An Out And About!

Do you expect to see pics of me out and about? Throw that notion out. The cat will stay here and rest my rhyming rear. But I will make fun. That has to be done.

Everyone uses it.
It's a hit.
They say and they use.
It sure can amuse.

Even the cat,
Chews the fat,
And uses it here.
Does that get an oh dear?

Out and about.
I get the out.
But the about?
What's with that shout?

What is about about?
Does it just need out?
Like a dog needs the yard.
Am I thinking too hard?

Bah, not hard at all.
Just comes to me at my hall.
So what's about about?
Something to rhyme and spout?

Or maybe about is about a story.
An out and about story in all its glory.
The story of you out.
That is what the story is about.

That could bore.
Unless great things you explore.
Like climbing a big hill.
To some, that could thrill.

Maybe the out is the about.
Did I make your brain fall out?
Since you are out, the out is what its about.
About meaning you got out.

Does that make sense?
Are you still on the fence?
It might get pokey.
About is a little hokey.

I'll stick with my first guess.
This isn't chess.
About is used for the rhyme.
Humans like a rhyming chime.

Do you use out and about? What is the about about with that shout? Ever think of such things? My brain has many wings. Could get lost up there and stuck forever. That would be a tiring endeavor. I'll go out and about and roll in some grass and that is all you need to know about my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Can't give you a shout
    I'm out and about!

    I've always interpreted it to mean "out and about to do xyz"

    1. But you did
      Ruined your can't bid

      Hmmm that may be it
      As one is about to do shit

  2. An Out And About!
    Give a shout-out
    Hard to tell
    A good sell
    To erase any doubt


  3. If you happen to go out and about
    Always do it with plenty of clout
    Don't be shy
    Sing "Me Oh My"
    And the gawkers will gawk as you walk with a shout, have no doubt

    1. A gawker to gawk
      As you walk and talk
      They better not stalk
      May then need chalk

  4. There is always a way to be out and about. Anyway, Happy Easter Pat.

    1. That there is indeed
      Hope a good one is had at your feed

  5. I don't have too many out n' abouts but I have been known to chew the fat!

    1. Chew away
      We don't need out and about to any vet bay

  6. That's what I use when I don't want to admit where I've been. You know, the liquor store and such.

    1. haha don't want to be a wino
      So say out and about with a rhino

  7. Happy Easter!

    I don't usually say out and about
    I usually just say I was out and
    that is that...

  8. I'm out and about my biz
    until time to take a wizzz

  9. I have used about
    But I shall no more
    Cuz you gave it a workout
    at your fine shore.
    I'll be "out and round"
    from here on out and around.

    Happy Easter to you
    Eat a chocolate bunny or two.

    1. Round and round you'll go
      Could get dizzy you know

  10. Out? That I sure can get.
    About? I'll take a chance on.
    If I'm out, better yet
    to have my pants on.

  11. Out and about, I'll give a shout
    What I will'll have no doubt
    as soon as that is,
    I figure it out... Happy Easter.:)

  12. I don't want to go out. I'd rather stay in.

  13. I've been out and about all morning.
    That phrase I am not scorning!
    Besides a rhyming chime,
    it saves time.
    Don't have to explain where
    as you ramble here and there.
    Happy Easter Day
    at your bay.

    1. Saves time
      Isn't a crime
      Just give it a say
      And be on your way

  14. I'm so confused
    Still beats being used
    Happy Easter!

  15. Don't use out and about
    wouldn't even give in a shout!


  16. Out and about
    twist and shout
    what's it all about?

  17. Happy Easter! I have used out and about, I am certain of that but I don't think I am the only one

  18. I say that all time
    especially in my Happening Now chime!

  19. Yes, I use out and about all the time. Never thought about how much I say it until now, but I know it's one of those phrases that I probably overuse.


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