The Dark Side Goes For A Ride!

The cat was hopping here and there when he saw a scary video at our lair. The cat then delved into the dark side of YouTube. I've now locked those things away in a small cube.

Hurt your eyes.
I tell no lies.
Just do a search,
From a perch.

See much to scare.
You may stare,
You may go blind.
They sure are one of a kind.

There are this and that,
Some chew some fat.
Like actual fat.
Disturbs the cat.

Do you like things hanging?
Could do some head banging.
For Do your balls hang low,
Sure does show.

Do your boobs hang low,
Is also given a go.
Equal opportunity for all,
On each and every YouTube wall.

A dude in a horse head,
Will keep you up in bed.
Bananas stuck to a face,
Is a scary embrace.

Ronald McDonald has fun,
He can scare anyone.
Dancing around with ease,
He might make your computer freeze.

A chocolate bunny goes to town.
It sure will make you frown.
The Llama Song is scary,
Rednecks might like them hairy.

Speaking of rednecks at my zoo,
There are some zit poppers too.
Keepin it real will like that.
So nasty to the cat.

Even some that want to scare,
They put a hex on you at your lair.
Pffffft is all the cat has to say to that.
Got more hex power in my scat.

Seen any strange dark side of YouTube videos at your sea? Wish they could be forgotten by thee? Now of course there are the nuts balls who are just plain creepy and insane, but I avoided that creepy train. More fun dark side I guess. Although a mind wipe might be needed I confess. Oh what the cat will do to give sass from his daily little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      you are on a number one run

    2. 'morning Truedessa
      11 #1's it is nice
      Challenging this far
      Comes as a surprise


    3. Sure on a run indeed
      Here at my feed

  2. Oh yea, I can watch zit popping videos for hours. The cysts are so amazing. In fact I found a "best of" world's biggest cyst compilation video the other night and watched it about a dozen times.

  3. I've got more issues with forgetting what I've learned on urban dictionary!

    1. Yeah, there are some things there
      That make you wish all one did was normally swear

  4. The dark side clouds everything impossible to see the future..yoda

    One must walk through darkness to know light...

  5. Want a scare
    At your lair?
    Go to a fair,
    Clowns are there!

  6. I try to scrub those from my mind. Usually my YouTube searches are for music videos, but even that's not safe.

    1. Nope, scary ones can show
      Straight down in a row

  7. No time to spend much time on YouTube
    Which is probably a good thing from what you found
    Too bad there is not some warning before it is watched
    That would be more sound


    1. Yeah, some R rated thing
      Would be wise for many a wing

  8. Oh dear, be careful.
    It is enough to worry about what goes bump in the night without YouTube stalking you too.

    1. haha Youtube as a stalker
      Beats some perverted gawker

  9. A mind wipe
    A kind swipe
    Rid the dark
    Add a spark

    Take a leave
    What's up your sleeve
    Dismiss the gloom
    Sweep with a broom

  10. The Dark Side Goes For A Ride!
    YouTube leaves them to decide
    It is so scary
    Creating worry
    May be looking for a fight


    1. That they may
      Trying to get many to fight and play

  11. We don't do You Tube very much so no scaring for us, Thank COD.

  12. YouTube can be grand or it can be very scary, lol. My kids' dad used to like to watch the videos of people wiping out, yeouch. I never thought those were funny. People are very strange, lol. Though those who crack up at those videos probably think I'm very droll. ;) I haven't seen any other dark ones, but I believer you that they're out there.

    1. Oh there are many scary ones out there
      And yeah, those have to hurt at their lair

  13. I luckily never really encounter any of these

  14. Nah, I can't say that I've ever watched any "dark side" clips on YouTube. Some dark humor, maybe. At least, SOME people may think it's dark and crass. I think it's hilarious. I'm talking about some of the prank videos about farts. (I may be old, but my sense of humor hasn't matured yet.)

    One of our daughters-in-law showed me some funny videos you and your cat might like. They're of cats' reactions to seeing a cucumber lying on the floor. Insane! I don't know why they get so freaked out at the sight, but it's a hoot to watch.

    1. haha I'm all for the dark humor one
      I'll even give farts a run
      haha the smallest things can freak them out
      As they try and figure out what it's about

  15. That pesky vacuum should be in the dark side, talk about scary!

    1. Yeah, we ran from that today
      Scary on display

  16. I never go searching for the Dark Side, and it has let me go.

  17. I never go searching for the Dark Side, and it has let me go.

  18. I never go searching for the Dark Side, and it has let me go.

  19. I never go searching for the Dark Side, and it has let me go.

  20. I'm not so keen on a scare at my lair!

  21. You don't go to the dark side, it comes to you/just when you think it's safe, it will jump out and shout: Moooo! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  22. Ah, ha....I don't go to the dark side of anything! Give me the light, light, light!

  23. orlin N cassie

    we gived up watchin you tube coz it uses up two much data...then de fone companee sayz we R all most outta data for de month...UNLEZZ...we wanna pay $$$$ ta get MOR data......coz de fone companeez sew poor ewe noe ~~

    heerz two a peppered corydoras kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Ugg we've had that done before
      Bastards sure like to charge more

  24. Ewwww! You just made me glad
    Better internet is not had!

  25. The dark side is not for me.
    I prefer bright colors, you see.

  26. I am not surprised by what pops up but....ewwwwwwww

  27. Oh those zip and abscess videos are disgusting. Scary indeed.

  28. I try to skip over those videos when possible. I don't like having those images burned into my brain lol

    1. lol there they will stay
      Once seen on display

  29. These things I did not see.
    I'll consider myself lucky!

  30. Don't really search for the dark side
    But sometimes I see unwanted stuff
    God knows what I press to get it
    But usually click out, enough's enough


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