Get An Umbrella, Fella!

Do you use one of those things when rain flings? Pat does not. The cat doesn't mind water a lot. Cassie would just run under the bed. Water she can dread. But that is not the case. Pat got a funny face.

You're in the rain.
That has to be a pain.
Aren't you cold?
I must be old.

Don't you have an umbrella?
Go and buy one, fella.
It is good for you.
It keeps you from turning blue.

You don't need one?
You walk fast and can run?
Sorta, anyway?
Bad back you say?

That is why you need it.
Then you can stand or sit.
No rain will hurt you.
Maybe you should get two.

One for the car,
In case you drive far.
One for home,
In case you roam.

Aren't I wise?
Boy, time flies.
I need to get home.
Must feed my lawn gnome.

Yeah, I'm a nut.
Stuck in an umbrella rut.
But I have three,
So you should trust me.

They are cheap.
Take the leap.
You'll be better off.
When it rains you won't scoff.

Let it rain.
No pain no gain.
Bring the down pour.
I can still take a tour.

Off I go.
Remember to be in the know.
Get an umbrella,
And be a happy fella.

Got an umbrella now? I know you must want one after that wow. Waiting at a crosswalk a nut actually went on and on and on about how I needed an umbrella to dawn. I could understand a bit if she was selling the shit, but nope, she just said an umbrella and I needed to elope. I don't want to carry around that with each pass. The rain won't melt my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Number two,
    Again at your zoo...
    So, I get an umbrella
    And be happy Dryzella?

  2. Get An Umbrella, Fella!
    Joy rides in a flotilla
    Let it rain
    It's no pain
    Staying dry you 'betcha'


    1. Can stay dry
      With an eye
      Stay inside
      Avoid the tide

  3. Ubrellas are useful, yes, but they can be very unweildy.

  4. I detest umbrellas. They never seem to want to open, and when they do, they turn inside out with the first gust of wind.

    1. haha yep, why I say screw that
      Don't need those where we are at

    2. What we need is one of those SF shields only this time they'd protect us against the rain. What say you? Yes?

    3. haha rather it protect against all
      From rain to bullets at my hall

  5. I am one who never thinks about taking an umbrella. When you really need one, the wind would blow it away. If there is a small rain, you can run between drops. Smiles!

    1. haha play dodge the drop
      Until the ran does stop

  6. I don't like umbrellas unless it is pouring and if it is, I will stay home. Unfortunately, I will not shrink from the rain.

    1. Yeah, rain won't hurt one bit
      Too bad, stay home and sit

  7. Ins and outs of the brolly
    They often make one jolly
    Scary things they can do
    I've heard a few without a boo
    They snag a wig off someone's head
    Or poke an eye and make it red
    Turn inside out and make a sail
    Like Mary Poppins without fail
    A brolly I do never own
    Nor would I take one on a loan

    1. lol not a loan
      Gets a groan
      Makes you moan
      At the tone
      Break over your knee
      Throw it in a tree
      A wig for a tree
      Then you flee

  8. We have more umbrellas than we have people living here
    and then of course when we need one
    it is always at home and never with us
    and that is no fun!


  9. Umbrellas? I hate those things, no way
    If it's windy and I've got one open, I fly away.

    1. All Mary Poppins like
      Flying away and taking a hike

  10. Yes I do have several umbrellas
    In UK most are sensible 'fellas'.
    With all the rain we have to endure
    Some of us don't want to get soaked any more.
    But youngsters don't use them ~ they'd rather get wet
    It's not very cool within their set.
    We've had times when rain has fallen like stair rods
    So I think they are wrong and are just silly sods.
    But of late we have had such very strong gales
    Umbrellas have turned inwards and acted like sails
    And with lashings of rain showing no sign of stopping
    Some flew away just like Mary Poppins . . . lol

    1. lol with all that rain
      May need one for some dry gain
      But if you can't get any medicine down
      At least a spoon full of sugar can be found across town
      Just land safely should you fly away
      Umbrella isn't much useful if you land in a bay

  11. I don't like to get wet so maybe I need an umbrella hat!

  12. I have a polka dotted rain coat and rain boots. When it rains, I'm stylin'!!!!

    1. lol do disco in the rain?
      All pokadot in the walk lane

  13. I keep trying to get Mary Poppins umbrella but they say I need a pilot's license.

    1. Damn, must cost a ton
      Might be better off going for a run

  14. I have several, but I never have them on hand when I really need it. Got stuck in Chicago in a downpour recently because I didn't think to bring a damn umbrella on my travels. Pft!

    1. lol they just take up space
      Who needs them at any place

  15. I have lots of umbrellas. But usually when I need them I have forgotten them at the house.

  16. You don't want to be a fella...a fella with an umbrella? (sorry I lifted that from a song in the musical Easter Parade). I have umbrellas and have used them but they are annoying. I forget them wherever I go. My husband has one in the the trunk! I have to get wet to get to the stupid thing. I hate going in and out of the car with one-ughhhhh.

    1. lol sounds like they get lots of hate
      Even have to get wet to take the bait

  17. orlin N cassie

    sew we waz bad mouthin umbrellaz & R commint went ta cyber space......hope wear ever de umbrella landz it werkz for them coz it dinna werk for uz....even tho it waz GUARANTEED ....knot ta tern all side wayz N inn sidez......faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........ ♥♥♥

    1. haha the umbrellas are out to get you
      They didn't want any bad mouthin to come due

  18. Portland, Oregon, is a very rainy place.
    But even still, natives are expected to ignore an umbrella and get water in their face,
    Well with respect to all the effort into my face and hair,
    I generally use an umbrella, it's only fair.
    Sometimes a hood just won't do,
    and arriving at work all soggy makes me very blue.

    1. lol no soggy work day
      So you can stay home and play?
      They should make ones of those
      Would cure many woes

  19. I use an umbrella some of the time. It depends on where I am going when it rains (long hair takes a while to dry if I am going somewhere important). :) If you can get by without one- I say all the better for you. One less thing to worry about.

    1. Yep, no long hair at my sea
      So can get away with being umbrella free

  20. Doesn't the cat know that in the rain we sing?/Doesn't the cat know it is a human thing?/To dance on the kerb carelessly/No matter if your name is Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. The cat thinks humans are nuts
      Them and their wet dancing, wiggling butts

  21. Not often do I use
    The umbrellas at my zoos
    Rain curls my hair
    And is the best form of skin care

  22. I don't think I even owned an umbrella till I was in my thirties:)

    1. Never have at my sea
      Can walk in the rain for free

  23. I haven't invested in an umbrella....ever, now that I think of it. They've got some quite stylish ones now a days. Still loving the rhyming!!

    - Harlynn

    1. lol rhyme I always will
      Who needs an umbrella bill

  24. I only carry my umbrella when it's raining.

    1. Even if it starts
      When you are out in sunny parts

  25. I sure need one but not these days when its snowing & so cold ~

    Have a good week Pat ~

  26. yes, an umbrella I have
    my hair I try to save.
    haha. eye rhyme.
    such a crime.

  27. Don't usually carry one
    One more thing to lose
    But if it's pouring cats and dogs
    Occasionally one I'll use

    I was standing at an outdoor vendor's once and it started to rain. I still continued to chat and look at her wares while everyone else scattered. I didn't mind getting wet and the vendor looked at me and in the sweetest Southern drawl she said, "We ain't made of sugar, honey. We won't melt!"

    1. Just another thing indeed
      And yeah, if rain takes seed
      As long as it isn't cold
      Whoopi, let it take hold


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