In Post Ten Austin Towers Leaves His Den!

So here we are on the day when 24 posts come from my bay. You'd think Pat would have something better to do on his birthday. Nope, he's here to annoy and play. This year we are back to all of you. Who scored the highest last year at my zoo? That we shall see. Slacker? Attacker? Ghost? Betweener? Which will it be?

Entering A Slacker
He's A Nap Backer

Austin got two
Whatever will we do?
Maybe send him some litter.
Hey, may need a pinch hitter.

When the outdoors won't do,
For using the loo.
Yeah, he is a cat,
In case you didn't figure out that.

Two is good for a feline.
Things don't always align.
We need a good nap.
Plus he gives a news lap.

He has to deal with a mini me chap,
That likes to flap.
At least there are no fleas,
And he gets a good breeze.

I think he thought we were crazy,
Maybe his eyes got hazy?
There were just 24 posts.
Not like we showed ghosts.

And now you have met ten at my sea. There are 14 more to be shown to thee. Will you make it through this year? Will you top last year's cheer? I guess we shall see what comes to be with this year's 24 posts in one day spree. Can you do posts in mass? It is easy to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. What are the odds I'll be first if there's a poem about me?

    2. Going for a goal
      As #1 does stroll

      We shall see
      What comes to be

    3. Alex wants to be first?
      Is it some new kinda thirst?

  2. Somebody hurry, Alex wants peas! What have I got to do to be first?

  3. Good old Austin Towers
    Feline with powers!


  4. I guess if you're up to bat
    Two isn't bad for a cat

  5. You have really cheered my day,
    But be sure to keep the fleas away.

  6. Austin Towers, two won't cut
    Don't get in the same ole rut

  7. Another cat, believe it or not.
    No wonder he likes you a lot!

  8. Don't know anything of Austin
    can't know if what you wrote was true
    I'm working my way down the day
    maybe will make 24 at my loo


  9. Another cat? That's alright
    He should feel outta sight
    'Cos he has no fleas
    That is the bees knees

    1. No fleas
      Is the bees knees
      And the mutts nuts
      No flea ruts

  10. Sounds like you are in good company with another cat in blogland!


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