The Snap For A Lap!

The cat noticed another thing you humans do. You are quite snap happy at your zoo. At least most out there. Some just ignore or swear. Others have a fit, proving they are full of umm spit.

What did you say?
I'm going to make you pay.
You will end up in a ditch.
Says my scream at high pitch.

There is no way out of it.
Hear my hiss and spit.
You will regret this day.
Listen to what I say.

Don't you mock me.
I will throw you in the sea.
I will stick you up a tree.
You falling on your head will cause me glee.

You better not move anywhere.
I have an ass I need too tear.
I hope yours can withstand a bite.
I am really ready to fight.

Get that out of here.
I don't want it near.
Can't make up my mind?
I will rid you from mankind.

Not the WWE guy.
That is a lie.
Don't spin my words.
I'll feed you to birds.

Spun words was done by me?
Never! Now leave me be.
I have said my piece.
This shall cease.

Don't bother me.
I will stuff you in a tree.
I will punch you in the face.
Don't invade my space.

I know what you said.
I heard it in my head.
I mean through my ear.
You will run in fear.

Stay out of my way.
You are now a stray.
Go jump in some hay.
You said much more than, "How was your day?"

Geez, you humans sure can snap at any old chap. One word you think you heard the right way and now no one will have a nice day. Are you a snapper? A snapping flapper? You might not want to admit such a pass. I could use that one day as ammo for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Topped Hank
      He walked the plank

    2. Suza is number one
      Such fun!
      Did it make Hank snap?
      Did it make me yap?

    3. Must have been on the road
      Or in sleep mode

    4. Like me at my bay
      Might as well eat hay

    5. Might taste good
      Beats chewing on wood

  2. I don't tend to snap
    Unless pushed very far
    But if I'm provoked
    Better flee in your car

  3. That's brill, but take a chill pill!

  4. Oh my goodness, those were snaps
    Makes one study all the maps
    Get in the car and drive away
    Set up your house and stay, stay, stay

    1. Stay and be a hermit
      No need for a snap permit

  5. Life is too short to be that snappy and unhappy.

    1. Yeah, screw all of that
      Just be a rhyming cat

  6. The Snap For A Lap!
    No reason to give jabs
    That the Old folks
    Deserve a stroke
    To them not to be mad


  7. I used to snap
    now I just rap
    or maybe sing
    no sense causing a sting
    or wasting my time
    when I can write down a rhyme
    or spread a smile
    that can travel a mile
    kindness goes far
    hate can be stuffed in a jar

    1. Then biff the jar
      Double the par
      Happy with a throw
      Singing though?
      Gonna hurt ears?
      Cause fears?

  8. Sounds like a snap happy dance is in order!

  9. No reason to snap, doesn't do any one any good at all. Have a great day Pat.

  10. And I thought it was only me
    Oops, not that I do that
    Well maybe once or twice
    But it is a bad habit of course
    I know I roll my eyes
    But you know the face always talks
    Even with the fake smile
    And the glib comment
    The cat be right
    People need to control their temper
    The world does not revolve around them
    It turns around Cassie and Orlin

    1. An eye roll works
      Has its perks
      The cats rule all
      At least over Pat at our hall

  11. I had been known to snap
    In days ol long ago
    But now I try to just get along
    That is better so


  12. Hmmm, sounds like our political arena right now.

    1. haha could be
      Screwed up big time at your sea

  13. I Have been known to snap
    Because of all the crap
    I hear but the one who takes the cake
    Is my hubby 'coz he can make
    Quite the tirade, every day.
    he's my adhd man, what more can I say.

    1. haha can get on your nerves
      With a few adhd swerves

  14. Can I speak to the Anger manager?

  15. I might snap if pushed to the edge.
    Usually it's by the mister, I will allege.

    1. lol can push your buttons
      Over the casual gluttons?

  16. I have a bit of a bad temper but I have it under control a lot better than I did when I was in my 20's. It's doesn't help that I'm told I have...Resting Bitch Face. lol

    1. lmao never heard that one before
      Quite the rest at your shore

  17. I snap all the time
    I can snap and rhyme
    As the PC Brigade is a crime

  18. Snapping is bad for people
    but good for fingers
    especially when the melody lingers.

    VR Barkowski

    1. I can't do that
      Finger snapping is a no go at our blog mat

  19. snap happy - oh, I might have to use that one as I know a few of those snappy people..

  20. It takes a lot for me to snap, so if you get me to that point, you deserve to feel the force of my wrath.

  21. Not so snap happy anymore, am I mellowing?

    1. Could be
      Or just don't give a shit at your sea

  22. I am with Truedessa!
    Would rather be snap-happy than a snapper
    but even better to be a flapper.


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