Don't Dare Without A Pair!

The cat is fine and dandy. I'm snip snip so no pair is handy. Everyone looks the other way as the cat doesn't need to join the pair fray. But some humans sure are nuts. I bet they sniffed one too many an a to z P shaped butts. See how I worked that in? I consider it a win.

Single is bad.
No fun to be had.
You can't have that.
Only if you're a cat.

Or maybe a dog.
But they'll hump a log.
Then eat it too.
Let's stop before we get eww.

Humans need two.
Listen at your zoo.
You can't just be one.
You'll have no fun.

Two is the better hand.
Only way life is grand.
Unless it is Poker,
Then a pair can be beat by any old joker.

Joker as in other player.
Don't be a nay sayer.
Join up today.
You need a pair at your bay.

Pfffft you can't travel alone.
You may break a bone.
A pair will save you.
Alone you'll die in the zoo.

Hey, you went in the lion cage.
It's not all the rage.
A pair would have stopped you too.
Now you're just lion poo.

Can't live alone.
You'll always be on the phone.
Having to call this and that,
Because you'll be lonely where you're at.

The pair is the way.
It brings a brighter day.
Single is just bad.
To be single you must be mad.

So go pair up now.
If not, one may have a cow.
You can even repair your pair.
That is a wise choice at your lair.

Sadly, I've seen many of these. They are worse than fleas. They think single is oh so bad. Meanwhile they have a pair and are miserable at their pad. Think people need a pair even if they don't care? Society says so. So it must be true, you know. Pfffft to that says the cat. Humans are nuts by the pair with plenty of crazy to spare. Now I'm done with my P pair sass, and yep, I'm still a backwards a to z-ing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats Alex
      Great company today!


    2. I almost didn't make it - had to pick three soups first. Stupid verification system.

    3. A ninja attack
      at the cat's shack

    4. Good Morning Alex
      Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Cat
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Blue

      Blue needs a pair of shoes

    5. Got on in
      Seconds for the win
      Even with stupid verification thingy
      Hate that damn magiggy

      Morning all
      At every hall

    6. Now, that's what I call a ninja attack!

    7. Got on in
      Attacked for the win

  2. I'm still glad I'm a pair. And that I have a pair.
    Crap, didn't think I would get the top spot, especially as Blogger is still forcing me to pick the three soups this morning.

    1. Hahaha I still have yet to see any of those crazy verifications. Three soups is worse than the soup Nazi!

    2. A pair is grand with the right one
      But first the right one has to be spun
      Yeah, they are showing for me more
      As I hop from shore to shore
      Stupid crap
      Across the blogger map

    3. That's what we get for visiting so many blogger buddies...

    4. Yep, a big old match game
      That is ever so lame

  3. I like being a pair.
    'cause he's more than just a spare.
    Hard to pick him out of the mass.
    Perfect match for my crazy ass!
    But single seems fine to me.
    Who cares what society says to be.
    As long as you're happy that's the key.
    Do whatever you want at your sea!

    1. Happy sure is key
      Beats a flea on a knee
      Or swinging from a tree
      Or being a busy bee
      But then if one is happy with those
      Power to them if it curls their toes

  4. A good verse Pat, enjoyed the read........and the comments.

  5. A pear, a bear, a fair, a dare, a chair, a hair, a care, a lair, a mare, a pear, a tear all rhyme. But they are none a pair. So single works best sometimes.

    1. Single comes out on top
      As those are all a pair flop

  6. Pairs of pears and strawberries too
    Always remember to flush at the loo

    1. But what if the power is out
      Some can't flush or risk a drought

  7. is Pat Hatt one
    or a pair that grows fun?

    1. Maybe a we three
      Here at our sea

    2. well i know you r real smart
      still i didn't expect this dart

  8. is Pat Hatt one
    or a pair that grows fun?

  9. Two is better than one?
    But I know Pat still has fun.

    1. Fun is still had
      Fine and dandy at my pad

    2. Two bills are not better than one
      Can't be fun

    3. That is true
      Bills suck when due

  10. Don't Dare Without A Pair!
    Even horses have their mare
    Being a twosome
    Always a fashion
    Mankind also stakes a share


  11. Part of a pair is nice
    as long as it is a good place to be
    otherwise being single
    can suit some people definitely


    1. Yep, depends on the place
      Which one you embrace

  12. It depends. Some people are unhappy being just one.
    Others need someone to have any fun.
    Ask the cats which they prefer.
    They'll purr and let you rub their fur.

    1. Yeah, they like all attention
      If on their own you go in detention

  13. Pshaw to a pair or single
    maybe three is best to mingle

  14. Single works just fine for me and the cats are great company. Some just cannot live without being a pair.

  15. I'd rather be single
    And mingle
    And eating a pringle
    Than with a cray cray
    Eating a lay
    And I'd rather get laid
    By myself
    Than a dumb elf
    Or Santa
    drinking a Fanta
    Gimme a nacho
    and a man's who macho
    Then I'll consider
    Whether single's the winner
    It wins every time
    That's the point
    of this rhyme.

    1. The point was taken
      Nothing was mistaken
      As no one near you need shakin
      Can create your own umm quakin

  16. I am okay with single. My partner died 8 years ago and I've had no desire to replace him so single works for me.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  17. Things in twos, heh? How about the threesome? A run. Three of a kind. Triangles, tripods, trios. They seem more stable than the bipedal units.

    1. That some trios do
      Stable and work through and through

  18. Having two is grand.
    Imagine one? I can't.
    Cuz I'd be a "One Ball Man"
    who'd walk with a slant.

  19. Losing a pair is not for me,
    But as a juggler I prefer three.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  20. There are some people that really should stay single. Then I think that a lot of people would probably be happier if they stayed by themselves.

    1. Yep, a ton would indeed
      But the whole pair thing is a need

  21. I liked being single. Some days being single again sounds nice. But,I take off my wedding wing to do something and my hand feels weird.

  22. Much better to be single than part of the wrong pair.

  23. Single on valentines is depressing

    Not single on v-day is expensive.

  24. orlin N food servizz gurl toll uz when her had azzhole livin with her, him made her life hell, now azzholez ina nother citee, sew her lifez knot hell any mor !!! { well, til her goez two her place oh employ any way } ♥♥♥

    1. Toss him to a new city
      No hell and can sing a ditty

  25. Single isn't bad, but a pair is fair, as long as you're having fun. But yeah, alone is better than miserable together!

  26. We have a strange pair living next to us!

  27. Nothing wrong with single. Better than being with someone who makes you miserable. Humans are nuts. :)

  28. Awesome is my pair
    Nothing better at my lair!

  29. Nothing wrong with single. Anyone can be complete and happy without a significant other.

    Susan Says

    1. Not sure on anyone
      As some need another for fun

  30. It depends on what it is...
    this pairing biz....

  31. Single on your floor?
    I'll say: four
    4 - better then 2,
    more fun for you.

  32. I do love the hubby bunches, but I definitely value my alone time. I think I would be okay if I weren't part of a pair. I love my own company.

  33. Beautiful wording. Enjoyed reading them...

  34. There's nothing wrong with being in a pair. But sometimes I've noticed pairs that seem forced and it's uncomfortable to watch.

    1. Yeah they reach for the scotch
      Not fun to watch

  35. Depends on how you pronounce orange. When I was a kid, I remember folks pronouncing it "urnj". Of course we are more sophisticated now. lol Besides I don't know of anything that rhymes with urnj.
    Wonder if something rhymes with orange in Spanish or French?

  36. It is very sad
    When people feel they need to be a pair at their pad.
    There are many who are two
    And they are unhappy and yet have no clue
    They would be better alone
    But they can't get into that zone.
    It's so very sad
    It does, at times, even make me mad.

    1. Yep, can drive one nuts
      Head up their pair butts

  37. Better to be happily single
    than to unhappily mingle
    being a pair is just fine
    especially when you dine
    but being single is fine too
    depends on what you want to do!

    1. That it surely does
      No point in being a pair just because

  38. I enjoy my single life
    Free from a good deal of strife
    Better alone than lonely together
    Rather be one than two birds of a feather

  39. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    I think cold medicine is making my brain mush!


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