Can Get Tricky When Things Get Sticky!

Humans use a lot of tricks, from smart ones to hicks. They use them all from hall to hall to remember this or that. No trick needed to remember to feed the cat. If you don't feed stitches your leg may need.

The trash needs to go.
You have to take it out.
But you forget high and low.
Then you get yelled at and pout.

So you make a check.
It's as easy as can be.
Throw the trash on the deck,
Whenever you empty thee.

Clothes need to be done.
This one isn't hard.
Unless you don't have a ton,
Or bury them in the yard.

A pile you see.
That is that.
Unless busy as a be,
Won't miss that where you're at.

The car needs gas.
You just ran out.
That sucks in mass.
Now time for a walk about.

How do you keep it filled?
Why you take gas to heart.
Passengers may be less then thrilled,
But check your gas every time you fart.

Forget about a bill.
Who cares about that?
Until the company doesn't get it in their till,
Then you become a bad credit stat.

Don't want to be in the dark.
So every time the light goes out.
Remember your mark,
And pay bills with a shout.

Can't remember a date.
That just won't do.
Could piss off kid, dog or mate,
If you don't follow through.

Some use their phone,
But that can die.
So if you got no dial tone,
Remember each date when the sun is high.

There you are at your sea. Some helpful tips at remembering from me. Any you have seen or use? Afraid to tell me as I may abuse? Pffft, the cat would never to that to any of his follower mass. Yeah, I wouldn't believe my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I gave one a run
    up before the sun
    going back to bed
    dreams in my head

    Good morning Hank
    Good morning Blue
    Good morning Cat

    1. You did good Truedessa
      Good morning to you!


    2. Early for a Saturday
      As you came out to play

    3. Good morning True
      How's your blue suede shoe?

  2. Who buries clothes in the yard?

  3. Can Get Tricky When Things Get Sticky!
    Even out the foolery don't get murky
    A trick or two
    And that will do
    Sticking the tongue out is not healthy


    1. May get it chopped off
      Then one would scoff

  4. There must be something interesting buried in my yard!

  5. Check and uncheck the things to do
    May have time to add one new
    To remember all, my brain doth insist
    The number one is to make a very long list

    1. A long list
      Keeps away the missed
      Making one not pissed
      And full blissed

  6. Truedessa was up long before me!
    I'll use Siri to remind me of dates, but the bills are something I just check every week to be sure I'm keeping up.

    1. She was up before me too
      There at her zoo
      Yeah, ave to watch those
      No stupid added interest woes

  7. I set up a lot of payments on automatic billing
    saves me from remembering the dates
    keep an alarm and a time closer by
    so to work I am never late


  8. Oh very interesting post!
    Lovely blog

  9. Reminds me of these life hacks people talk about and then they're all stupid

    1. haha yep, stupid in every way
      Flush them down the bay

  10. Problem with memory loss?/Perhaps about life you don't give a toss! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. The cat is right, I forget all kinds of things, even when written and highlighted on a calendar, but the cat never gets ignored!

  12. Thanks for the tips!
    Now if only I can remember to pay my bills....

    1. haha they suck the dough
      Away at every show

  13. Being OCD
    can really help me.
    List maker that I am
    and a calendar in my plan.
    The only thing buried in our yard
    are the long lost pets. Everything else is barred.

    1. lol no laundry there
      As the pile does stare

  14. I always keep on top of those things. Never worry about that. Make a list and check it twice.

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  16. I have seen plenty of missed bills but not from me. They come from my clients who suffer from this constantly.

  17. Used to miss
    The odd bill when I was young
    But not any more
    I climb every rung


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