It Will Post At My Joint At Some Point!

The cat will get this post done and have lots of fun. When will it be? At some point at my sea. Do you see where I'm going with this? At some point you won't be amiss.

At some point I'll do that.
I'll be a happy cat.
At some point I'll do this.
I'll be in pure bliss.

At some point we'll win.
That will do all in.
At some point I'll try.
Could really reach high.

At some point I'll do.
Not now at my zoo.
At some point I'll go.
Not now though.

At some point I'll get it.
But now, who needs that shit?
At some point I'll exercise.
Now though, it's not wise.

At some point I'll eat right.
But sure not tonight.
At some point I'll write a book.
But not today at my nook.

At some point I'll finish this post.
Not there yet at my coast.
At some point I'll stop rhyming.
Yeah, not unless I take up miming.

At some point I'll stop talking,
I may then get out walking.
At some point I'll stop whining,
Maybe then the sun will start shining.

At some point I'll get there,
With plenty of time to spare.
At some point I'll make that.
I got time where I`m at.

At some point I'll try something new.
Plenty of time at my zoo.
At some point I'll get things done,
Can easily go to one from none.

At some point I'll stop saying it,
Meaning the, at some point shit,
Because at some point I'll be dead.
At that point, all will leave my head.

At some point did you catch on to my at some point con? At some point is sure used a lot by many from sea to sea. Pffft to at some point says me. Can always start most things at that point. May be a while before some things come to pass at your joint, but can still start. Don't have to be a lazy fart. That is just my at some point sass from my on point little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Hmph. A lazy fart?? Lol I think "at some point" really means "I have zero intention of ever doing that in the near future".

  2. At some point I'll wash my clothes
    I'll do it with a garden hose
    The point is my machine is broke
    So washing clothes just ain't no joke
    At some point I'll call the guy
    Who fixes things and that's no lie

    1. That can be a pain
      The fix it guy will gain
      Gain a whole lot
      Trying to increase his money pot

  3. What is that saying, "why put off tomorrow what you can do today?"

  4. It Will Post At My Joint At Some Point!
    At some point one needs to just get on
    It gets on the nerves
    Or missed being served
    To take a stand to cut off the annoyance


    1. Yep, screw the annoyance coming due
      Just get it done when in view

  5. At some point could be wishful dreaming for some
    If they never get to that point
    I rather get it done and then relax myself
    And maybe even save some of my joints


    1. Yep, that sure is the way
      Rather do that at my bay

  6. I just plain like to get things done so I can do nothing. We all need to live like the cats do, just do stuff when the mood moves us.

    1. That would be a fine way to be
      Although won't pay the bills at any sea

  7. Why put off till tomorrow what you could do today!
    I think we all do it though!

  8. I think it is good to think about things you will do at some point. Kind of like having a list in one's mind, but not a good thing if a person procrastinates on what they want to do forever. At some point one has to BEGIN!

    1. Well they don't have to
      Death can make sure you never have to for you lol

  9. At Some Point, I will lose weight, clean my house, and get organized. I'd love to find the geographical location of Some Point.

  10. Better to do it now
    Than wait and have a cow

  11. at some point, i will return here LOL.

  12. It's so easy to fall back on "at some point",
    But really never get anything done at our joint.
    I try to be more aware of this as I age,
    and get things done in a certain stage.
    You, however, better be proud,
    I'd scream that I wrote as many books as you very loud!

    1. lol screaming might scare fans away
      The 2 or 3 I have at my bay

  13. You did make some very valid points!

  14. orlin N cassie.....deer cod; did ya see what iz over at Sandra's blog two day.....


  15. I'll be back some point:)

  16. procrastination is my name
    getting to it later is my game :)

    well, sometimes anyway :)

  17. AT some point I will die/No, its just a fat lie!/At some point I will work/No, who do you take me for? Some kind of jerk? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. Replies
    1. That you will
      When 24 posts the day does fill

  19. Zinged me good today, Kitty Cat
    I live at some point; imagine that
    Said too often it might be
    But keeps me a busy little bee

    1. As long as busy at your sea
      Can be a fine pointy spree

  20. At some point, I am eager for the winter blues to go away ~ Have a good week Pat ~


  21. At some point I will diet.....hahahaaaaaa . That is a riot! Now I will lay myself down to sleep, not in a jeep (I don't own one) but in my nice soft bed, "nough said:)

  22. Smokers like to use that "at some point" to justify their nasty little habit. At some point they say they will quit. I just call it pure bullshit.

    1. Yep, bullshit to 99.99% of them who say that
      They can take their nasty habit and scat


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