The Super Lie That Flies Upon High!

The cat has heard it here and there. I have heard it many a time at my lair. What if that was the ultimate lie? That being most anything under the sky. Well let's see what may come to be.

Reality is the ultimate lie.
Yeah, look at that fake guy.
The Matrix is so real.
Hope we don't get a bad sequel deal.

Life after death is the ultimate lie.
What? No big bearded guy in the sky?
Damn, what will I think when I'm dead.
Oh wait, I'll have no thoughts in my head.

Fair government is the ultimate lie.
Err umm, that well has run dry.
Fair and government never goes hand in hand.
Corrupt as can be across the land.

Space is the ultimate lie.
Yeah, made up by some tin foil hat guy.
I guess he liked to get probed.
Maybe a nudist and always de-robed?

Marriage is the ultimate lie.
What? Can't keep things spry?
Have to fool around with every Tom, Dick and Harry?
Or would that be Sam, Barb and Mary?

Love is the ultimate lie.
So no lawyers to fry?
Just hormones running wild?
Enjoy your 15th child.

Life is the ultimate lie.
We don't get a piece of any pie.
Nope, life just isn't real.
This is some magic ordeal.

Image is the ultimate lie.
The well really must have ran dry.
You mean you can't see me?
I'm not there to view at my sea?

Time is the ultimate lie.
Yep, it just flies by.
Wait, nothing flies by.
Watches, clocks, the sun, it's all a lie.

Owning cats is the ultimate lie.
Yep, we own every girl or guy.
So this one is entirely true.
But ultimate? I think not at my zoo.

Exaggerate any lies lately at your sea? Think any are really lies to thee? Are we in The Matrix right now? Are these questions making you have a cow? Lots of lies about. Blinders by many as lies they shout. I'll just go lie in the grass and ultimately rest my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast
    Don't mean to boast
    Have some toast
    Not a fox
    In a box
    Hey... it's Monday
    Such a fun day!

  2. Oops just yesterday I said "time sure does fly when you're having fun". And you are right, time does not have wings and it did not fly by me in the sky. I'm a liar, liar, pants on fire!

  3. If love was the ultimate lie, then what's the point of living?

  4. Hahahaha Im constantly saying that was the worst lie ever or I've never something so horrible... lol and ahhh I like to believe the whole life after death thing!! Besides, I've seen ghosts. Also, don't you watch Supernatural? Sigh.

    1. haha I wouldn't want to come back as much on there
      They always get burned or killed with time to spare

  5. The Super Lie That Flies Upon High!
    Not easy to sustain unless on the sly
    Even a white lie
    Not a do or die
    But excuse to cover up is still a lie


  6. The grass is greener on the other side
    Lying Ted I can't abide
    The grass over there looks the same to me
    Unless Nitro Green sprays weekly poison on thee

    1. Yep, same old grass
      That does amass
      Unless poison mode
      Kills a toad

  7. A lie to one is often not a lie to another.


  8. everything existed is a lie and will be erase one day including things ,us and relationships but still to to give you being a successful meaning of Being you have to live each lie very honestly just for the sake of your own peace of mind

    1. That you do or you'll go nuts
      Have to ignore some lying ruts

  9. Soory Pat I couldn't complete reading your 24 verses but my pc played up and have just got it back today.
    Loved this post, excellent as always.

    1. Glad it worked out
      So PC woes don't make you shout

  10. A little cynicism at your bay
    what thoughts a cat can say
    Some are lies
    Some no matter how much we try
    Allow us to greet people day to day
    But love and marriage can be true
    Give and take is due
    To make the world
    A pearl.

    1. Truth is one
      That can lie a ton
      But with the right one
      Can be true and fun

  11. You have given us lots to think about today
    there are things we choose to believe
    no matter what nay sayers say!

    1. Yep, much we sure do
      Even if we don't have a clue

  12. A lie is a lie is a lie
    even if it is an ultimate one
    so people should just tell the truth
    and have more fun in the sun


  13. I sure don't like anyone that lies. The truth is always better. If you can't tell the truth, just don't say anything at all.

    1. Good to keep ones mouth shut
      Avoid many a rut

  14. Too late for the bad Matrix sequel. Maybe I'm getting old but it does seem like everything is a lie. Especially anything spoken by a politician on TV.

    1. Yep, seems like many a thing is a lie
      No matter how much they cry

  15. Hey, I liked the sequel to The Matrix. lol (I'm being serious.)

  16. Hey, I liked the sequel to The Matrix. lol (I'm being serious.)

  17. I guess that's why we crawl inside fiction so readily. We know that's all lies, and authors never tell us it's reality. They just trick us into believing it is.

    1. True, it's a nice trick
      Authors pull off some slick

  18. Easy is the ultimate lie!
    Ageless is the ultimate, ultimate lie! :)

    1. lol those two sure are a lie
      As they usually won't fly

  19. Is this like Liar, liar, pants on fire?

  20. Hey now, marriage isn't a lie. No, it's a series of very small white lies so that you don't get your face clawed off when she asks how that dress makes her look, or if you'd mind if she bought her 100th pair of shoes on your dime.

    1. An ongoing series you say
      Is there like a summer break where you can get a lie free day?

  21. orlin N cassie

    R hole burd dizz inn thing haz been a lie; we troo lee love em !!! ♥♥♥

    { pssst...boomer....april foolz iz knot til fryday...

    oooopz....sorree bad }

    1. lol a lie over a lie that wasn't a lie
      aren't you guys spry

  22. The ultimate lie. I haven't heard of it. But I admittedly to keep to my rock, life under it is more rosy than life outside. ;)

    1. lol just don't get smushed at your sea
      That wouldn't be grand for thee

  23. Fair and government.....definitely an oxymoron.

  24. Government spending yes, all lies, but not family or love, smiles ~ Have a great week ahead ~

  25. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassador Team.
    April should be exciting. I'm looking forward to the event. Best of luck to us both on meeting our goals of posting and hopping to other blogs.
    My blog has a giveaway. There's a bonus a to z challenge each day to encourage people to visit more stops.
    I've followed your listed social media GFC/ Google.

    Excellent poem. We don't own cats, they own us. (Who scoops the litter box? Ha ha)

    1. Hope you have a grand time
      Hoping about the a to z on a dime
      Yep, we scoop their shit
      So they own us every bit

  26. Government lies is an oxymoron!

  27. Lies have a way of catching up with a person.
    Each one just gets worser and worser.
    (I guess that's not a word, since it's underlined in red. :)

    1. Well, it was underline in red in the reply box. ?

    2. lol if you can say it it's a word
      Even if it can be a bit absurd

  28. Too much cynicism
    Too much pessimism
    Do some people feel we live the ultimate lie?
    Of course, but what a way to get by.
    I love to think this life is real
    I had love and have it now, to me, that is a big deal
    So if this is a big lie
    Oh well, I am happy and will be until I die.

    1. haha the way to be
      At your sea
      Don't lie in wait
      A different fate

  29. When my kids would say
    "I didn't do it!" every day
    Nothing more untrue
    Except when they promise you
    "Tomorrow it will be done"
    Not without a pointed gun!

    1. haha I used to say that too
      I was such a liar at my zoo

  30. I can think of lots of big lies
    nothing seems real under this sky!

    1. Nope, all can be lied about
      With a little shout

  31. My niece just lied about making some Kindle game purchases on Amazon. $20 worth to be exact. She claimed she "accidentally" clicked "one" link and made a purchase. What about those other 9 then? Lying definitely starts young!

    1. That it surely does
      Have to put a stop to that lying buzz


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