It Was A Botch So Not Going To Watch!

The cat hates the whiners that show up. You humans are more whiny than a pup. Then you all get together and whine like its cats and dogs weather. Who wants it to rain those anyway? Uggg to whiners I say.

A little bit of whine,
Can annoy the feline.
That we surely know.
Been there, done that at my show.

But then there is another.
Not whining about mother.
Nope, it's whining about a show.
For what the show did umm show.

Or how it did go.
Whether high or low.
Pathetic as can be.
What they say from sea to sea.

Oh, murder, beheadings and such is okay.
I'll watch such a display.
But giving the middle finger was so bad.
Can't have that at any pad.

Nope, that's just wrong.
Come all, play along.
Join my whiny crusade.
We can't let this fade.

Well we're at it,
Let's up this shit.
Blame the actor for it all.
They wrote the script at their hall.

Everything is as real as can be.
Yep, it's all just like Reality TV.
Don't admit that it is not.
That would spoil the plot.

So come join in.
Give whining a spin.
Whine along with me.
Can even protest from sea to sea.

Whoops, the cat went there.
Let's not ruffle his hair.
Let's just start a group on Facebook.
Whiners everywhere can take a look.

And in the end, what do we say?
After the whining is done at the end of the day.
We say, we aren't going to watch this show ever again.
Whoopsy, the next night we watch it in our den.

Pffft whiny show watchers are nuts. They must have sniffed one too many butts. Looking for attention at their sea. Oh no, a scene offended thee. Whoopdi friggin doo. No one cares if it offended you. Go on with life and forget the strife. For it is all fake. Maybe go watch Barney for your sake. Enjoy the "I'm never gonna watch again" whiner class? Pffft to them says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. HaHa, HeHe,
    Number One is me!
    Maybe I should start 'Whine Time',
    With cheese but no rhymes. ;-)

  2. Whining doesn't solve anything.
    I think everyone is messed up with the time change here in the USA. I know I am right now...

    1. Yeah, stupid thing messes us up too
      Hate it at our zoo

  3. Whiners send me up a wall
    Hurts my ears like a siren call
    Even my mutt whines all day
    She thinks I'm here for just her play

    1. haha well she wants some fun
      So around she can run

  4. I don't like whining one bit
    you have to do something about it
    but when it comes to a TV show
    I've done my share of complaining though
    because I have no control over that
    and you know how I love my reality TV
    over at my sea
    don't care that it's all totally fake
    for me it's a great escape
    but that's not a show over which I'll gripe
    only one where a writer writes

    1. Whining will get one nowhere
      And you can stop and stare
      But if the writers suck
      You're shit outta luck
      Stuck with the trash
      That gives one a bad rash

  5. Whinning dosen't get one anywhere, Great verse,

  6. No whining today about the time
    We don't change it here in my state
    But I know that I can be a whiner at times
    Sometimes more as of late


    1. Good not to change it
      I'd think that was a hit

  7. Whiners are annoying, I do agree.
    Nobody likes someone that is whiny.

    1. Nope, not one bit
      As they always pitch a fit

  8. I always hate when people whine about the death of a important character. I know you'll miss them, but the story just gets so much better.

    Imagine Game of Thrones with no deaths.


    1. Yeah, it is stupid as they whine
      Wanting nothing to change so stagnant will align

  9. I'll hear no whine before it's time!

  10. People love to whine
    About the weather, tv shows or the time.
    I can whine especially with some wine
    As long as it's in fun, that's fine.
    There are more important things out there
    So quit your bitchi'n 'cos I really don't care.

    1. haha that is very true
      Much more important things coming due

  11. What no whinetime at the rhymetime!

  12. We are not fans of others that whine unless we are talking about some wine. Just take the h out and we are all good.

    1. haha easy as can be
      Ditch the H at one's sea

  13. I've watched a few shows and thought they were good then halfway through the series they took a sharp left turn which didn't appeal to me. I simply stopped watching and found something I enjoyed more.

    I am guilty of some whining over some wine..haha

    1. I usually finish them out
      Unless they get really really stupid about

    2. Well, I think it depends on the show Lost was such a disappointment. I imagine you would have to watch it through as your OCD could not just watch a part. I think sometimes you just have to see how it will play out. Even, if you are thinking it is crap.

    3. Lost had a crap ending indeed
      I've ditched a few shows as they were crap at their feed

  14. Whining about shows means you have too much time.
    Too much time though can be sublime. :)

    1. haha that is true
      As too much time shines through

  15. Whine, whine, whine/come rain, snow or shine/humans always moaning/no wonder the cat's foaming! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. I can whine with The best of them . I would rather wine though

    1. Wine causes some whine
      as in many it will align

  17. I definitely need wine when I hear a whine. Now, we get the people whining and giving away spoilers, then the people who haven't seen the show are whining because the other whiners ruined the show for them. It's really exhausting.

    1. haha yeah, around and around it goes
      As the whining flows

  18. I prefer not to deal with people who whine
    would rather drink a glass of wine
    which would make me feel sublime!

  19. Now the Cat's whining
    About other people whining!
    Bitching has its place
    But don't make it a 24/7 case


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