Experience The Worth Across The Earth!

Experience must have lost its meaning from sea to sea. Either that or it means we don't want to pay thee. Come and do what you will but we aren't going to foot the bill.

Experience wanted.
That is taunted.
Experience needed.
That is seeded.

Experienced times two.
Plainly in view.
Experienced at it.
Come do our shit.

We're experienced too.
Experienced in screwing you.
And not in a fun way.
Sorry, just slave away all day.

We want experienced cheap.
Don't be a creep.
Follow like a sheep.
The rewards we reap.

You know what to do.
Come, join our zoo.
But you'll get paid crappy.
Still, you better be happy.

We are every day.
We get more pay.
Laugh straight to the bank,
Watching our flank.

We're experienced in that.
Watch where we're at.
Don't want to get screwed.
You get that attitude.

Are you experienced at it?
Come, do the shit.
We don't want to do it.
So you can do every bit.

But you have to be in the know.
That is just how it will go.
We don't want to lift a finger,
You can't just sit and linger.

Come and rule the day.
Hey, we will anyway,
Off of your back.
Your experience better not lack.

The cat has just been looking here and there and experience is cried for at every lair. But some pay less than the no experience required guys. Hmm, think there is a booby prize? It's all dirt cheap when dealing with a company creep. Over some you could make more mowing grass. Luckily, I have experience avoiding them with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Experience The Worth Across The Earth!
    A necessary advantage right from birth
    Experience at a premium
    Hands-on and not opinions
    Smooth way of doing the job best served


  2. Experience this, experience that,
    experience the joy of buying a new hat

  3. The word experience can mean so much in so many contexts. Every person brings so many different life experiences to the table. Just think if you were looking into the porn industry. Now there's some experience!

    1. lol could use experience and gain some more
      Lucrative but cold catch things galore

  4. Nanny nanny noo
    No experience for you
    Then you don't get the job
    You're just another slob

    No experience, no hire
    Hold your feet up to the fire
    That means you never have to work
    Go on welfare, it's a perk

    1. Need wood for the fire
      Or it may expire
      Not a wood chopper
      So that would be a flopper

  5. Unfortunately it's definately an employers market. They want to pay very small salaries and they get it because there is someone else desperate enough to fill the role. I feel ya, cat!

    1. Yep, that sure is the way
      Suck you dry with little pay

  6. And too much experience isn't good because they know you'll want to be paid more for it.

  7. Ah, the duality of experience. Sort of like your dog contemplating how they get dogfood in a can. I know so experiences I remember weren't too fun. But I learned what I did not need to know, maybe.

    1. True, now you know what you don't need to know
      And avoidance can show

  8. Nail hits head with this thread.
    Money is king and experience a curse
    The more you work, the emptier your purse.

    VR Barkowski

    1. That seems to be the way
      Screwed at the end of the day

  9. Gotta love the ads that say
    Entry level at their bay
    Then require five years
    Before they give you any cheers

    1. Yeah, stupid ass ads like that
      Makes me want to pelt them with cat scat

  10. They want us experienced here for what I do
    But then they don't want to pay us for our expertise
    Then they complain if we make a mistake
    Hard to do sometimes anything to please


  11. Companies seem to want someone 21 years old with 25 years experience

    1. hahaha that is sure true
      Can't do math at their zoo

  12. My son was just telling me how every internship he has looked into for the summer is unpaid. I was shocked.

    1. Yeah, slave labor is what they want
      And "great perks" or "experience" is how they taunt

  13. Booby prize? Sounds like the U.S. elections, that's some experience!

  14. Experience is worth a lot as long as it is a good experience. I believe it is the best teacher there is.

    1. Yep, shows us what we can do
      And what we shouldn't at our zoo

  15. What is the difference between "experienced" and "set in one's ways"
    All a matter of perspective!
    Those who hire must be reflective!

  16. I want to laugh all the way to the bank, I've no experience in that.

    1. Yeah, I'd love to do that
      I'd even take the cat

  17. Experience is such a relative term.
    They want a lot but the low salary is firm.
    I tell you what I do know how to do,
    Turn down an offer unless it pays more than BOOOO.

    1. lol beggars can't be choosers though
      damned if you do and damned if you don't at ones show

  18. orlin N cassie

    de food servizz gurl haz eggs peeree ants in findin jobz that sux.......big time......haz all her life....

    de job her had when her waz a teen ager 90 bazillion yeerz ago waz total lee better N de one her haz now....but now her haz mor job eggs peeree antz.... go figure ♥♥♥

    1. That sucks a ton indeed
      We've had pretty meh ones at our feed

  19. It was so hard for my daughter to get a job because she had no experience but no one would give her any. Now she has had a job for 3 years but the job market is awful.

  20. Today, they want experience and a masters degree then they will still try to get you dirt cheap.

    Dirty deeds done dirt cheap...dirty deeds done dirt cheap...why does that song come to mind..hahaha...

    1. Yep, they will offer you pennies in the end
      They are a master of the dirty deed trend

  21. Sometimes they say you are overexperienced, too
    and don't want to have you work at their zoo.
    Probably because you would want high pay
    to give them the light of day.

    1. Lol I've heard it all
      Here at my hall
      Every last damn thing
      They've thrown at my wing

  22. Isn't that the truth. They want it all and they want it cheap.

  23. I hate it when they want experience so cheap ~ Booby trap I say ~ Enjoy your week/end Pat ~

  24. wouldn't it be nice if we could set the salary/pay. :)

    1. That would be grand
      I'd like that across the land

  25. Well, you get what you pay for. Pay cheap, expect cheap work even with experience!

  26. We all have the experience of rejection for both the lack of and the over abundance. Work for thyself and avoid the stress.

    1. lol if only that were doable at my sea
      Hasn't come to be

  27. How can you gain experience if no one will hire you so you can get the experience? It is quite a pain in the ass!

    1. Pain in the ass in every way
      Hate it at my bay

  28. Everyone wants
    Experienced staff
    But don't want to pay
    Makes me laugh and laugh


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