Save Time In Your Prime!

The cat has been down the whole time saving road. We don't want to go into repeat mode. But the cat has found a new way. It could save you so much time each day. You will be more than whelmed when I am through. Yep, it is true.

Need time?
Such a crime.
Can make it.
But who needs that shit?

Rather whine.
Rather dine.
Rather whine more.
A whine encore.

But that isn't it.
Forget that shit.
There is a better way.
Move your litter tray.

Yep, pack up and move away.
To where you say?
To movie land.
Life would be grand.

Teeth are always white.
No brushing in sight.
Hair is always done.
Even when you wake up to the sun.

Can spend all you want.
No bank account will taunt.
Get everything you need.
Well won't run dry at your feed.

Always have a ton.
Never need a food run.
Can leave food out and take one sip.
You'll still never need a grocery trip.

Never even have to change clothes.
Screw those type of woes.
They stay nice and clean.
Isn't that just serene?

Who needs to date?
Pffft and mate.
Then all will be right.
Love will instantly take flight.

Can quit your job and live.
Everyone will forgive.
You'll still somehow get money.
All will be sunny.

There you are. Now whether you are near or far, you can save time every single day. You can do whatever the hell you want and get pay. Just move to movie land. Everything is scripted and life is grand. Moving there today? Be sure and take the litter tray. Now I have helped every working class. No need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Here's a topic for your mat
    Does a golden loo
    Beat a golden shoe?
    Could it be true?
    (Not True or Scooby Doo)
    How about a golden bill
    Would that make you ill?
    Or a golden fox
    In a box
    Golden socks
    Not a toad
    On the road
    Hey, it's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast!

    1. Anything of pure gold
      Can come take hold
      I could sell the loo
      Some nut would want the view

      For mee

    2. In the place to be!
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweee!

  2. Like Poo,
    I'm number two...
    Shall I whine about that,
    Or just pet the cat?

    1. Like poo you're number 2.... Haha I nearly feel off my couch.

    2. lmao hmmm not sure a good comparison is had
      Do you really want to stink an get flushed and your pad?

  3. I want to move to movie land.
    Be sure there's a Disco band.
    And of course a HOT leading man.
    Feed me grapes and cool me with a fan.
    Oh to live carefree.
    And happy as can be!

    1. lol and even pimples to pop
      Your great life would never stop

  4. I need time.
    How about a dime?
    Can make it.
    Guess who needs that shit

    Never whine.
    Bend a spine.
    Bend it some more
    At your shore.

    Bending someone's spine ain't it?
    Won't satisfy a bit?
    A better way, you say?
    Do I get to walk all the way?

    Can I pack my shoe?
    Do I bring Scooby Doo?
    To movie land, not Bora beach,
    Where life is grand for a teach?

    How about some teeth first
    So you can show off your thirst?
    How about some hair?
    It used to be there.

    I can spend more than a buck?
    Did you create my luck?
    I need a blue suede shoe
    Signed by Scooby Blue

    A ton is quite a load.
    Won't I get stuck like a toad?
    A sip sounds like a plan.
    Trip I will like a drunk blue man.

    No Ted Baker suits for me?
    How could this be?
    Serene it is
    Doing the movie bizzz.

    No dates for me
    In the place to be.
    What... no mating too?
    Could this be true?

    Quit my job, making them redundant
    When your favorite word is abundant.
    Money and all will be sunny...
    Makes you feel like a blue bunny.

    1. Look at you go
      With the flow
      The rhyme does grow
      High not low

      Bora out of reach
      Could substitute a beach
      They have them in the old west
      Although they aren't the best

      Maybe a puddle for you
      Hey, you can muddle through
      Muddle through a puddle
      That is some umm cruddle

      No mating at all?
      A cramp at your hall
      Things may truly go blue
      Maybe tingle a bit too

      Hop like a rabbit
      With a screwing habit
      Then the former is redundant
      As you get the abundant

      A buck will get you in
      Give the wheel a spin
      You may be a sinner
      But always end up a winner

      Bendy and rich
      Ain't that a bitch
      With a Ted Baker suit
      And a one eyed newt

  5. With my luck, I'd wind up in some slasher flick. Or even worse - a Dumb and Dumber movie.

    1. Well at least you'd get laid before you died
      Hopefully the dumb and dumber prequel doesn't give you a ride

  6. Here's to the roaring twenties
    When everyone had plenties
    They played all day
    Had stacks of pay
    It was before the crash
    What a bash

    1. Cash at play
      Crooked cops in the fray
      Gangsters galore
      So says the lore

  7. moving to movie land
    hey that would be grand
    each day create a new scene
    life would be so serene...
    change the dreamscape
    if you need to escape
    bora bora would be in view
    in the movie biz it is true

    1. Easy to get there
      Skip a scene without a care
      Poof trip over
      Even an obeying rover

  8. LOL that is a great way to spend time
    by living in movie land
    the way it is all scripted
    nothing ever gets out of hand


  9. But wouldn't life be boring to have everything you wanted? What would you dream about? What would you wish for?

    1. True, be boring as can be
      But I could "suffer" through it at my sea

  10. Movie land, hmm, sounds like fun - high school forever! Ugh. :)

  11. Save Time In Your Prime!
    It's not to rant and whine
    Get into the movies
    All are make-beliefs
    Make out a career that's fine


  12. Sounds so great to not have to date
    But just mate.

  13. Every single time I figure out how to save time someone goes and changes the time!

  14. I'd love to move to movie land. You're so right about them waking up with perfect hair. That would be the best perk!

    1. haha no worries on bit
      Everything always a hit

  15. Sometimes I wish i could rely on a script! I get sick of having to make my own decisions.

    1. That can be a pain
      Could board the I don't care train

  16. I don't know if I could keep up with the fashion standards of movie land.

    1. You'd have unlimited dough
      So you could keep up on the go

  17. Movie Land, here we come. Can't wait. Sure sounds good. See you there.

  18. I like the idea of doing whatever I want and still getting pay:)

  19. orlin N cassie.....

    make sure ya get ther bee fore day lite savinz time coz lord noes ya due knot save any time ther.....

    ten oh clox at nite & still broad say lite; how de hell due ya sneek a round in broad day lite.......


    sorree....we hada moe mint ther ~~~~ ♥!

    1. lol we had when that stupid thing goes ahead
      It causes us dread

  20. If I only had to spend a buck that would be great.

  21. That may be grand
    to live in that fairy land
    but I think they have to much fairy dust
    Up their nose, in their arm, they lust
    after this stuff as well
    but they all do look quite swell(except for Mickey Roarke)

    1. haha yeah, he may not fit
      And they sure get that good fairy shit

  22. Wise he is/the luck is all his/all play all day/and still he gets his pay! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  23. I meant "wise cat, he is". Slippery fingers. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  24. I would be nice to not have to do some of those things.

    And hey, man. I can't smash my printer right now. I'm printing my book. But it's been taking hours so I just might smash it when it's done.

    1. lol hours you say?
      Damn, that is a lot of time and ink at play

  25. Movieland would be grand
    Always looking spiffy, isn't that just nifty!
    Never have to lift a finger for a thing.
    Let's not forget all that free bling!

    1. Hollywood would be great for awhile,
      Take home that fat check for merely a smile.

    2. Free for one and all
      Could have yourself a ball

      Until the lurkers set in
      Then it may not be a win

    3. lurkers with their cameras cocked
      even when your doors are locked
      makes you want to run and scream
      so much for the movie star dream

    4. lol then you get a stalker fan
      You'll have the love of every man

  26. Reminds me of
    The Truman Show
    Living on a set
    Programmed high and low

  27. No such thing as saving time
    there is always something to fill it
    if you eliminate one thing from your list
    something else will chill it.

  28. No thanks, in this life I'd rather be
    No Hollywood stars for me

  29. And if you moved to movie land,
    which one would you think was grand?
    First choice in which to live for you,
    that is my question, it's true.

    1. Hmmm never went that deep
      One without some freaky Jason creep


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