In Post Three Birgit Impresses Thee!

So here we are on the day when 24 posts come from my bay. You'd think Pat would have something better to do on his birthday. Nope, he's here to annoy and play. This year we are back to all of you. Who scored the highest last year at my zoo? That we shall see. Slacker? Attacker? Ghost? Betweener? Which will it be?

Entering An Attacker
She's quite the Card Backer

She got all 24 as well.
That is just swell.
Nope, not a slacker.
But her computer may attack her.

Damn that windows ten.
She cursed it at her den.
Sure it is all better now.
I'm wasting time, wow.

Maybe I'm just mad,
Not really at my pad.
She has more artistic talent than the cat.
Plenty of cards where she is at.

Christmas and Birthday and more,
Are seen at her shore.
Can create great.
A fine trait.

Shows movies too.
Well worth a view.
The movies and her.
She also has cat fur.

And now you have met three at my sea. There are 21 more to be shown to thee. Will you make it through this year? Will you top last year's cheer? I guess we shall see what comes to be with this year's 24 posts in one day spree. Can you do posts in mass? It is easy to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I'm #1! And I am blessed with your poetry, this just beguiles me:)

    1. No problem at all
      As you got all 24 last year at my hall

  2. I will have to check
    The cards at her shore
    Always fun to discover
    New talent galore

  3. I wonder if she'll make a card for you today?

    1. haha there you go
      A card for my show all aglow

  4. Birgit makes her cards come true
    I bet today, there's one for you.

  5. Good for Birgit, this is fun Pat/

  6. I haven't gone to Windows 10
    I'm scared of it at my den.
    Although I'm invited every day
    with a pop up at my bay
    to join the crowd
    but NO I say aloud! haha.

    1. NO is what I give
      Windows 7 is where I live

    2. I get a notice every day
      wanting me to upgrade to 10
      I'll stay where I am at
      less trouble then


    3. Good way to be
      There at your sea

  7. She got #1 too on her special post
    she's great with her knowledge of movies
    what she shares on her blog
    is just groovy!


  8. I hope she made a special card for your birthday!

    1. None came due
      There to view

    2. I have been busy
      And felt quite dizzy
      But a card is a common, that I guarantee
      Hope you like and I will send it to you for free
      If you like. just wait and see

    3. haha don't have to one bit
      But sure it will be a hit


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