be soo fine
      Everything will align

  10. Rats in the halls? I could live there. lol

  11. We are told so many lies .....

  12. How often I have heard this word and I hate it because most don't know

    1. Yep, most have no idea at all
      Spurting it out at their hall

  13. I'm guilty of saying this all the time
    but in the majority of the cases one will be fine
    they just need that reassurance to keep them in line :)


    1. Yeah, most of the time all will be grand
      The odd time things will get out of hand

  14. Well, whenever I ask someone how they are, and they say 'fine'' I know something is wrong!

    1. haha can tell by their tone too
      With the fine coming do

  15. every fine is a crime
    better say what you mind
    something one left inside
    may provide deep instight

  16. As a mother of five boys I have to say I've heard this spiel many times. The old, 'don't worry, it will be fine.' Must be a guy thing.

    1. I've heard women use it too
      No matter how untrue

  17. Fine is always an easy answer
    but it may not always be true!!

  18. I wonder if it still plays "You Used To Call Me On My Cellphone" as the ringtone. Imagine walking around having that blast from your body lol

    1. lol would be neat
      Until you had a heart attack from the beat

  19. easy for someone to say that when their team didn't just lose the superbowl...

  20. Your rhyme is fine
    Better than wine
    Do take care
    Wear underwear!

    1. Bah, who needs those
      None let everything blows

  21. It'll be fine
    Most times it's true
    But a phone in my gut
    Would make me boo-hoo

  22. fine hair? get a perm. fine line? use a ruler. fine girl, give a whistle. lol It's early, I'm fine-ally able to get up and get some coffee. ;)

    1. lol on a fine roll
      As the coffee takes its toll

  23. That's a fine way to look at things.

  24. A cell phone in a woman, you say?
    She must have been huge in a big way
    for a phone to get lost inside.
    I guess there should be a sign
    that says "Don't do surgery and text"
    because the results could perplex! lol.

    1. lol yep, it was true
      Not sure the size at her zoo
      That doctor probably got sued
      Need a sign for that dude


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