In Post Twenty Three Ann Bennett Comes To Thee!

So here we are on the day when 24 posts come from my bay. You'd think Pat would have something better to do on his birthday. Nope, he's here to annoy and play. This year we are back to all of you. Who scored the highest last year at my zoo? That we shall see. Slacker? Attacker? Ghost? Betweener? Which will it be?

Entering A Sorta Slacker
She's another Dog Backer

Got a whole 5.
She was able to survive.
In for the fun,
But got some sun.

Maybe her dogs needed walking?
She could have been shop talking?
Or out to a convention.
She did give those a mention.

Maybe getting that book done,
Or could be more than one.
Cats are there too.
So works for my zoo.

Maybe she left to teach?
Found a good beach?
Did you take Blue?
He wants a beach to come due.

It was grocery shopping, right?
That brings delight.
Well you have to eat,
Before you take a seat.

And now you have met twenty three at my sea. There is1 more to be shown to thee. Will you make it through this year? Will you top last year's cheer? I guess we shall see what comes to be with this year's 24 posts in one day spree. Can you do posts in mass? It is easy to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Now isn't he clever
    With this grand endeavor
    The stories all told
    With a link that's bold
    Knock me over with a feather
    Have the best birthday ever

    1. With a feather?
      That may take some windy weather

  2. I was just shooting to be number 1. Thanks for including me. I'll always think of you when I grocery shop.

    1. haha grocery shop away
      With a rhyming cat at play

  3. Look at Ann, being one and two
    as she wishes happy birthday to you!

  4. Twenty three, it's almost time
    The closing bell and you're a mime

    1. You've been up a while
      As I went the 24 post mile

  5. Anne's cool.
    Must be past Hank's bedtime.

  6. Congrats Ann
    You did real fine!
    #1 when you're featured
    Wonder what's the odds


  7. Ann has both dogs and cats
    No choosing on her mats

  8. Just getting to know Ann
    found her through your blog
    I really can't remember
    reading anything about her dog (yet)


    1. She had them in view
      And cool finding people through my zoo

  9. Could it be a Bora beach
    The kind that's hard to reach?

  10. Dogs and cats at her zoo? Sounds like my farm, I have both too.

  11. Ha, I should get to know Ann Bennet
    Anyone with a dog or dogs is a friend of mine
    wonder whose would be more barky along the line!

    1. Barky many are
      All bark together at their sand bar

  12. I'm blaming the dogs on her only getting 5. Mine always try to trick me to take them for a walk too, pulling me away from my computer all day long.

    1. They sure got that down
      Tricky as they go across town


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