Round Forty Three With Plenty To See!

The search engines have picked up once more. Not sure why they go up and down at my shore. But they gave me plenty for a round or two. And yeah, most are scary who found my zoo.

rhymetime blog

Came up 18 times. Someone is searching out my rhymes.

scum suckers day off xxx

Hmm, is that porn? Is a janitor's uniform worn?

the best boys sock hop outfits

Does this look like Rosey's sea? No clothes modeling for me.

rats having sex

If that's your thing, enjoy the fling.

jennifer aniston nose picking images

I guess she is a super nose picker. Think she is also a finger licker?

my day went bad today

And you just needed your say? Does this look like a whiny Facebook bay?

can't get things up

Now there is a hiccup. They do have a pill to make you a frisky pup.

snip snip went the weiner

Not even a pill can fix that. You can trust the cat.

My gas got fired

Wow, now that is rare. Farts R Us at your lair?

split the bil u ingreat

Maybe if you were a better speller you wouldn't get treatment like Old Yeller.

superhero days are ending

The villains will rise? Do they seek first prize?

round and round round

Up and down down all across town town.

special paackages in the mail

People still use the mail? No mail orders, so hit the trail.

my finger is stuck

Do I even want to know where it is stuck at your show?

And now for your viewing pleasure something you can help measure. I suppose it might not be a job for all. But you could make some money at your hall.

need a bigger cock piece

Maybe an actor needs it? They do use that shit. Or maybe just the snip snip guy. He needs something to remain spry. The cock piece making industry is just getting going. Maybe that rooster once more will be crowing. But you can tell it to a singing bass, it does not want to be known by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Obviously "can't get things up", is hoping to "get a bigger cock piece" in a very "special package in the mail".

  2. Round Forty Three With Plenty To See!
    With the search engines weirdos aplenty
    Why care for them
    What with the scams
    Care for one's own is better to a 'T'


  3. fourth comment, when will I make it to one

  4. the winter over,
    so are the cold shower(s)
    now the sun shines
    and all seems fine

  5. A great post Pat, a pleasure to read.

  6. I can see that last one showing up at Robyn's place, but here?

    1. Maybe all the snip snip talk
      Made them come by for a gawk

  7. They do love cat's blog
    With minds that do fog
    They fill in the space
    Without meaning to trace
    With minds in the gutter
    And hearts not aflutter
    They peep and they lurk
    Reading manual, The Merck

    1. They may learn a thing or two
      If that were true
      Somehow I don't think so
      As they find my show

  8. Snip snip guy
    Thinks he's sly,
    Trying to stay spry;
    He can stick it in his eye!

    1. But if he's snip snip
      There is no grip
      May not reach the eye
      Oh my

  9. Oh my, don't know what to say
    Lots of weirdos like to search at your bay


  10. One of those days, when I say, Have a great day Pat.

  11. Jennifer Anniston picking her nose? And it didn't make the headline news?

    1. I guess not
      Just found me looking for her snot

  12. Yes! Yes! The villains will rise!

  13. The first one is definitely someone looking for you! And I like "round and round round" and that that got them here, lol. Funny little term!

    1. Round and round they go
      As the nuts come to my show

  14. The poor spelling ones always make me laugh.

    1. There seem to be a ton
      As they give the crazy a run

  15. Piece work isn't what it once was!

  16. orlin N cassie

    we iz knot pawz a tiv....but we mite noe bil !! ☺☺☺


  17. Nose picking, cock piecing
    Finger licking too
    Amazing what comes up
    At Pat's questionable zoo

    1. haha all the snip snip
      Must bring the crazy lip

  18. Not so much a nose picker/as a snot-flicker! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  19. You never know what you will find! :)

  20. So are the rats having sex the two or the four legged variety?

    1. Hmmm do you really want to know?
      Not sure we do at our show

  21. I wonder if she's picked her nose as often as she's been in dumb romantic comedies

  22. Ha, super hero days are ending!
    Who save us now?

  23. Makes you wonder how those search engines single you out to direct the crazies to.

  24. This all shows up when they search for you?
    Jennifer nose-picking at your zoo?
    talk about some green goo
    OK I just grossed myself out-ewwwww
    (Trouble with router so have been falling behind)

    1. I used a pic of that a while back
      So that one makes sense as they found my shack

  25. Bigger is better they always say!
    Can't argue with that at any bay. ha.

    1. What about a bigger wart?
      Would that fit in the report?


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