The Worth Of It All On My Wall!

So you have things worth a ton. That sure must be fun. I have things worth this and that. I am just a worth holding cat. Maybe my words are of worth? Bah, either way, I will spread them across the earth.

I have this.
It's a can't miss.
You must buy.
The price is high.

Come look at my car.
It can get you far.
It is worth a ton.
A deal should be done.

Look at my toys.
They bring joys.
But they are without a scratch.
Worth a lot for the whole batch.

This is a rare game.
It may even be lame.
But it is super rare.
Worth a lot at my lair.

Look at my house.
Doesn't even have a mouse.
It is so so so big.
Come buy and dance a jig.

That isn't worth much.
You can't sell it and such.
Don't bother with that.
It is worth as much as scat.

That thing there?
Pffft worth less than cat hair.
Don't even try.
Away all will fly.

Your beat up shoes?
Nah, they aren't news.
Throw them in the trash,
Or let Blue have a shoe bash.

Worth is easy to see.
Worth is from millions to free.
Worth is just there.
Worth is something you can't spare.

What is that?
Don't chew the fat.
I want to know.
Everything is worthless without the correct person to show.

Things may be worth something according to this, that and the other thing, but they are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for the bling. So how was that for words of worth? Ready to send me cheques from all over Earth? Not a one? Damn, I just have cheap fun. I'll now go roll in some worthless grass as it has worth to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    How's the birthday mat?
    Was is fun
    At your bun?
    Hey... what a lovely day
    No work, just play!

    Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast
    Don't mean to boast
    Have some toast
    Not a fox
    In a box

    1. No work is grand
      At any land
      But no dough does suck
      Not even a buck

      For mee

  2. Different worth on different things
    cheap but given with love, means more
    then expensive and given with no adoration.
    Fine things don't mean zero
    if that person isn't your hero

    1. That is true
      0 comes due
      Some thing given as such
      Just to get a umm touch

  3. That's exactly it! I've watched the show Pawn Stars and seen people come in with items that they looked up online and found their worth, but bottom line, how much is someone really willing to pay for it?

    1. Yep, can be worth all they want to think
      But someone still has to pay for it at their rink

  4. The chase is fun. However my chasing days are over, and it takes patience to get your money back. Add to that the value of things go up and down. I did work with a woman who sold her childhood Barbies and put a pool in with the proceeds.

    1. haha if you find the right one
      Can sure sell and make a ton

  5. If my stuff has worth it's accidental
    Most of mine is sentimental
    Nothing I have is worth a dime
    Into the dump, it isn't prime

    1. Mine goes the same way
      Then not much at play

  6. My mom always used that excuse to never throw anything away!

  7. What has the most value to me
    are my pictures of family.
    Material things don't last forever
    but love we forget never.

    1. That is true
      Memories stay through and through

  8. The Worth Of It All On My Wall!
    Extended beyond against the call
    Worth a fortune
    When full bloom
    Mindful not to let it all to fall


    1. Can't let it fall away
      If one wants to get pay

  9. Everyone has their own values for their possessions. Most belongings are not worth much except to the person that owns them.

    1. That they are
      Only have worth to one at their sand bar

  10. I really enjoy the rhymes! Tells an interesting story

  11. For someone things's worth - vanity,
    for another - gravity
    force connecting to earth
    memory flossing

  12. Some things like are car should really have a $0 value. Theyre not worth crap because they depreciate before they're even broken in. But, for the record, my love bug was totally worth millions. Just sayin!

    1. haha sure, those lashes made it
      A million dollar hit

  13. I don't have a thing that's worth a lot. I'm with you on the cheap fun thing.

  14. I don't have a thing that's worth a lot. I'm with you on the cheap fun thing.

  15. I'm sure a Rolls will break down just like a Chevy. I'm also sure the Rolls would be a much nicer ride, but it's just a ride .:)

  16. I think I need to buy me some more fat to chew on!

  17. Beauty and worth really are in the eyes of the beholder. When the guys on "American Pickers" wax poetic about the "patina" of some old piece of broken whatever, my husband and I yell, "That's called RUST!" They guesstimate how much money they're gonna sell it for, and I always wonder WHO in the world would pay that much money for it? And WHY? I suppose the bottom line is there's a big difference between cost and value. The things I value the most are worth very little money, but I value my money enough to have no interest whatsoever in buying some old broken piece of rusted whatever because someone else deems it worth a whole lot of money.

    1. haha I'm with you at my feed
      Value it not to buy some rusted piece of crap indeed

  18. So true something is valuable
    only if someone is willing to pay the price
    otherwise don't even bother looking at it
    if it doesn't seem right


    1. Yep, have to find the payee
      Or no value to be

  19. One man's trash is another man's treasure and I suppose one man's treasure is another man's trash.

  20. Worth is subjective .. It depends ..on the person
    I hope your bday was great!

    1. That it does in every way
      Was fine at my bay

  21. You sure nailed it. Car enthusiasts (Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld) pay massive bucks for single car.

    1. Yep, nuts as can be
      But then they have the money at their sea

  22. People will buy junk and pay a pretty price while other stuff won't sell yet they are worth so much more. In the end, might be worth a ton but can collect dust if it doesn't sell. Reminds me of some postcard I had years ago...We buy junk and sell antiques.

  23. You are right. Everything is worthless without the right person to show! It sometimes takes almost a lifetime to learn this though; and some people never do.

    1. Yep, some people never do
      Glad it wasn't a lifetime at my zoo

  24. Sentimental worth at my bay
    So many things so old today
    Old car, old camera, old bike
    The all still work, which I really like

    1. As long as they still work
      That sure is a perk

  25. A house
    without a mouse?
    No cat would want that today.
    No critter to hunt, chase and play!

  26. I don't own anything that's worth very much.
    No need to try to up the Jones. I have a hard enough time keeping up with The Simpsons.

    1. lol not sure I can even keep up with those guys
      Gets some oh mes oh mys


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