A That And This Kinda Bliss!

The cat has a point today, not really in what I say, but we will pretend I do. I just have to let loose at my zoo. Not lose but loose, just in case you are a moose or a goose on the loose.

Look at me.
I went Grammar Nazi.
A cheat rhyme too.
Hey, works at my zoo.

Is it a zoo?
I'm not like Blue.
No zoo near me.
Just we three.

We three sounds funny.
Sounds like we have lots of money.
That or we are about to win.
Do all those bad guys in.

I'm cooking chicken as I type this.
Lasts 6 days without a miss.
2 trays from Costco.
Not cheap high or low.

Did you need to know?
I bet it's a no.
But maybe it's a yes.
Plus, isn't it good to confess?

That's what they say.
With their they fray.
We don't know who they are.
But beats them by far.

Or is that reverse?
Okay, don't curse.
Or go voodoo on me.
That's a curse too you see.

But that is fake.
Feeble minds quake.
Poof, you can believe.
Believe and you can achieve.

Achieve bad too.
Nonsense thanks to you.
Or is it thanks to me?
I am on a nonsense spree.

Anything to add?
What's that at my pad?
Oh right, I can't hear you.
Just we three at our zoo.

Are you whelmed today? Whelmed at my bay. My bay, my zoo, my shack. Damn, for places we don't lack. Or at least the name of our place. Many factions we embrace. But we've been down that road. Wow, was that a nonsense load? I'll say it all came from the singing bass. He can take the heat for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. That and this
    Won't make the Cat hiss
    Always wondered who "they" are
    And whether "they" drive a fancy car

  2. Just you three and a dismembered chicken!

  3. Chicken huh?
    Chicken I no longer eat
    Just the eggs are rather neat
    Five new chicks one-day old
    On your B/D they did unfold
    Under the heat lamp they now abide
    Till they're older, turn the tide
    I'll eat their eggs but eat chicken "no"
    Aren't they the lucky "so and so?"

    1. haha you'll have quite the farm
      Goo to keep them from harm
      So and so
      May not be the best name though

  4. Must be nice to make your chicken and eat it too...between you two. Oh make that three.

  5. A That And This Kinda Bliss!
    Rightly, seal it with a kiss
    Was it a fake?
    Nothing at stake
    But just some fun not to miss!


  6. Sounds good to us. A good chicken meal. All of us here love to chow down on some Chicken.

  7. I am totally whelmed, not over, not under. Just whelmed!!! xx

  8. My dogs love chicken, even Mr. Tom Kitty would make a show for chicken. We three sounds lonely, we six are lounging in the living room, three dogs, two cats and me. I would go grammar nazi, but there is a reason I taught science and not english.

    1. haha grammar nazi one can fake
      We six sounds like many to partake

    2. my dog would certainly eat any chicken but it was not her favorite dog food can variety when she got used to having canned food all the time. Beef was her favorite

    3. Beef is a good win
      Also at our bin

  9. Chicken from Costco sounds good to me
    not too hard and pretty healthy
    Definitely don't want to eat bacon
    as that is heart attack in the makin'!

    1. Yeah, I ignore that crap
      No heart attack wanted for this chap

  10. It took me two times and review of the comments to completely get what you wrote here. LOL Although, I did get a small beam of pride when I read COSTCO instead of your favorite place, WALMART. I guess you found enough cracks?? hahahaha Hope you a have a fabulous Easter. :)

    1. haha the nonsense did flow through
      Costco beats Walmart at my zoo
      No cracks seen
      But still not serene

  11. Sometimes Pat is too deep for me.

    When are you going to do another TV show marathon? Lol

    1. Too deep full of umm stuff?
      lol not sure of shows there are enough

    2. So deep
      I can't even sleep

  12. I think the only time I've heard, 'We three..' in a sentence is in the old Christmas carol... We three Kings of Orient are...

    1. haha maybe I'll have to use it more
      Here at my shore

  13. I bet the chicken was finger-lickin:)

  14. You're NOT like Blue?
    Well, Scooby Doo!
    Where is my blue suede shoe?

  15. I stole your blue suede shoes you want it come and get it

  16. Are you talking Grammar Nazi as a generic term
    or the one with a silver beard that is rather stern?

  17. I am so tired I read this
    As you are cooking children
    Glad to go back and see
    Itcwas only a hen


    1. hahaha geez, that would be mean
      Go to jail at my scene

  18. Grammar nazi it is. Fun with words, even if they aren't spelled right.

  19. Nonsense flows, but it is fun! I must confess I'm typing this on top of the bathroom sink ~ a delicate balancing act! Terry discovered that we can pick up the hotel wifi in our bathroom. LOL Happy Easter!

    1. lol seems to be the way
      As the bathroom at hotels pick it up so you can play

  20. Chicken from Costco you say? I've never tried that at my bay. Usually I load up on dog food. Gotta feed my large furry brood.

    1. A good thing to do
      Wouldn't want the pups mad at you


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