In Post Fifteen Humbird Comes Clean!

So here we are on the day when 24 posts come from my bay. You'd think Pat would have something better to do on his birthday. Nope, he's here to annoy and play. This year we are back to all of you. Who scored the highest last year at my zoo? That we shall see. Slacker? Attacker? Ghost? Betweener? Which will it be?

Entering A Slacker
She's a Humming Backer

Humbird got 3.
Oh woe as me.
How can that be?
She only got three.

Too busy humming?
Humming and chumming?
Maybe out birding?
Is that the correct wording?

Humming and birding.
There is some herding.
Maybe posts by a mile.
She hasn't done that in a while.

Pics for a prompt.
That could leave her swamped.
Only able to get three,
There at her sea.

Maybe the energy was bad.
She sent some to my pad?
I could use a ton.
Admit it, it was the humming one.

And now you have met fifteen at my sea. There are 9 more to be shown to thee. Will you make it through this year? Will you top last year's cheer? I guess we shall see what comes to be with this year's 24 posts in one day spree. Can you do posts in mass? It is easy to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I wonder if herding birds is like herding cats?

  2. Hummingbirds are quick
    Maybe she had her pick

  3. Birds, I'm told, are said to hum
    Especially when tummies are filled with rum

  4. It sure is a fun day with all your post Pat. Love the verses.

  5. Humbird. I like her name.
    It's like some avian game.
    Forgot the -ming
    on the humming bird, you see.

    1. haha forget the ming
      With her humbird fling

  6. Three is still a good number
    that is a pretty good thing to do
    if I had a calculator unpacked
    I'd figure out the percentage for you


  7. Humbird wasn't around
    Maybe on her blog she was found

  8. By bird must like those pretty little birds and maybe one day, she will fly back and have more fun

  9. What an effort! Maybe she got drunk on some sweet nectar and passed out before finishing.


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