Browse Away Come What May!

The cat was looking at the stats the other day for search engine nuts that come to play, when he noticed an interesting fact. People use one main browser with their searching act.

Which browser are you?
Are you fire or chrome?
Do you have something new?
Maybe out where the buffalo roam?

Or are you the tops.
Internet Explorer all around.
All the others flops,
When the stats are found.

Maybe you went on a Safari?
There you got stuck.
Tried some calamari,
And got hit by a truck.

Wait, that would be weird.
But I suppose it could be true.
Avoid any stranger with a beard,
They may run over you.

Internet Explorer is as literal as can be.
Is that why it is liked by thee?
Chrome makes sense if you're a bee.
Firefox sounds a bit burn-y at my sea.

Maybe we need a Super Search.
That would be literal too.
You can sit on your perch,
And find cute cat videos at your zoo.

As far as operating systems go,
Windows kicks every ones ass.
I guess Mac users don't like my show,
Or they are afraid to trespass?

Even Android wins.
Poor apple just gets beat.
Iphone takes a few spins,
But still left in defeat.

So which browser are you?
A fox on fire?
Chrome skin in view?
An explorer about to expire?

No, don't call Mario and ask.
Bowser is a whole other guy.
What? Just wanted to make clear the task.
Did I make Mac users cry?

Interesting how so many people still use Explorer at their sea. Those people sure like me. The Firefox and Chrome guys have a bit of tries. The rest are really low. So, like a particular one at your show? Which do you use to trespass? You can tell my browsing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I use Chrome
    Most of the time
    Cookies sometimes crazy
    So Explorer is then fine

    Gave up on Apple
    A long time ago
    Love my LG G4 Android
    Amazing at my show

    1. Chrome has cookies galore
      Can't stand that one at my shore
      Apple I never got into
      So Android works at my zoo

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Blue
      Happy Sunday, too

    2. Getting closer each day
      As the snores play

    3. Suza!
      How's Scooby Dooza?
      Have fun today
      At the Suza Bay!

      Hello Cat!

    4. Hello Blue
      Snoring is through?

  3. Number four,
    Is such a bore. ;-)
    (I use Chrome
    At my dome.)

  4. Chrome - I'm a number nut too. I am not too concerned with numbers but I look them over everyday. lol

    1. lol have to give them a stare
      Even when you don't care

  5. I love my Mac
    now that's a fact
    which means I'm using Safari
    and it cruises as fast as a Ferrari
    going down the Internet highway
    at top speeds every single day!

    1. Top speed is the way
      Much better to come out and play
      No sitting around in traffic like rush hour
      Good to have the power

    2. Sitting in traffic always sucks
      especially when you're surrounded by trucks
      who push out all that nasty smoke
      and make you think you're gonna choke
      on their filthy disgusting air
      while you're waiting just to go somewhere

    3. And they take their time
      Gas isn't on their dime
      So they spread it more
      Driving a truck has to be a bore

  6. I like to go on Safari
    Then I write in my diary
    The fox on fire's my other vote
    Easy climb, don't sink the boat

  7. IE is #1

    for old people who can't even log into email

  8. Don't want to get hit by a truck. Good thing I don't like calamari.
    I use Firefox. IE did not place nice with Blogger.

    1. Yeah, IE did some stupid things
      Good there are no calamari hiding in the wings

  9. We use Mac so we have chrome, safari and firefox. It's weird that some sites only work with certain browsers.

    1. Yeah, I hate when sites are like that
      They can really annoy the cat

  10. Browse away come what may
    Chrome it is ok for play
    Tried fire
    Also explorer
    Stuck at Chrome they saved the day


  11. Browse away come what may
    Chrome it is ok for play
    Tried fire
    Also explorer
    Stuck at Chrome they saved the day


  12. Use a mixture of two at my sea
    Sometimes Chrome but mostly IE :)


    1. Old fashion you are
      With IE at your sand bar

  13. Mostly use Chrome, it seems to do what its supposed to do, fast and easy to use.

  14. Which browser? The computer tech at my old elementary school loaded Safari on my computer, and I'm still using it. Although I sometimes use Firefox which she loaded later. I'm so Mac, Pat, but I don't mind mixing with the Windows crowd.

    1. haha good you don't mind a mixture
      Could break many a fixture

  15. I mostly use Chrome or Firefox. :)

  16. I use Chrome. I tried Firefox and didn't care for it.

  17. I like apples, but also pears. I sometimes chuck em at the Windows! MOL

    Safari or Chrome :)

  18. I use Chrome unless a message pops up saying something is incompatible with it. Explorer had so many pop-ups, it seemed like.

    1. Yeah, explorer is just junkie now
      The pop ups can sure wow

  19. IE does not play well with Blogger, for sure. I use it and Fire. Depends on what I'm doing.

    1. Yeah IE plays crappy
      Not falling for its umm trappy

  20. I like Chrome best. Internet Explorer only aggravates me.

  21. Chrome is now where I like to be
    It seems that is where I like to be.
    I don't know the others except for explorer
    Which you can't do much now.....oh well:)

    1. Good to have one you like
      While IE takes a hike

  22. Chrome seems to be the best
    when I give the others a test.

  23. I haven't messed around too much with the others, but Firefox was on my computer (probably installed by hubby) so I just left it.

  24. Chrome and safari are browsers for me
    they are both equal at my sea!


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