On The Fly With This Try!

The cat is just going to rhyme and I'm going to do it on a dime. Do you have a problem with that? If so, tell it to some other cat. The cat is not so nice. Hey, at least I never gave anyone lice.

Follow my rhyme,
Unless you're a mime,
Then hop a boat,
That contains a goat.

I'm on the fly,
Ever so spry.
This on the fly,
Works every try.

Come and play,
Each and every day.
I may make fun,
But it has to be done.

It's a lock,
That geek or jock,
I can mock,
If you come to knock.

A stellar flock.
Rock around the clock.
No rock in a sock,
That would get a head cock.

Cock of the head.
Did you turn red?
Tease of the cock.
Whoops, umm knock knock?

Where's the blame?
Aren't I to remain tame?
Ha, who thought that?
You don't know the cat.

Where am I going?
Your feet I'm towing.
I'm dragging you along,
Like the ass of Donkey Kong.

Bad visual there.
Gorillas beware.
Or a beware of Gorilla sign?
Beats this feline.

Damn, I'm done.
So ends my fun.
It did fry.
I ate the fly.

I made it up on the fly. The fly turned out rather dry. How can you stay on a fly? It's smaller than my eye. So on the fly I tried. It didn't give a very good ride. Did you humans make that up in the loo? A bathroom stall may have more of a clue. Whoops, I'm still on the fly. A new one I spy. I hope flies don't give me gas. That would not be fun for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


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  2. A boat
    With a goat
    Would make me fly,
    Or maybe cry.

  3. On the fly with this try
    Not to do it on the sly
    Go on thyme
    For a time
    Hope for a convincing tie


    1. A fine hope
      In which to cope
      Or elope
      As you scope

  4. On the fly with this try
    Not to do it on the sly
    Go on thyme
    For a time
    Hope for a convincing tie


  5. Fly fish on the fly
    Read The Catcher in the Rye
    Really live before you die
    In the face you get a pie
    Cat's meow and they sigh
    Never ever tell a lie
    Sing that song, Oh Me Oh My
    You'll improve, by the bye
    Marry and the knot you tie
    Later on you'll wonder why

    1. lol can the knot be undone
      May be an expensive run
      That could suck a ton
      The cat may lie to everyone
      But the pie won't be done
      Maybe only as a pun
      The cat's a son of a gun
      He'd even lie to a nun

  6. Rhyme flies when you're having fun Pat!

  7. I know cats are automatic bug detectors

    1. They can spot those
      And play them to death between their toes

  8. All this cock talk
    has given me vapors.
    I'll just take a walk
    to buy some newspapers.

  9. Never gave anyone lice? Well that's good I guess. lol

  10. I follow the cat's flow/until it tells me to go/I follow its pretty rhyme/until it tells me it's time! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. Just a nice rhyme
    You did at this time
    Glag you made it in a fly
    And now I will say goodbye.


  12. I know an old lady who swallowed a fly
    I don;t know why she swallowed the fly
    Perhaps she'll die . . . .

    Remember it? Burl Ives

    I'm too drunk to think of a rhyme
    Perhaps when I come next time.

    Burp! . . lol

  13. I can rhyme
    all the time
    give me a dime
    I'll suck a lime!

    I'm not into blame
    that's not my game
    it is way too lame
    for this kind dame.

    Happy weekend!

    1. haha good way to be
      Except not to see
      A lime may be blah
      May get a ha ha

  14. Rhyme flies... Ha ha ha!
    Good one at your spa!
    I could have been first to be so clever
    If earlier I hadn't been wherever...

    1. Wherever is a place?
      Does is have a fun embrace

  15. What's a donkey kong?
    I am of the pre-Nintendo generation. And Qui is still French for yes.

    1. He's an ape with a tie
      Throwing barrels from upon high

  16. You ate a fly?
    I'd rather die.
    Tiger ate a spider the other day.
    So yucky at our bay.

    1. haha good protein though
      And we end the buggy foe

  17. I like this rhyme
    it just seems sublime.
    I love that it was done on the fly
    why not? You succeeded with this try.

  18. Oh me, oh my
    I spot a fly
    I'll save it for the Cat
    Safe under a hat

  19. No flies here at my pad, but plenty of stinkbugs to be had. Which make my dogs happy, cause they eat them off the ground real snappy. Probably why their break this so rank :)

    1. lol nasty as can be
      But at least they get rid of them for thee


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