Come And Play The Facebook Way!

Maritime Bloggers and blog stalkers near and far, VOTE FOR ME at my sand bar!!!!!!!!!! 

If there are any out there that follow/stalk my sand bar. Only martimers are allowed to vote so that screws me a bit with using all near and far. Now back to it with another hit.

If anyone takes the title of today and wants to go to Facebook and play, stay away from the cat. I am being a wise ass where I am at. But that you probably knew. So on with it at our zoo.

I don't see.
No Facebook for thee.
I don't see.
I want to see thee.

You should be on.
Don't be a pawn.
Join in the fun.
Facebook must be done.

You were on there before.
Why not join once more?
You will like it.
I know it will be a hit.

Come on back.
It won't lack.
I'll send you a friend request.
Facebook is just the best.

Who needs a blog.
That is a time hog.
Twitter is too much.
People say stupid things and such.

Linkedin is more career stuff.
But Facebook can't get enough.
Come and show me your life.
Do you have a wife?

Are your cats on there?
Farmville is great, I swear.
You should join in on a game.
It is anything but lame.

People want to see.
By people, I mean me.
Why aren't you back?
Facebook doesn't lack.

Come and join up.
You can see my pup.
You can see what I ate.
Maybe even my last date.

Isn't that exciting?
It's just like writing.
You can say whatever you want.
Facebook is one great haunt.

Sadly, most of this is true, except maybe the rhyme that came due. Pat ran into a nut he knew years ago. She wanted him to have a Facebook show. Pfffft to any of that crap. Facebook can be blown off the map. Do you use it at your sea? Do you use it as much as this crazy? Facebook thumpers are after me now. I think I'll get over that somehow. Maybe I'll gas the nosey parker lass. That will keep her away from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Yup, I use Facebook
    Resisted for years
    Enjoying it for now
    We'll see if I have fears

    1. Well as long a there is no crap
      Enjoy the lap

  2. Hi Hank - Happy Hump Day to you!

  3. I remember your Facebook page filled with nothing. Lmao I also remember Farmville!!! I used to obsessed with growing those fake plants. I'll go now and bow my head down in shame...

    1. haha you should feel the shame
      Yeah, my page was good and lame

  4. I've never been on Facebook and no amount of badgering will ever get me to join.

  5. So many silly things to do
    We could go and start a coup
    Or we could add stupid things on line
    Like if we go march and hold a sign
    Oh, I guess that is already done
    I see my neighbor did a run
    But if you want to waste your time
    Join FB or go suck a lime

    1. Suck the lime
      Watch a mime
      Be more fun
      Then a fake book run

  6. I love FaceBook, especially when folks brag about their fabulous vacations, their perfect children, and their ideal marriages. Pure entertainment at Fakebook!

    1. haha can provide blog fodder galore
      With fake book at your shore

  7. I do Facebook
    Here at my nook...
    It's great for when my brain ain't braining,
    Easy to look smart where stupid is reigning!

    1. True, the stupid abound
      So smarts can be found

  8. Maritime Bloggers and blog stalkers near and far
    Hank a non-Canadian is one of those many barred
    Facebook can be a diversion
    Lest one has all the patience
    For non-creative laughable with lots of hurrahs


    1. Laughable it can be
      With the spree
      Yeah, you're nowhere near
      So can't vote for my rhyming rear

  9. I did check out your video even if I couldn't vote
    What a cute one, you did a good one on the note
    Yes I do use Facebook but not very much
    Mainly to keep family in touch


    1. That is a good thing for it
      Other than that pffft every bit
      Thanks for the look
      We'll see if I win at my nook

  10. I use Facebook, but most of the time I just post inspirational quotes or interesting videos. I'm basically just keeping a presence in case I want to promote anything. Lots of interesting things get shared on Facebook. That's for sure!

    1. That is a good way to be
      So you can promote thee

  11. Sorry we couldn't vote. We do use Facebook but not very much. We like the blogging better. Much more personal. I do like the videos of animals that are rescued.

    1. Yeah, it has its perks indeed
      But not enough to get me to use it at my feed

  12. Facebook amuses me at times. I just avoid the political rants and other drama. Stay in touch with family that live far away and share links with my kids through messaging. When my daughter was in the middle ease, we communicated that way every day so I knew she was safe. Lots of crazy meanies on every social media site.

    1. Yeah, it is great for keeping in touch
      Especially when the miles between are much

  13. It wouldn't let me vote!

    I do Facebook. As with all things, moderation is key.

    1. Yeah, you are far away
      Moderation can work at many a bay

  14. Sorry, I don't do facebook and I am not from Canada or I would vote for you to win the 10 grand..that sure would make life easier in your land.

    I saw Miss Cassie - BINGO - you could be a winner it's all in the numbers..Best of Luck there at your sea!

    1. Would be nice to win any of the three
      Cassie wanted to make sure all could see

  15. orlin N cassie....we live sorta kinda all most close two canada...will that count ?? all de best two yur dad, we hope him winz de grand prize !!!!!!! 10 K iza nice chunk oh change !! ♥♥♥

    1. Nice chunk of change indeed
      Too bad it doesn't count if close to our feed

  16. I'm another who Facebooks with family
    Because that's their form of communication, you see
    Other that that, it's a time hog
    And I'd rather fill that time with my blog!
    Good luck with vid vote
    Hope it earns you a big fat C note!

    1. a time hog it sure is
      Good though for family biz
      Would sure be grand
      To win a umm grand at my land lol

  17. I do use Facebook but I don't spend a lot of time on it. For my author page, I easily share stuff to it that I post on sites I like (such as my blog). I also have it to keep up with family and friends. But I'm not a Facebook nut.

    1. Good not to be a nut
      And use it as need be at your hut

  18. I do use Facebook but I don't spend a lot of time on it. For my author page, I easily share stuff to it that I post on sites I like (such as my blog). I also have it to keep up with family and friends. But I'm not a Facebook nut.

  19. I do use FB and I might be a nut but a nice nut? lol

    1. lol good you are a nice nut
      There at your hut

  20. I visit FB about once a week but I don't share the 'what I ate for breakfast' info.

  21. I can't say I'm a facebook nut, but I am pretty nutty!

  22. I like about 5% of facebook
    the other 95% I hate to take a look.

  23. I hate FB, but it's in my contract. Gotta do it! Blah!

  24. I despise Facebook. I use my spam account for blogging stuff when sponsors require it. My real account I never post on, and only check it once a day to see if I have any messages from family in other states. There's only so many dinner and selfie pics one can put up with before they want to ditch everyone on their friends list.

    1. haha yep, all that crap and the whining
      I never cared for the stupid dining

  25. I am on Facebook
    I am very boring at that nook.
    I like to see pictures my ex takes
    He has hundreds of friends, for heaven's sakes.
    I had a former bully want to be my friend.
    I laughed at this, hit "no" and then pressed send.
    It is silly and I don't care what you ate
    It's silly but people like it, thankfully not my mate.

    1. haha people flock to it
      Silly in every bit
      100s of friends
      Will bring stuff to no ends

  26. I'm on Face Book because most everyone else is.
    My private life though is my own biz.

    1. A good way to be
      Private is better at ones sea

  27. I use it for my blog. I don't have one that's personal and I don't feel like I'm missing out. I had one years ago and did love that game though, lol (Farmville).

    1. lol Farmville nut were you
      There at your zoo?

  28. Ha - I do Facebook,
    but moderation is the key!
    I keep my friends to a minimum..
    no crazies that way.


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