In Post Four Snowcatcher Goes On Tour!

So here we are on the day when 24 posts come from my bay. You'd think Pat would have something better to do on his birthday. Nope, he's here to annoy and play. This year we are back to all of you. Who scored the highest last year at my zoo? That we shall see. Slacker? Attacker? Ghost? Betweener? Which will it be?

Entering A Slacker
She's a Bicycle Backer

She got a whole ONE!
Wow, that is a ton.
Hmm, maybe she has to work.
That is so not a perk.

Could be snowflakes galore,
There at her shore.
Way better than the white crap,
That falls across the map.

Or out riding a bike.
The cat would rather hike.
Actually I'd rather nap.
Hey, I'm not a woods chap.

Could have been quilting too.
Talk about a lot to do.
Taking pictures as well.
Wow, busy as hell.

At least she got one.
That beats none.
Maybe she's just stuck in a blizzard,
Curled up with The Lizard.

And now you have met four at my sea. There are 20 more to be shown to thee. Will you make it through this year? Will you top last year's cheer? I guess we shall see what comes to be with this year's 24 posts in one day spree. Can you do posts in mass? It is easy to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Wow that's ambitious. Best of luck!

  2. Biking and hiking
    And quilting and pics
    Sounds like good fun
    A variety mix

  3. Just... one?
    Maybe she was snowed under at her bun

  4. Replies
    1. Maybe so
      Depend which way the wind will blow

  5. This is one busy lady for sure

  6. Snowcatcher is a busy lass
    Won't waste her time out catching bass

    1. Yeah, don't see her fish
      May have some on her dish

  7. Very ambitous I must say Pat. Great read.

  8. Not sure who Snowcatcher is!
    But I am not a fan of snow. Who is?

  9. I wouldn't mind being stuck in a blizzard.
    I'd rather do that than be hot like a lizard.
    Raining here right now.
    Wind so strong it could move a cow!

    1. haha damn, a blizzard you say
      keep that at your bay

  10. What a riot to come here and see
    11 hours late a post about me!
    Work might not be a perk
    But it keeps the bill collectors from going berserk
    14 inches of white stuff called snow
    Yesterday while the wind sure did blow
    The Lizard shovels to keep himself hot
    Better than hiding in a dark, gloomy spot

    1. Beats gloomy
      Snow is doomy
      Dumb bill collectors
      Them are neglectors

  11. Why spend time on a blog
    if you could catch snow
    I'd rather catch it
    then let it blow


  12. Sounds like a busy lady. If we had a blizzard, I'd learn a few new tricks to keep myself busy too!

    1. Yep, with the snow
      A few tricks are good to know


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