The Wabatat Is Where It's At!

Here we are once more. We are back to that day when Hallmark becomes an attention whore. Lovey dovey this and lovey dovey that. Pffffft is all that is said by the cat.

One whole day.
Wow, go play.
It will make everything great.
Pfffft and I'm a talking plate.

But that you know,
Because given a go.
Also cupid is stupid,
But again, we've done cupid.

This year there is more.
Lucky you came to my shore.
A new love machine is here.
He doesn't wear a diaper over his rear.

That is a big plus.
No PTA nuts will fuss.
It is the Wabatat.
Spreading love no matter where you are at.

How does the Wabatat please?
Why it is a breeze.
It's not hard at all.
He keeps up with this day at every hall.

The Wabatat is hairy.
He is rather scary.
A nose redder than a cherry.
And I mean everything is hairy.

Wears a toga.
Is good at yoga.
Can bend and scoop.
I'd love if he'd clean my poop.

But he has a power.
He can create a love shower.
You just have to be ready,
Then love will come steady.

Are you ready for it?
Don't throw a fit.
He'll be on time.
No mountains to climb.

The Wabatat just spit on you.
Yep, that wasn't rain at your zoo.
You were covered in love's spit.
Now for the next 23 hours, 26 minutes and 45 seconds you will have a love fit.

Wow, love by spit. Now that will be a hit. I better patent that for next year. The Wabatat may take on diaper covered rear. Don't you love the magic of the day? Even a Wabatat can come out to play. Care for some Wabatat spit? I know you'll love it. Hmm, maybe you're better off finding love by eating grass? Sure beats, not really, my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. If a Wabatat comes out to play
    I will welcome him and his hairy display
    Is there a Mrs. Wabatat in sight?
    Both making love might give us a fright!

    Happy Valentine's Day Orlin, Cassie and Pat!

    1. Suzas there with words of love
      Just like one big turtle dove
      Say the words and make the scene
      Just like a potent coffee bean

    2. lol would be scary
      All kinds of hairy
      Maybe they like peepers
      As they could be a couple of creepers

      Not a jelly bean
      Making a bouncy scene?

  2. Love showers? What the hey!
    Something new at one's bay
    Lovey dovey day of the year
    Send cards and sweets, maybe a beer
    Pokey Wokey, Spokey, Lokey
    Me thinks it is just one big jokey

    1. That it may be
      Like a fat diaper guy in a tree
      But it could turn out true
      Let the lore follow through

  3. But it's my favorite holiday, Pat! The only one where I don't have to make a big meal for a bunch of relatives.

  4. Love means never having to be spit on. Enjoy yourself Cassie and Orlin with your wabitat. It makes me think of my tom kitty when he was about 8 months old. My toy poodle would hunch him and tom kitty would look at you like wow, he really loves me. Rosy on the other hand told him to get off and leave her alone. Hmmm - Could Cassie and Orlin be male?

    1. Cassie is female at our sea
      She tells dogs where to go when they come to be

  5. The Wabatat Is Where It's At!
    For it is quick with its spats
    Spits its power
    Stays for hours
    Just has to chase away the scats


  6. As much as you hate it
    I am going to say it
    Happy Valentine's Day
    hope you're warm at your bay...

  7. Love is in the air today. No, wait, that's bacon. Happy Valentines Day from all of us!!!

    1. Bacon the cat find a perk
      That will sure work

  8. Love with spit? No, I don't like that one bit.


  9. Don't do much for the day here at our abode
    Why make some company rich with giving a card
    Love is in the air more than 1 day a year
    To figure that out is not too hard


    1. Not hard one bit
      Should have 365 days full of it

  10. Angie is ill on V-Day...
    Guess you were right at your bay

    1. Ugg to the ill
      Spittle fit the bill?

    2. I gave her fever.... In the morning, fever all through the night.

    3. Fever you say
      In a wild kingdom way?

  11. I don't like spit
    nope, not one bit.
    When I hear and or read V-day
    I think of vagina or V.D., what can I say?
    If I read about another warm shower
    my mind thinks of that yellow type-I cower.
    Oh boy, I may need help

    1. lmao into the gutter you stroll
      Hey, let it take its toll

  12. Ken and I have been together for 25 years and we don't celebrate Valentine's Day anymore. It's not a real holiday. lol

    1. They're each other's navigator. Didn't you know, Cat?

    2. Nope, not a holiday one bit
      No work off for it.

      That I knew
      At my zoo

  13. Wabatat is super, wabatat's lovely shot
    spreading the love around the hut!
    brand new character at your pad?

  14. Happy Valentines Day to all, including the Wabitat!

  15. The what-a-what-bat? Our day here was terrific. We're ending the day by watching a movie.

  16. I'll pass on the spit for Valentine's Day. We don't celebrate it here much. Jason and I was renovating our bathroom most of the day. Not the kind of down and dirty one has in mind for the day, but satisfying work all the same.

    1. haha yeah, a different down and dirty
      But can still be flirty

  17. A Wabatat's spit beats
    A skunk's fit
    Or a mime's wit
    Or a mule's sh*t.

  18. Replies
    1. Just like a diaper filled with crap
      By some small chap


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