The Tunnel Of Ummm..My Bum?

The cat has tunnel love today. It can sure be seen on display. There is no denying it at our sea. I am in the tunnel and not the cat tree. Cassie wants it though. I'll let her eat crow.

The tunnel and me.
All mine at our sea.
I have to give it a sniff.
 So I gave it a whiff.

A whiff on each side.
 A regular whiff ride.
Then I heard it.
She came to sit.

Cassie wanted in.
 I can't let her win.
I planked myself inside.
I liked my tunnel ride.

She sniffed my butt.
Is she trying to be a mutt? 
Does she think that will work?
It just made me smirk.

 Now I'm napping.
She is just lapping.
Around and around she goes.
Then she strikes a pose.

She whapped me.
How rude of she.
She made me turn too.
The tunnel shrank at our zoo.

So she grabbed a toy.
It really brought her joy.
I can't have that.
I'm a greedy cat.

 I gave one last sniff.
I took a big whiff.
Then darted out.
Had to see what the fuss was about.

She still had the toy.
This was some ploy.
I went to grab it.
 But she stopped her fit.

She darted in.
Now she got the win. 
She even gave me attitude.
Stealing my tunnel is just rude.

Ever get your tunnel stolen at your sea? It was not fun to me. I then went and grabbed the toy. She didn't fall for the same ploy. Hmph, cat house it is. I'm done with the tunnel biz. I'll leave that to Cass. I'm a sore losing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The Tunnel Of Ummm..My Bum?
    Created play for hours of fun
    Following other's butt
    And being just as smart
    Tunnel and a toy both as one


  2. Those fights over territory can get very sneaky!

  3. That was a cute way to start my day
    Cassie played a trick that day
    lured Orlin out so she could play

    Oh, I do not like driving through those
    long tunnels they bring me no joy

    I was going to use the Beer Guys trick to post a video but, since I broke their site I will spare you

    1. haha no need to break my site
      With a video taking flight
      Cassie knows how to trick the cat
      Falls for it every time where we are at

  4. Silly cats and their play
    busy with it all day
    then it's time for a nap
    before another tunnel rap
    or another round of fun
    through the the tunnel run

    1. Around they go
      To and fro
      Nap within
      Double win

  5. Kaspar would love that tunnel
    Jade, too will check out this funnel.
    In fact the other three will sniff at too
    That's right, we have 5 at our zoo.

    1. haha may need a tunnel or three
      Or could be a fight spree

  6. Sneaky Cassie! She got you good, Cat.

  7. Replies
    1. She's more sneaky
      As the cat goes for a umm peeky?

  8. Cute pics of the cats
    A tunnels spooky like some bats
    Cassie shows that she wants in
    Cats can do it with a din

    1. They get what they want
      And know how to taunt

  9. That looks like a fun tunnel to play in
    But they must learn somehow to share
    Pretty cute pictures of them on display
    You can tell for your cats you care


    1. They rule the roost
      Not sure they'd ever go for a sharing boost

  10. Not nice!! You need to learn to share with Cassie Cat!!

  11. Way to go, Cassie Cat!
    I'd like to see Orlin top that!!!

  12. That Cassie is a smart kitty kat and made her way into the tunnel. Good for her. We usually trade places in the tunnel.

  13. "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer."

    Unfortunately my printer has a "sleep mode" which shuts down my laptop, so I had to unplug it. Smashing it was out of the question.

    1. haha damn, would be fun
      Smashing it to bits a ton

  14. Those tunnels are fun, no matter if you have two legs or four. ;)

    1. That they are
      As long as one can still bend that way at their sand bar

  15. Too cute, she got you out with a ploy!

  16. I'm back!

    My kids enjoyed a tunnel like that at Gymboree.

  17. Dang, I wonder where my tunnel went off to now!?!?

  18. Looks like your cats are having a blast with that tunnel. I think our cats would like something like that, too, because they like to get inside of any box, bag, nook and cranny they can find. Then again, I'd been searching for a particular toy for them since last fall, when I first saw it advertised on TV, because I was so sure they'd love it. It's a little gizmo with an edible string-like treat they can pull on and eat. Since our cats love to eat ribbons, string, and all sorts of things like that which they shouldn't eat, I thought this would be great... they'd LOVE it! I finally found it last week, and bought two. (So they wouldn't fight over it, ya know?) Well, they enjoyed their new toys for... I dunno... all of five minutes?

    1. lmao they are allowed to have that
      So they won't use it at their mat
      Where as string and such they can't eat
      Makes it all the more a want to meet and greet

  19. cassie...girls so rule don't they, I KNEW....I just KNEW.... what your toy ploy was all about and orlin fell for it !!!!!!!!!!! HA !!!! hugs from dai$y =^..*=

    heerz two a temperate ocean bass kinda week oh end ♥♥♥♥

    1. haha yep, he fell for it with ease
      Girls rule and it's a breeze

  20. My cats do not have a tunnel, but they do have a cat playscape that they love. :)

    1. That is good to have some fun
      As around it they run

  21. My Mongo The Cat
    Is so fat
    He would get stuck

    With his luck

    1. Could roll around
      Knocking over every hound

  22. Gr-daughters would have loved this!

  23. Your cats are adorable. I bet they love that tunnel.

  24. I think my dog would get lost in that

  25. Tunnels of fun at your bay. Cheers.

  26. Cassie is one clever cookie. Hope she enjoyed the spoils of her victory!

    1. She sat there for a while
      Enjoying it in style

  27. Nothing like having cats have fun!
    They are pretty smart to find their way out!
    My dogs would stay clear away.

  28. Ha ha!
    Love that Cassie won
    After tempting him with fun
    Girls are so much smarter
    But boys are the superior farter

    1. haha he'll fart away
      As she's there to stay


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