An Important Plot...Or Not!

The cat heard this a time or two. Most of the time a person just wants you to shoo. Other times it can be true. Has it ever been used at your zoo? The answer is probably yes. It is okay to confess.

Here we are.
In a car.
In a plane.
On a train.

Aren't we in the train?
Why does on pull the chain?
In, in and on.
Is that a con?

Bah, ignore the cat.
It's easy where you're at.
Or maybe not.
I could be hot to trot.

But you've got more important things to do.
My, that is a mouthful from you.
What is so important at your sea?
Do you need to break someone free?

Maybe stop a bomb,
That you hold in your palm.
That would be a true skill.
Unless you go Lethal Weapon and get a big bill.

Hunker down in the snow?
That is important you know.
If you are buried in it,
You need to do something with the white shit.

Maybe stop an alien invasion.
That's of the important persuasion.
Don't want probing going on.
Don't want to be an alien pawn.

Stop a serial killer.
Just like in some thriller.
Do you shoot him dead?
Maybe just wing his head.

Could be a her as well.
Women can be psycho as hell.
Wait, don't react to that.
You have more important things to do where you are at.

What is your important thing?
In the shower you have to sing?
Maybe some spring fling?
Whoops, you just have to take out the trash like a dingaling.

Taking out the trash is important though. You have to feed the raccoon population, you know. Plus keep the trash man in work. See? trash has a perk. It can be as important as can be. Are you an "I've got more important things to do" user at your sea? I have very important gas. It comes out my very important little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Where's the party at?
    How about a quote?
    "Whiners can jump in a moat"
    Hey, it's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrreat post...
    From coast to coast!

  2. "Oh I've got an important meeting..."
    "Oh that person is so important...."
    Oh that makes me sick
    Like a chick on a stick
    Not a fox
    In a box

  3. I always took "I have more important things to do" as an insult. Basically, I take it as, eating a handful of poop is more important than dealing with you at this moment.

  4. More important things to do
    Other fish to fry or make a stew
    Other fences to mend
    Great letters to send
    As the river does bend
    Really, this is the end.

    1. The end of the beginning
      So now you are winning?

  5. I'm with Jax, if someone says to me, "they have more important things to do" I am offended. And believe me, it takes a shit load of things to offend this redneck!

    1. haha we now know how to get you going
      Without a pimple showing

  6. Tacky thing to say "I have more important things to do"
    Makes you want to sock them in the arm or the knee
    Rude behavior on their part
    Don't want them to have much to do with me


    1. Yep, ignore them after that
      The can go eat on some scat

  7. I don't need to be any of those things, but I'll happily read about them or watch them on the big screen.

  8. I so agree with everyone. I have more important things to do is just plain an insult. BUT with 22 cats, sometimes they do need to shoo.

    1. haha that they sure do
      As they surround you

  9. If, when I'm taking out the trash
    My dingaling you spy
    In the house, I go like a flash.
    To put on pants, that's why.

    1. Think I'll take a pass
      On the dingaling or bare ass

  10. the "more important things to do" is insulting, but sometimes it has a ring of truth. Housework vs. taking a friend out to lunch--definitely the lunch is more important. In fact, everything is more important than that, but it is still necessary.

    1. Yeah, that is true
      A cleaning still needs to come due

  11. "More important things to do." Sometimes I get caught in the mundane and forget there are more important things to do, like spending time with family and friends, relaxing, playing. I know that's not how you were using these words, but that's how they struck me. Have a good one!

    1. True, it should be taken that way as well
      As have to do such things where we dwell

  12. I only wish I had raccoons around here.

  13. I think everyone at any given time has more important things to do (with some exceptions) so I think we all can stop saying that when it's convenient.

    1. Yep, the saying sure is said
      Making it seem like one wants you to drop dead

  14. Don't think I really have more important things to do
    Just a variety of 'time sucks' here at my zoo
    Try as I might, try as I may
    I can't see to find the time to really make my say.

    I'm working on getting better
    We'll see if I can keep to that letter
    Every time I think I have it licked
    Something comes round to beat me with a stick

    1. Well that can sure suck
      Making one go fluck
      As the time is sucked away
      Not letting one have their say

  15. What is my thing?/In the shower to sing/They don't let me have my fun/For fear I might frighten the sun! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That would be a feat
      Leave the sun in defeat

  16. Depends upon the favor requested
    If a friend can't join you cuz their house is infested
    I think the loyalty is being tested
    If the friend bugs out not fully invested
    I think you've been duly bested
    But if truly home bound and nested
    Maybe they just need to be better rested

    1. That they might
      At their site
      Rest is needed
      Can be seeded

  17. Don't you know you don't sing in the shower!
    It's in the kitchen you have that power!
    Hold a wooden spoon and let it go
    Might even dance, fast or slow!

    1. And let neighbor guy gawk
      As out he goes for a walk

  18. We do have some very important gas around these parts!

  19. I've got more important things to do is a phrase that can make people bristle for sure!

  20. The only time I have used this on someone was on a rude telemarketer otherwise it is rude and nasty

    1. Telemarketers deserve it
      Almost everything is better to take a hit

  21. I don't like it when it is said either. What also pisses me off is when I say I did something and I get a reply of "Oh, I wish I had time in my day to do things like that."

    1. lol yep, idiots like to use that one
      Have heard it a ton

  22. Eek, I forgot it's recycling day and they come at 6 in the morning. Good thing I caught your post. That's something important I really have to go do. ;)

    1. haha have to take out the trash
      Do it in a flash

  23. Ha, the most important thing for me
    is what I am doing right now at my sea
    whatever that may be!

  24. Yeah, I've heard that before
    it's like saying don't hit yourself with the door

    1. Saying the door one is more fun
      When you dislike someone

  25. Can be used as a minus or plus
    All depends on the context
    Could be an insult or a compliment
    Need to see what comes next

  26. A great place to be Patt, soory I'm late commenting.

  27. I always have important things to do. Especially when there is something else I don't want to do


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