The Survey Way!

The cat is here to survey you all. Yep, you have to answer everything at your hall. If you do you'll get 1 in 10 chances to win 1 in 10 prizes at my bin.

Here we are today.
A survey for you.
Ready to play?
A win could come due.

I want your feedback.
I really want it.
Then I can hack,
Or store it or some shit.

Did you answer one correct?
You know lying is a sin.
Hey, a sin I can detect.
Pffft moving on at my bin.

Did you get number two?
It was mighty tough.
I bet it was skipped by you.
Boy, I made this survey tough.

What about number three?
I know it was mean.
But I really wanted you to see,
And not be blind at your scene.

Four made you go blind?
My, that was not my goal.
I thought I was being kind,
By adding a gutter stroll.

Six is all done?
Wow, look at you.
Where was five's fun?
You skipped it at your zoo.

Five isn't there?
Damn, I took it away.
Five can scare,
Don't want people not joining the fray.

Or is that thirteen?
Beats little old me.
You humans make a scene,
Over stupid crap at your sea.

And you answered, yes.
You are really good at this.
Come now confess,
Did number seven bring you bliss?

Did you like my survey today? I knew you'd want your say. It only took 44:35 minutes to do. You are fast at your zoo. Now I will collect that data and sell you shit. I know you really, really want it. Besides, you can now be whelmed knowing you could win. You may get one cashew can full of umm stuff at your bin. I got your mailing address from the survey too. Yep, it is true. Now go eat some bass while I tally things up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Who is number one?


      Survery says


      insert inappropriate joke from Steve Harvey as he hasn't made one in 20 seconds

      He would also like to congratulate Blue for being number one today

    2. Steve Harvey is on right now at this sea
      As my grandmother watches family Feud with glee lol

    3. Did Adam say Blue?
      Could this be true?

      Number 57!
      Even worse than 11!
      How can this be
      In the place to be
      As I raise you a Scooby Dooweeee

    4. Snoring away
      On a work day
      Oh the dismay
      With 57 at play

    5. Hank comes in at 0912 hours
      Wonder what position is that
      Rather late if it matters
      For Suza, congrats!


    6. A higher amount
      Than the #1 count

  2. A stroll down the gutter
    Might make people mutter
    Surveys are bunk
    Most prizes are junk

  3. If I want to be that much a time waster
    I'll become a wallpaper paster.
    At least I might have some fun with the glue,
    So keep the surveys at your zoo!

    1. Might glue your finger
      That could make you stuck and linger

  4. I don't see any questions. Lol I always see advertisements for getting paid to take surveys. I wonder how much they really pay out for 45 minutes of your life...

  5. Stay on the line and take a short quiz
    Perhaps it will lead to a life of show biz
    It's only a minute, what do you say
    Yeah right, order lunch, take off work for the day

    1. Pretty much the size of it
      As they are full of umm shit

  6. A survey or two
    Is ok to do
    However a survey or three
    Is too much for me

    1. Sucks the time
      Such a crime
      Look who's back
      At our shack

  7. Those retail surveys at the bottom of receipts are the worst.

  8. The Survey Way!
    What did you say?
    Yes, agreed
    At your feed
    Not ready to play!


    1. No ready steady at all
      Run away at first call

  9. I hope you like the Christmas tree I drew using those dots. If it works on tests, it should really work on surveys.

    1. It may get a few right
      As they come to light

  10. Surveys I do not do
    Not for one moment do I stew
    Deleted from my inbox is their fate
    I wish they were illegal in my state

    1. haha illegal all around
      Would be good to be found

  11. My favorite surveys are those restaurant ones, the ones your server circles a million times for you and tells you to give her all 5s or they'll beat her in back or something. "Tell us how we're doing and we'll hook you up with a huge discount on your next meal!"

    Then you answer a 500 question survey with ridiculously intensive questions like, "How was the texture of the food?" and "Was the mouth-feel of the food adequate?"

    Reward: Coupon for one free appetizer when you buy another appetizer of equal or greater value!

    Wow, thanks, jackass.

    1. lmao you just saved me the time of ever doing that
      And ending up with scat
      I filled out a Wal-Mart one before
      I think I was made dumber after that chore

  12. I got a perfect 10 on your survey here
    Not 10 right, but 10 that were very wrong
    I think though the questions were a bit misleading
    Maybe next time they need to be more strong.


    1. haha need more strength you say
      I'll work on that at my bay

  13. Surveys can be fine
    if playing with rhyme
    when filling and throwing
    the dime
    as chime, at bedtime
    enzyme for lifetime
    especially those that
    climb at springtime...

    1. Climb the spring
      Have a fling
      A survey for life
      Free from strife

  14. We don't usually do surveys. Used to, but not any more. Not much fun at the moment. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Nope, not much fun one bit
      As they go on and on with their fit

  15. Doesn't matter if you answer or not they've got your number! Literally! Damn!

  16. The most frustrating thing is that surveys seem to get babies. You do one, wanting to help someone/something and then suddenly you get bombarded with requests.

    1. Yep, you get a ton
      As they want you to have survey fun

  17. I had a bowl of bran
    which makes number two.
    Explains why I am
    sitting on the loo.

    1. A best seller there
      Pitch the commercial at your lair

  18. I had a bowl of bran
    which makes number two.
    Explains why I am
    sitting on the loo.

  19. I must admit that I'm mighty confused!
    The numbers seem abstract, disorganized and abused!
    But then it just might be that I'm not smart enough for the survey,
    Perhaps that is the point you were trying to convey (sad face).

    1. lol the cat does get amused
      When he leaves one confused

  20. Actually, that was the easiest survey I've ever taken...

    1. No need to thank the cat
      For easy where you're at

  21. I'd like to buy a vowel please!

  22. I think the cat should hack up furballs on surveys.

  23. Got them all right!
    Ain't that a fright!

  24. Great verse Pat, always cheers me up.
    Will be back from time to time as I want to rest my shoulders until the A to Z commences.

  25. Surveys are fun if you get paid for them.

  26. I hate surveys. Even the ones they pay you for. Such a waste of my time.

  27. orlin N cassie

    we see de onez that all wayz say: lurn theeze top sekrits & werk frum home while stillin yur pa jamaz & make a bazillion dollarz... just answer sir vayz

    ...then like step one due ewe wanna pay for this sekrit info....check or credit card !!!!!!!!!!!


  28. I am not doing any survey Pat ~ All they do is just get your information ~

  29. Not a clue here. Brain is soooo tired today.

  30. And you know all this how?
    Did you take the survey cow?
    44 minutes is a long time
    to give for a survey chime.

  31. I did a survey once a while ago
    It took forever and all I got was woe
    For time wasted and no free gift.
    Now they can all Drift
    On some ice flow any where
    Because I really just don't care.

    1. haha let them sink
      In the global warming drink

  32. Some surveys are okay, and others, I find myself bubbling in N/A quite a bit.

    1. Yeah, there many can be
      As they spread out like a tree

  33. I just stare and sit,
    thinking about your wit
    how do you rhyme everyday
    cos thats hard in my day

  34. Can't recall the last time I did a survey, although I get emails every other week about some survey.

    1. Yeah, they like to send those
      To cause everyone woes


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